The 48 Most Famous Chihuahua Mixes- They Will Melt Your Heart!

You’ve undoubtedly heard the joke that chihuahuas are so small that it’s impossible to identify what breed they are. That is, until now! We’ll provide an unheard-of list of chihuahua mixes right here, ranging from the “Shiba-Chi” to the “Chi Dane Dane.”

Yes, over the years, unique hybrid varieties of Chihuahuas have been formed by combining various breeds, including Chihuahuas. Now let’s explore some of these mixtures and determine how many different Chihuahua breeds there are in the modern world.

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1. Greyhuahua- Chihuahua Italian Greyhound Mix

The lively puppy of your dreams is the Greyhuahua, a cross of a Chihuahua and an Italian Greyhound. The combination of its Italian Greyhound sass below and its Chihuahua look on top never fails to make an impact. Fortunately, this Chihuahua hybrid has everything a pint-sized Chihuahua might want, even longer legs!

The Greyhuahua loves to play and is constantly Ready for an adventure. They have enormous ears that are adorable, and they are kind, sociable, and intelligent. Don’t let him pass you by if you’re into Chihuahua mixes.

2. Chiweiler- Chihuahua Rottweiler Mix

This lovely dog will keep you on your toes because it combines the strength and intelligence of a Rottweiler with the cute enthusiasm of a Chihuahua. Chiweilers have personalities that are as distinctive as their intriguing appearance. Some may be gregarious and lively, while others may be more laid back and peaceful.

They are not particularly wolf-like, with their silky coat, soulful eyes, and floppy ears! Not to add, because these mixtures of Chihuahuas are petite in stature, they require less care, which is always a bonus! They’re undeniably as adorable as they are lovable, whether or not you choose to bring one home!

The rottweiler chihuahua mix at the park

3. Golden-Chi- Chihuahua Golden Retriever Mix

A chihuahua crossbreed with a lot of personality. Meet the Golden Chi. From a distance, this puppy may appear to be your typical Chihuahua, but his distinctive Chihuahua mixes give him a distinct flair in terms of size and personality.

The Golden Chi with his long hair, big build, and chirpy, spunky yaps, loves to strut around. More than anything, he enjoys a nice game of fetch and receiving affectionate back scratches. Their bark also grows with their larger Chihuahua mix stature, although they are much less frightening than you may imagine. This chihuahua mix breed is the ideal choice if you’re searching for an active yet loving friend!

4. Cheeks- Chihuahua Pekingese Mix

The lovely tiny Cheeks will make you smile. This hybrid dog has the body and legs of a Pekingese and the head of a Chihuahua.

Their large ears, encircled by velvety fur, give them a cutesy yet innocent face. Cheeks are hilarious, intelligent, and energetic little creatures who keep you laughing all day and night. They form strong bonds with their owners and are renowned for their loyalty, always willing to give delight and cuddles!

5. French Bullhuahua- Chihuahua French Bulldog Mix

The French Bullhuahua is a fun chihuahua mix breed that is a unique mix of the naughty Chihuahua and the quiet Frenchie. This Chihuahua mix is full of energy. It has that sassiness that is unique to Chihuahuas and looks even cuter because of its stocky build.

These Chihuahua mix dogs are very cute and love being the center of attention. They often have floppy ears and thick, soft coats. Even though they’re very cute, French Bullhuahuas love nothing more than to curl up on their owner’s lap and get lots of love and attention.

French Bulldog Chihuahua mix

6. Chizer- Chihuahua Schnauzer Mix

The Chizer is a cross of a Chihuahua and a schnauzer. A dog that is worth considering if you’re searching for a fun hybrid breed of Chihuahuas. No two Chizers are the same thanks to their distinct appearance and wide range of characteristics! These combinations of Chihuahuas stand out in any gathering thanks to their fluffy coats, long, sculpted legs, and plump round faces.

