39 Chihuahua Mixed Breeds

Chihuahuas are super-loyal cute dogs. Their tiny size makes them one of the most popular dogs worldwide. If you adore these plucky little pups, wait until you see our list of chihuahua mixed breeds. A chihuahua mix with any of the breeds in the list below is just amazingly adorable.

People are so interested in pure-breed dogs. however, on the other side, mixed breeds are also amazing and wonderful as their counterparts as they can combine the best traits of their parents. Our list of chihuahua mixes is an example. 

Below is a list of these precious dogs to make it easy to choose the best-mixed breed for you and your family. We will also discuss some essential traits of these mixed breeds, to know what to expect. We challenge you not to smile while looking at these cute little dogs.

1. Jack Chi- Jack Russell Terrier Chihuahua mix

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This is so far one of the cutest chihuahua mixed breeds. This little chihuahua terrier mix has a great amount of energy to spend. This mixed breed is even more energetic than his chihuahua parents. This is because of the dominance of genes of Jack Russel. If you are considering adding this cute pet to your household, make sure that you are ready to spend more time with him, to help him realize his pent-up energy. A slow life doesn’t fit this dog. This means that they are not the right option for the elderly and lazy people.

2. Chizer- Miniature Schnauzer Chihuahua Mix 

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Chizer is a very cute chihuahua mix you will see. However, it is hard to predict what a Chizer will look like. While Some will look like their Schnauzer parents, others will look like their chihuahua parents. You should note that these mixed breeds can’t get along with children. As they are sassy with kids, and being surrounded by children can lead to unwanted scenes such as napping and biting. However, socialization is a crucial key if you want to get a well-adjusted dog who can bear the presence of kids around him.

3. Chi Chi- Chinese Crested Chihuahua mix

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If you are single and living in a small apartment then this is a good option for you, as they make excellent couch companions with their lazy attitude. This is a rare crossbreed, this is why there is little information about him. Their erect ears, metal hair, and big eyes make them One of the most adorable chihuahua mixes. Due to their long hair, you have to be ready to spend more time grooming them.

4. Chion – Papillon Chihuahua Mix

source: google images

This is a great combination of various traits. These dogs inherit traits such as bold personalities from their chihuahua parents, and long-soft hair from their  Papillon parents. They may look bigger. This is due to their medium-length coats. In addition, one of the most amazing and special facts about these stunning dogs is that they carry a mix of colors that are too cute for words. Grooming is essential for this mixed breed because of the length of their coats.

5. Chiweenie- Dachshund Chihuahua mix



What is beautiful about these dogs is that they can fit different people. They are a good choice for families, the elderly, and single persons. They have elongated bodies and low silhouettes with handsome colors.  Due to their shape, fans call them “sausage dog”, “Mexican hot dogs” or “German tacos“9. The downsides of owning this mixed breed are various. Firstly, there are some activities that these dogs can’t do such as jumping, and running long distances. Secondly, and based on some owners’ experience this dog is very hard to housebreak, maybe because of their body shape.


6. French Bullhuahua- French Bulldog Chihuahua mix

French Bulldog Chihuahua mix


This is one of the best-loving companion dogs in the world for sure. A French Bullhuahua is a family-friendly furry friend who craves to hang out with his parents. When it comes to grooming, this is a low-maintenance dog breed. This means that you won’t need to groom them regularly. Instead, you can bathe them when they are not clean. You should also note that these cute dogs have the tendency to gain weight very fast. This is why you have to take care of their diet and calorie intake.

7. Chimeranian- Pomeranian chihuahua mix

Pomeranian chihuahua mix

source: google images

These cuties have the tendency to be more active compared to some Pomeranian mixes or chihuahuas. They are super cute thanks to their fluffy coat and unique colors. A Chimeranian is suitable for families with a lot of free time. 

8. Chipaniel- Cocker Spaniel chihuahua mix

Cocker Spaniel chihuahua mix


This crossbreed has one of the most beautiful looks we’ve seen. Obviously,  The Cocker Spaniel chihuahua mix has inherited most of his traits from his Coker Spaniel parent. Starting with their floppy ears, and their beautiful coat. However, these dogs still possess some traits from their chihuahua parent too including temperament and expression.