Adopted dogs report that the Chizer is an adventurer who enjoys both indoor and outdoor excursions. When it’s time to unwind, they make great housemates, curling up on soft blankets or cuddling up to their humans. Chizers are known for their exceptional combination of appearance and personality. This is evident whether they are embracing you with abandon or snuggling gently beside you.

7.Chi Dobe- Chihuahua Doberman Mix

A fascinating hybrid of a chihuahua and a dog is the Chi-Dobe. With her charmingly regal demeanor, this Chihuahua mix is guaranteed to turn heads everywhere. The Chi-Dobe people are endearing not just for their demeanor but also for their appearance. These chihuahua mixes will blow you away with their big, perky ears, bulky physique, glossy coat, and stumpy legs! However, exercise caution as you can find yourself gushing about this Chihuahua mix excessively in public, as they undoubtedly attract attention wherever they go.

Doberman chihuahua mix

8. Boxachi- Chihuahua Boxer Mix

The Boxachi is a unique breed, with the size and heart of a Chihuahua mixed with that of a Boxer. They are extremely feisty pets since they have the chiseled features of a Chihuahua and the spunk of a boxer.

These mixes of chihuahuas always keep you company, whether they’re playing catch or cuddling together on the couch. Although Boxachis are available in a wide range of hues and sizes, they are always recognizable by their pointed ears and exuberant outlook on life. A joy to have around, the Boxachi will provide life to any house.

9. Chi Spaniel- Chihuahua Spaniel Mix

Before you picture a cross between a Dalmatian and a chihuahua, allow me to present to you the Chi-Spaniel! As charming as a Chihuahua, but lacking the Chihuahua’s distinctive “hop” because of the Spaniel’s longer legs. These adorable Chihuahua hybrids are still just ankle height, just a little bit taller.

They have contrasting patterns and a woolly chow coat that make them an adorable delight with perky ears and expressive eyes. It makes sense that you would find them quite adorable—not to mention cuddly—when you picture this feisty guy wrapped up in a blanket. ‘Enough about us, let’s play!’ they would undoubtedly say if they could speak.

10. Taco Terrier- Chihuahua Fox Terrier Mix

A Chihuahua mix breed that isn’t satisfied with being adorable is the Taco Terrier. For those who dare to take on such boisterousness, they are a pocket-sized bundle of fun and humor in addition to having a charming personality and cunning Chihuahua mix!

The Taco Terriers are little dogs with a low center of gravity that gives them the illusion of floating on tiles and carpets. They seldom weigh more than 8 to 10 pounds. Their mischievous appearance is completed with a glossy coat in black or white, and their Chihuahua-level energy is sure to turn heads.

11. Toxirn- Chihuahua Cairn Terrier Mix

With a hint of terrier snarl, the Toxirn is a Chihuahua hybrid breed with the attitude of a Chihuahua. These tiny dogs have a lot of personality packed into their cute little bodies! They combine the liveliness and energy often associated with Cairn Terriers with the intellect and loyalty of Chihuahuas to create a hybrid breed that is very different from the other.

Their large brown eyes will make you melt, and they have the cutest appearance possible! Their coats come in a range of colors, ranging from gray and golden to black and white, giving each puppy a distinct appearance. The Toxirn is a great companion if you’re searching for an extroverted animal with lots of personalities.

white toxirn looking at the camera

12. Borderhuahua- Chihuahua Border Collie Mix

With its matching Border Collie coat and charmingly cute Chihuahua face, the Borderhuahua is sure to win your heart. And despite their diminutive size, they are unquestionably unique!

Their personalities can range from being polite and well-mannered to being brash and lively, which makes them intriguing in addition to being endearing. Their Chihuahua characteristics can manage to awaken those gentle mother feelings you were unaware you possessed!

13. Aussie-Chi- Chihuahua Australian Shepherd Mix

An exceptionally rare puppy is the Aussie-Chi, a Chihuahua hybrid breed! They have mixed Australian Shepherd and Chihuahua lineage, making them loyal and fun-loving dogs that make a great addition to any family.