9. Cheagle- Beagle chihuahua mix

Beagle chihuahua mix

The result you get when you cross a chihuahua with a Beagle is a great dog. A furry friend who is willing to follow you wherever you go. These dogs are so cute, thanks to their tri-colored coat and the love they provide. However, you should note that these dogs are professional barkers. So if you are living in an area with noise restrictions, then this dog is not a good choice for you.

10. Chug- Pug chihuahua mix

Chug- Pug chihuahua mix

source: google images

This crossbreed is rare, this is why there are few facts about these dogs. However, a Pug chihuahua mix is known to be an excellent alert dog. His ears make the task easy, as they can catch any sound easily. In addition, chugs can make great companions, because they are friendly and committed to their families. Also, just like his chihuahua parent, the Chug dog tends to bond strongly with one person in the household. This is why this dog will crave attention from that particular person.

If you are not a very active person, this dog is great for you. As they don’t need a tremendous amount of daily exercise. They are a good choice for seniors too.

11. BoChi- Boston Terrier chihuahua mix

boston Terrier chihuahua mix

source: google images

This dog will certainly be an excellent combination of traits.  A Bochi will have the long ears of his chihuahua parent, but the temperament will be inherited from his Boston Terrier parent. This crossbreed will have no tail, or in some cases, a small one. This is an interesting-looking dog who is more confident. 

When it comes to their health status, these dogs can suffer from one of the various health concerns at one moment in their lives, such as Patellar luxation, vision problems, and heart murmurs. For this reason, it is vital that you take your dog regularly to your veterinarian.

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12. Chipoo- Poodle chihuahua mix

Poodle chihuahua mix

source: google images

With their cute appearance and tiny size, these dogs have a big personalities. They are very energetic dogs, this is why they love playing with their parents all the time. Furthermore, Chipo dogs are low-maintenance dog breeds because they don’t shed a lot. 

13. Chi Chon- Bichon Frise chihuahua mix

Bichon Frise chihuahua mix

source: google images

These dogs are very funny, you won’t stop laughing when you own one of them. With their teddy-bear look, these dogs are so cute. What is also good about this crossbreed is that he doesn’t shed a lot. So, they won’t require regular grooming routines from their parents.

14. Silkyhuahua- Silky Terrier chihuahua mix

source: google images

Even with their small size, Silkyhuahua dogs are excellent watchdogs. They are very brave and loyal to their families and ready to do anything to protect them when they sense danger.

What makes these dogs so cute is the pack of colors they display, erect ears, and small size. These little dogs are so cute.

15.Chi-Apso- Lhasa Apso chihuahua mix

Lhasa Apso chihuahua mix

source: google images

Maybe it is the first time you hear about this crossbreed. These little furry friends are not brave like their chihuahua parents. But, they can make a great lapdog who is ready to brighten your life. A Chi-Apso can’t get along with other pets. Therefore, he prefers to be the only pet in the house. So, you have to take this fact into consideration when you are considering adopting a Chi-Apso. 

16. Chorkie- chihuahua Yorkshire Terrier mix

chihuahua Yorkshire Terrier mix

source: google images

A Chorkie is will combine the powerful personality of his chihuahua parent and the smooth long-haired locks of his Yorkshire terrier parent. These are amazing dogs, but they are susceptible to dental problems. So, It is very crucial that you take care of your Chorkie’s teeth on a daily basis to prevent any dental issues.

17. Chorgi- chihuahua Corgi mix

chihuahua Corgi mix

source: google images

Both parents of this crossbreed are energetic. Obviously, a Chorgi will be very active. So, if this dog hasn’t enough exercise to realize his energy, he will certainly display unwanted behaviors such as excessive barking, jumping, or even snapping. This a great-looking, lovely and smart dog. Put in mind that this crossbreed can shed heavily, so be ready to deal with this fact.

18. Min Chin- Miniature Pinscher chihuahua mix


Both parents of this crossbreed are known to have huge personalities in small bodies. Note that these are loving, handsome, self-assured, and brave dogs. They are a great option for families who have plenty of free time and attention to assign.

19. Chat Terrier- chihuahua Rat Terrier mix

chihuahua Rat Terrier mix

source: google images

This is another energetic crossbreed in this chihuahua mixes list. the size of a Chat Terrier is a little bigger compared to a chihuahua. If you are a busy person, then this dog is not for you. As they need extra time to play and walk to realize their pent-up energy. So, think twice before adopting or buying one.