They don’t lack diversity in terms of appearance; the coat is available in several hues and has adorably adorable puppy dog eyes. Because all chihuahua mixes are energetic, it’s best to exercise them a lot, or else you can end up with a few broken artifacts. This extremely smart Chihuahua mix likes to blend in with the group and loves picking up new abilities!

14. Chi-Heeler- Chihuahua Blue-Heeler Mix

The Chi-Heeler might be the perfect choice if you’re searching for a happy, Chihuahua-like friend with the intelligence of a Blue-heeler. In addition to having a lot of personality and charm, this Chihuahua crossbreed also looks good.

The Chi-Heeler gives a distinctive look while still showcasing its Chihuahua ties thanks to its distinctive ears and blue-heeler coat hues. These hybrids of Chihuahuas have a fierce and stubborn temperament; they typically stick with one owner while being extremely watchful of outsiders. The Chi-Heeler isn’t your typical lapdog, for sure!

15. Shiba-Chi- Chihuahua Shiba-Inu Mix

The Shiba-Chi is the breed for you if you’re looking for a charming and feisty Chihuahua hybrid! These hybrids of chihuahuas frequently have short, silky coats and wrinkled facial features, which give them incredibly cute faces.

They have extroverted, self-assured personalities; they are vivacious, devoted friends who will be there for you no matter what. All things considered, the Shiba-Chi is a great Chihuahua combination to take into account when choosing your new dog!

16. Chisenji- Chihuahua Basenji Mix

A distinctive combination of characteristics from the Basenji and Chihuahua lines of their lineage is offered by the Chisenji or Chihuahua Basenji crossbreed. With Basenji’s wise ears and eyebrows and a Chihuahua’s naughty eyes, the Chisenji blends its unique appearance with a spunkiness that only comes from Chihuahua DNA.

Given that Chihuahuas can occasionally be feisty and lively, the Basenji influence helps control the Chisenji’s energy to maintain a stable temperament, making them the perfect choice for any family seeking an active but well-mannered puppy.

17. Chimation- Chihuahua Dalmatian Mix

These hybrids of Chihuahuas are very impressive. They go by the name “Chimations,” and they are the ideal fusion of Dalmatians and Chihuahuas in one cute package. They have the attentiveness of a Chihuahua and the fun nature of a Dalmatian.

Chimations’ coats are patterned after those of Chihuahuas, except for the spots, which resemble those of Dalmatians. To put it briefly, it’s all the joy of a Chihuahua combined with their dog buddies’ unquestionably stylish sense of style!

18. Chi Chi- Chihuahua Chinese Crested Mix

The Chi Chi is a combination breed of Chihuahua that is genuinely exceptional in terms of temperament and looks. We might categorically refer to the Chi Chi as entertainers due to their constant display of sweetness and affection!

They are very easy to bond with because of their lively and inquisitive personalities. Don’t let it fool you, though; these mixes of chihuahuas are also highly bright and independent. Physically, they have large almond-shaped eyes that appear older than their years, with well-defined eyebrows above them. With their striking beauty that no other chihuahua mix can quite equal, they’ll enchant you with their long straight hair or wavy curls!

19. Schipper Chi- Chihuahua Schipperke Mix

With all the characteristics of both the Chihuahua and Schipperke individually combined into one adorable, charming fuzz ball, the Chihuahua hybrid breed Schipper Chi is a monument to the amazing world of crossbreeding.

With lush strands of fur to their ankles, this hybrid resembles a Chihuahua skirted coat. It’s the ideal appearance to make other dogs at the park green with envy. Characteristically, this very watchful puppy is hardly seen apart from its owner. The Schipper Chi is an excellent family companion because of their amiable nature and eagerness to please, in addition to their loyalty and alertness (they are guard dogs, after all). Wow, what a cute package bargain!

20. Chussel- Chihuahua Brussels Griffon Mix

The Chussel can be the ideal breed for you if you’re searching for a puppy with the same spunky personality as a Chihuahua but with a little bit smaller stature. This dog, also referred to as the chihuahua Brussels Griffon hybrid, tends to be highly lively. Chussels are distinguished by their distinctive yet small stature, lively ears, and brilliant eyes.