20. Italian Greyhuahua- Italian Greyhound Chihuahua mix

Italian Greyhound Chihuahua mix

source: google images

This doggo will be an amazing combination of the freshness of the Italian greyhound and the bravery of a chihuahua. Correspondingly, you will get a comical pet companion who will never let you alone.

These pets are also very energetic, this is why you should be an active person if you are willing to adopt or buy one.

21. Toxirn – Cairn Terrier Chihuahua mix


This a fluffy dog who is very confident, loving, and loyal. The Chihuahua Cairn terrier mix can’t get along with strangers. So, it is vital that you start socialization training when the dog is still a puppy. Also, this dog loves to cuddle with his owner. So be ready to get a lot of love.

22. Taco Terrier- Toy Fox Terrier Chihuahua mix

Toy Fox Terrier Chihuahua mix

source: google images

these pets are lively and very brave. They have the tendency to play for long periods of time. Note that these dogs should always be on a leash when you are outside because they have a very strong prey drive(because of fox terrier genes they inherit). Therefore, they can chase any small creature like a squirrel, and cause great damage to it. This is why you have to keep close eyes on your dog when you are in an area where there are small animals. In addition, Taco Terrier dogs can’t do well in cold areas. If you are located in a cold zone, you should buy the necessary accessories for your dog to keep him warm.

One other thing, these dogs have tiny bladders, so don’t be surprised when they ask to go outside plenty of time throughout the day.

23. Scotchi – Scottish Terrier Chihuahua mix

Scottish Terrier Chihuahua mix


This designer dog is also called Scotchahua. Just like their chihuahua parents, these dogs have the tendency to be the center of attention of their owners. They are loyal and loving pets. This dog can come in small or medium sizes, it depends on which gene is dominant. Their height is often between 8 and 10 inches, and their weight is anything between 10 and 15 pounds.

24. ChiPit- Pitbull Chihuahua mix

Pitbull Chihuahua mix

source: google images

This crossbreed is a very energetic dog. To take care of this, you will need to do a lot of daily intense activities, including games that require a lot of running like Fetch.  Also, long walks could be enough for a ChiPit. Note that this crossbreed is a mouthly breed just like his parents. Therefore, you have to provide your dog with a lot of chewable toys. In addition, this dog will need a lot of training sessions, so be ready to invest time and effort in them.

One other thing, note that an American Staffordshire terrier chihuahua mix will look almost like a ChiPit. This is why you should choose carefully a reputable breeder.

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25. ChiDane- Great Dane Chihuahua mix

Great Dane Chihuahua mix


Due to the huge size difference between these two dogs, natural mating is impossible. Therefore, breeders use the Artificial Insemination technic to get a ChiDane. A Great Dane Chihuahua mix size is medium. A ChiDane can make a great watchdog, who is happy and ready to do anything to protect your house. Due to traits this designer dog will inherit from his Great Dane parent, the dog will be strong. 

The downsides of owning this dog are various. Firstly, this crossbreed is new and rare, so temperament and health concerns are still unknown. Secondly, both parents are known to get different health issues. So, Be ready for additional veterinarian expenses.

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26. HuskChi- Husky Chihuahua mix

Husky Chihuahua mix dog

This is a combination of two totally different dogs. While chihuahuas are loyal, huskies are great escapers. Also, the husky was bred to be a working dog, and the chihuahua was bred to be a companion or lap dog. It is challenging to predict the temperament and shape of this crossbreed because of the difference between parents. Both parents are vocal dogs, so a Huskchi will certainly be a professional talker. 

As mentioned you have to keep a close eye on your Huskchi or have a fenced backyard to prevent your dog from escaping.


27. GermaChi- German Shepherd chihuahua mix

German Shepherd chihuahua mix


A Germachi is a great loyal dog,  with excellent obedience training. The dog will always be near you wherever you go. However, the bad side of owning this designer dog is that they can’t tolerate strangers easily. For this reason, the socialization process is a must when the dog is a puppy. Thanks to their fluffy coats, the dog will have better cold tolerance than his chihuahua parents. But, a fluffy coat means heavy shedding. So be ready to spend more time grooming the dog.

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28. LabraChi- Labrador chihuahua mix

Labrador chihuahua mix

source: google images

A Labrachi is a great family companion who loves to play Fetch all day. A do who will offer love and affection to the whole family. However, note that these dogs have the tendency to gain weight easily and very fast. And what makes things worst is that the overweight can lead to some unwanted health issues such as hypoglycemia and back issues.

29. AussieChi- Australian Shepherd chihuahua mix

Australian Shepherd chihuahua mix

source: google images

They are smart and sweet canine companions that will bond strongly and closely with one or two at most. To keep these doggos healthy and in perfect condition, be persistent when it comes to non-stop daily exercises. Also, exercise will keep them happy.

Keep in mind that both parents have big personalities. Therefore, an Aussiechi will be courageous enough to put you in trouble, so pay attention.

30. Malchi- Maltese chihuahua mix

Maltese chihuahua mix


This a dog with a huge character like his parents. He is a loving and affectionate dog who will certainly bond closely with his family. However, this dog will have difficulties when it comes to trusting strangers. So, socialization is a must for this cute dog. Also, this dog doesn’t require a lot of exercise. This fact makes them perfect for the elderly or busy people.

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31. Golden Chi- Golden Retriever chihuahua mix

Golden Retriever chihuahua mix

source: google images

Mating a beautiful Golden Retriever and a brave chihuahua will result in a great Furry friend with a golden heart. This crossbreed is an excellent companion. The bad side is that these dogs can get some health concerns shared by both parents such as hip dysplasia and weight issues. watch out!

32. Boxachi- Boxer chihuahua mix

Boxer chihuahua mix

source: google images

This a perfect option for inexperienced dog owners thanks to this crossbreed’s traits including his playful personality, and getting along with kids. Crossing a chihuahua with a boxer will certainly result in a typical mid-sized dog.

33. Cheeks- Pekingese chihuahua mix

Pekingese chihuahua mix

source: google images

Mating a strict Pekingese and courageous chihuahua will end up having an adorable canine. A Pekingese chihuahua mix is a dog that will show high affection and love toward his parents. But, the dog doesn’t trust strangers easily. At the time, this crossbreed tends to have oral health problems because of its small size, so you should keep the dog’s teeth clean.

34. DoberChi- Doberman chihuahua mix

Doberman chihuahua mix


This crossbreed is a combination of a sensitive Doberman and a sassy cute chihuahua. This handsome hound is a brave loyal dog who enjoys the daily company of his owner. The crossbreed is known to have hearty appetites, this is why you should be ready to think twice about your dog’s food budget.

35. ShiChi- Shih Tzu chihuahua mix

Shih Tzu chihuahua mix

This a sweet dog that craves attention and loves the be the center of attention of his family.  After all, a chihuahua Shih Tzu mix likes to spend time with anyone in the household. This is a sweet brave and certain dog who can bear small kids. But, this doesn’t mean that children won’t hurt the dog, this is why you have to teach the kids how to handle the dog gently.

Unfortunately, this dog is also susceptible to dental issues, so taking care of teeth on a daily basis will help a lot.


36. Chiweiler- Rottweiler chihuahua mix

Rottweiler chihuahua mix

source: google images

A Chiweiler is also a very energetic dog, who likes spending long periods of time playing with his family members. This pooch is not familiar with strangers, this is why socialization at an early age is so crucial. 

Keep in mind also that bringing this dog home means that you have to deal with his slobber.


37. BorderChi- Border Collie chihuahua mix

Border Collie chihuahua mix


BorderChi is a very active dog who is ready to learn so fast. These dogs have a lot of energy to spend, so be ready to prepare various activities for this dog. Different games can also be good for this dog.

38. Chisenji- Basenji chihuahua mix

Basenji chihuahua mix

source: google images

This is not a good choice for first-time dog owners or people with other pets in the house, because this dog bonds with just one person and can’t get along with other pets. In addition, these dogs are stubborn and independent.

39. Chiba- Shiba Inu chihuahua mix

Shiba Inu chihuahua mix


This is a smart independent dog who will certainly test you with his independent thinking. However, these small creatures are loyal, calm, and stubborn.


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