People who are acquainted with Chihuahua mixes are aware that these small dogs can have a lot of “attitude.” They are incredibly energetic and fiercely devoted small dogs who make great companions. They like playing in the park and enjoying lengthy naps, ideally with their owner.

21. Cheenese- Chihuahua Havanese Mix

The emerging Chihuahua mix breed, known as the Cheenese because of its stunning appearance and energetic personality, is the Chihuahua Havanese mix. This Chihuahua mix is, as the name implies, a cross between a Chihuahua and a Havanese dog.

They are the ideal companion for families with children searching for a gentle puppy because of their reputation for being both energetic loving and friendly. A striking appearance and lively personality await this Chihuahua mix, with long, silky fur and large, floppy ears that prick up with joy while playing!

22. Chin Wa- Chihuahua Japanese Chin Mix

A Chihuahua crossbreed, the Chin Wa is a very energetic companion. The Chihuahua’s usual snarky manner will make people chuckle, but they can also have a very captivating appearance.

These Chihuahua mixes, who typically stand 8 to 12 inches tall, stand out from the crowd thanks to their almond-shaped eyes and pointed ears! Apart from their appearance, these playful animals are renowned for their loving and devoted dispositions. Therefore, don’t be fooled by their diminutive stature; they will undoubtedly bring tons of love into your house!

23. Chi Apso- Chihuahua Lhasa Apso Mix

One Chihuahua combination breed you won’t want to pass up is the Chi-Apso! They have all the endearing qualities of a Lhasa Apso and the bold personality of a Chihuahua. These Chihuahua hybrids, despite their small size, are powerful and endearing due to their gregarious and amiable personalities.

These puppies are quite amazing despite their small size; in fact, they are constantly eager for a playdate. If appearances could kill? You will, nevertheless, be enamored with their distinctive coat pattern and cute ears. This crossbreed simply needs weekly exercise and routine brushing to maintain good health and happiness! All things considered, the Chi-Apso is the ideal dog to bring some joy into your house.

Lhasa Apso chihuahua mix

24.Chi Chon- Chihuahua Bichon Frise Mix

One Chihuahua mix breed that can entice you to return is the Chi-Chon! These plump little dogs, who joyfully combine the traits of a bichon frise and a Chihuahua, ensure that every day is an excitement. It could be difficult not to spend hours on end cuddling with them because of their captivating eyes and fluffy fur!

Though often rather mellow, they are lively and gregarious; they are lively enough to join in on the fun, but they are also laid back enough to spend a comfortable winter evening with. It’s hard to find a better option for four-legged fuzzy companionship than Chihuahua hybrids.

25. Chi Whip- Chihuahua Whippet Mix

A Chihuahua combination breed that is sure to draw attention is the Chi-Whip. This appealing blend of characteristics is this Chihuahua mix, with its wide-eyed, Chihuahua face and sleek Whippet body. They are loving, loyal, and energetic dogs that pay close attention to their families. They seem prepared for anything and like being the focus of attention.

Despite their menacing appearance, they have kind dispositions that, given the opportunity, turn them into cuddly lapdogs. When defending their family’s honor, weary strangers should be mindful of the Chihuahua mixes’ capacity for strong loyalty. All things considered, the Chi-Whip is a great option for anyone searching for a fiercely devoted friend with a distinctive appearance.

26. Chilier- Chihuahua King Charles Mix

The Chilier is a rare and gorgeous crossbreed of Chihuahua! With its snub nose and velvety ears, each Chilier has a unique appearance. Despite their diminutive size, these feisty little hybrids have lots of gusto and are always up for an adventure! Their playful dispositions will win you over! You won’t want love or company when these Chihuahua mixes are at your side; even if they are just knee-high, they will make your life happier.

27. Chimo- Chihuahua American Eskimo Mix

These combinations of Chihuahuas are too adorable for words. They have a cute tiny nose that draws attention and a plump, round face. With their captivating eyes and active, naughty demeanor, the Chimo knows it!

Also referred to as the Chihuahua-American Eskimo mix, these intelligent and devoted family companions are incredibly simple to teach. The breed is ideal as a watchdog for tiny homes since it possesses many useful life skills, such as vigilance. Above all, Chimos are among the cutest mixtures of chihuahuas available, so you’ll never be alone if you own one.

chimo dog enjoys sun outside

28. American Bullhuahua-Chihuahua American Bulldog Mix

What a fantastic blend of Chihuahua and American Bulldog Don’t be fooled by the fact that this spirited mix of Chihuahua and other breeds comes in a wide variety of colors, shapes, and sizes. The stubborn and devoted personality of this Chihuahua mix will surprise you.

Usually measuring between 15 and 35 pounds, the American Bullhuahua’s looks can be extremely misleading—despite appearing little, this chihuahua mix is quite strong! The American Bullhuahua breed is not an exception, given how dedicated and faithful Chihuahua mixes are to their family. Overall, it’s a fascinating mix breed of Chihuahua that would bring instant joy to any home!

29. Affenhuahua- Chihuahua Affenpinscher Mix

Discover the unique breed of mixed Chihuahuas, the Affenhuahua! This dog is going to win your heart with its cheeky face, sly eyes, and small nose. These puppies are well-known for having feisty, audacious personalities that frequently reflect their Chihuahua ancestry.

When paired with their intelligence and attentiveness, Affenpinschers make great active watchdogs. One small chihuahua mix’s physique holds a wealth of personality and energy!

30. Chipit- Chihuahua Pitbull Mix

A Chipit combines the greatest qualities of a Pitbull with a Chihuahua! This crossbreed of Chihuahuas is a rare blend of little stature, enormous energy, and abundant personality. A Chipit needs to be at the top of your priority list if you’re searching for a friend who will be equally fun and adventurous (without sacrificing attitude, of course!).

This Chihuahua mix breed is very trainable and will have no trouble picking up simple commands while offering a lot of amusement. Not only that, but this Chihuahua mix keeps your family safe and secure because it loves everyone it meets and doesn’t discriminate against any owner.

31. Pomchi- Chihuahua Pomeranian Mix

Introducing the Pomchi, a cross between the two most well-liked breeds in existence: the Pomeranian and the Chihuahua.

This cross is the ideal fusion of the energetic, feisty Chihuahua personality and the soft, fluffy Pomeranian coat. These puppies are smart and incredibly adaptive to new situations, making them wonderful companions.

They’re also a terrific method for people with limited space to enjoy both huge Chihuahua looks in a smaller package. Therefore, the Pomchi is the ideal choice if you’re searching for the newest member of your family to bring loyalty and loads of joy into your home.

32. Chorkie- Chihuahua Yorkie Mix

Introducing the Chorkie, a hybrid breed of Chihuahua and Yorkshire Terrier that combines the affectionate and devoted traits of both breeds with the playful and mischievous tendencies of the former! Any family looking to add an active, playful, and devoted dog to their home will find that a Chorkie makes for an engaging and fascinating companion.

These Chihuahua mixes are ideal little companions for road trips and other similar excursions since they are frequently small enough to fit in a carrying bag. The endearing Chorkie is one small Chihuahua mix that’s difficult to resist!

33. RatCha- Chihuahua Rat Terrier Mix

This Rat-Cha isn’t your normal mixed-breed dog. With its crazy blend of Rat Terrier and Chihuahua traits, this hybrid breed of dogs is sure to draw attention! It’s vivacious, humorous, and affectionate—who could resist?

These Chihuahua mixes have a “cutely furious” appearance due to their long, silky coats and pointed ears. Their lively dispositions vary from being mischievous to being fun and curious. The Rat-Cha breed is ideal if you want a lovable puppy with a unique personality!

chihuahua Rat Terrier mix

34. Shi-Chi- Chihuahua Shih Tzu Mix

A Shi-Chi is a cross between a Chihuahua and a Shih Tzu, with the former’s large personality and the latter’s silky coat. Due to their intelligence, these little Chihuahua hybrids are both highly interesting and easy to train.

These hybrids of Chihuahuas feature almond-shaped eyes and long, floppy ears. Their gorgeous, glossy coat is available in an array of hues, from light grey and creamy white to black and brown. Overall, Shi-Chis’ winning blend of attractiveness and personality qualities makes them the ideal friends!

35. Chi Poo- Chihuahua Poodle Mix

A combination breed of Chihuahua, the Chi-Poo has an individualistic attitude. This small puppy combines the intelligence of a Poodle mixed with numerous characteristics from its Chihuahua ancestry, including a love of adventure and fearlessness.

With just one glance at this Chihuahua mix, it’s difficult not to fall in love; their small size and adorable characteristics will win your heart over. They are adorable with their floppy ears and chocolate brown coats! The cute façade of the Chi-Poo, however, should not be fooled; like other Chihuahua mixes, these little fellas have plenty of grit and personality.

adorable tiny ChiPoo puppy outdoors , Chihuahua Poodle Mix

36. Jack Chi- Chihuahua Jack Terrier Mix

There is no Chihuahua mix like the Jack-Chi. You won’t be able to resist this fluffy face because of its short, stocky proportions! This playful puppy will keep you on your toes since she is intelligent, independent, and full of energy. She also has a dash of sass.

Its feisty disposition and wiry coat will quickly win your heart! Bear in mind that the Jack-Chi, despite its diminutive stature, nevertheless has a loud bark, which it uses to express its affection for you.

37. Husky Chi- Chihuahua Husky Mix

The huskyChi is a special dog who simply enjoys being a part of daily life. These spirited combinations of Chihuahuas have amazing personalities and are always content to be with their family. Their attitude includes traits you frequently see in Chihuahuas: they are bold, devoted, and constantly want to please you.

But the Husky-Chi, a Chihuahua mix with an athletic body type, large ears, and a wolf-like head, sets it apart from the rest of the group. Despite its appearance, this Chihuahua mix’s charm will win you over!

38. Chug- Chihuahua Pug Mix

The Chug is a happy, unusual pet with a cute, plump physique. Chihuahuas are known for their big, round eyes and fluffy fur, but Chugs are also related to Pugs and have a characteristic, chubby muzzle and small height that make them difficult to miss! They are a beautiful cross of two adored breeds, having lively and spunky relationships with both people and other animals. All things considered, chugs are a unique blend of Chihuahuas that will win your heart!

Chihuahua Pug making faces

39. Chiweenie- Chihuahua Dachshund Mix

This Chihuahua crossbreed manages to combine the robust, powerful legs of its Dachshund father with a petite, plump frame.

One unique characteristic of Chiweenies is their big ears, which give them a cute, curious appearance that goes well with their upbeat dispositions. Not to mention their large eyes, which beg for affection and care!

Chiweenie playing with a ball

40. Chigi- Chihuahua Corgi Mix

The Chigi embodies the concept of diminutive strength. Bigger than the typical Chihuahua and possessing more refined characteristics, they combine the best qualities of Corgi and Chihuahua to create something truly unique. They make very devoted and caring family dogs, despite having such a large personality packed into such a small body.

Despite their seemingly small Chihuahua stature, these dogs have a lot of personality, as evidenced by their big ears, bright eyes, and swinging tails (as long as you don’t mind having an outgoing, curious pup around!).

41. Cheagle- Chihuahua Beagle Mix

An unusual-looking puppy is the Chihuahua hybrid breed known as the Cheagle. Their distinct attractiveness is further enhanced by their floppy Beagle ears and adorable chunky build, reminiscent of a Chihuahua. But it’s not simply their appearance that makes them unique!

They are excellent friends for individuals of all ages because of their reputation for being gregarious, fearless, and vivacious. Furthermore, they require little upkeep, which means you won’t have to spend a lot of time and effort caring for them—good news if you lead a busy life!

42. Chi Dane Dane- Chihuahua Great Dane Mix

A humorous Chihuahua mix breed that sticks out in a crowd is the Chi-Dane-Dane. It has the body type of a Great Dane but the head and muzzle of a Chihuahua. This combination produces a visually “endearingly funny” that is guaranteed to make onlookers laugh.

They often have the same amount of energy as a Chihuahua and live up to their lively disposition despite their large size. Even though the Chi-Dane-Dane is large, at its core, it is still a giant lap dog that enjoys company and being around people!

Great Dane Chihuahua mix dog

43. Malchi- Chihuahua Maltese Mix

A Chihuahua crossbreed with a charming small physique, the Malchi has plenty of personality! These courageous and spirited mixtures of Chihuahuas and Maltese have the traditional Maltese silky white fur along with the characteristic wide eyes and expressive facial expression of Chihuahuas.
Despite their diminutive size, they have a reputation for being bold and self-assured. They are ideal for those who desire a loving companion by their side wherever they go because they adore human interaction and taking part in all family activities!

44. Shepchi- Chihuahua German Shepherd Mix

The Chihuahua German Shepherd mix breed, or Shepchi is a cross of two amazing canines. They make for a truly distinctive dog with their Chihuahua-sized, feisty demeanor, herding intelligence, and physical attributes centered around Chihuahua mixes!

Their darting eyes and little raised cheeks are instantly recognizable as Chihuahua traits, but then you observe that they have Shepard’s larger chest, perked ears, and longer muzzle—a sight for sore eyes! All things considered, the Shepchi is an intelligent, fun-loving dog with a can-do attitude that makes them a pleasure to be around.

german shepherd chihuahua mix

45. Chion- Chihuahua Papillon Mix

Physically, Chion puppies resemble their Chihuahua parents, having short legs, a small build, and slightly rounder ears. But in terms of attitude, Chions are like their papillon family members; they have exuberant dispositions, boundless desire for play, and intense loyalty.

Beyond that, Chions are more courageous than most Chihuahua mixes, whether they’re taking a risky walk or solving a challenging dog puzzle. Therefore, this amazing Chihuahua mix is the perfect addition to your family if you’re searching for a dynamic member with a lot of personalities!

46. Chipin- Chihuahua Miniature Pinscher Mix

One puppy you won’t undervalue is the lively Chipin, a hybrid breed of Chihuahua and Miniature Pinscher. Perhaps it’s the Chihuahua in them, but despite their diminutive stature, they are renowned for having strong personalities.

They enjoy playing lap dogs, but don’t let that fool you—when the situation demands it, they can swiftly go from being kind to being fierce. This mixed breed is renowned for its pointed ears, inquisitive face, and bubble-shaped eyes, which have an almost supernatural quality.

47. Bochi- Chihuahua Boston Terrier Mix

The Bochi, a cute and fashionable hybrid of Chihuahua and Boston Terrier, is one stylish dog. Not only is it cute in terms of size and cuddling nature, but it also has a remarkable beauty. It usually has large, bright eyes and an alert facial expression, just like its Chihuahua parent.

Its robust Boston Terrier mom gave it a petite body that is almost teddy bear-like and a little stocky. All things considered, this mix breed of Chihuahuas is smart, energetic, and full of affection, making it a perfect fit for any family or home.

Boston Terrier chihuahua mix dog

48. Labrahuahua- Chihuahua Labrador Mix

Despite their seemingly innocuous appearance, Labrahuahuas are anything but. Not only is this mixed breed of Chihuahuas gorgeous, but they also have a lot of life and energy that they use to fill each day with amusement.

Although Chihuahuas are sometimes associated with being tense and sensitive, this hybrid breed combines the adventurous spirit of their Labrador parent with the devoted nature of their Chihuahua parent. We are confident that any other pet would adore having a Labrahuahua in your home in addition to you!


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