Chihuahua & Carin Terrier Mix

A Toxirn is a fun hybrid. The dog is a cross between a Cairn Terrier and a Chihuahua. This small dog is friendly and confident. His family becomes very close to him. Unfortunately, he is very protective of his people and can be mean to strangers when he thinks they are in danger. Furthermore, He is also a little possessive of his home and will stand up for what he believes is his. This happy, confident dog is between 8 and 10 inches tall and weighs between 6 and 8 pounds.

The Toxirn is a dog breed that combines the Chihuahua’s stubbornness and loyalty with the Cairn Terrier’s energy and fun. Toxirns are loyal pets that do well in all kinds of living situations because they are small and don’t need a lot of energy. This mixed breed is relatively new, so it’s essential to look at his parents to figure out what kind of dog he is.

The Cairn Terrier has short legs, but his body is long and his head is wide with strong jaws. Cairn Terriers are loyal to their parents, brave, smart, stubborn, and tough. People say that the Chihuahua has a mixed attitude toward strangers and is protective of his owners. He has a round head and big eyes on a small, compact body.

When these two dogs are put together, they make a strong, loyal dog with dark eyes, pointed ears, and a strong body. Because he wants to protect his family, the Toxirn is known to be overprotective and can be aggressive toward strangers. Your new faithful friend needs to be trained right so that he doesn’t become aggressive toward strangers or other animals.

Toxirn History


The Toxirn mixes the playfulness of the Cairn Terrier with the bravery of the Chihuahua to make an ideal companion dog that is great for any living situation. The brave little Cairn Terrier was made to hunt between Scotland’s cairns, which is how he got his name. This small dog has been a beloved pet in Scotland for hundreds of years.

When The Wizard of Oz came out in theaters in 1938, the popularity of this small breed went through the roof. Dorothy, the main character, had a Cairn Terrier named Toto who was a bit of a brat. On the TV show I Love Lucy, the Cairn Terrier was the dog of choice. The show’s child star, Little Ricky, had a Cairn Terrier named “Fred.”

The tiny breed called chihuahua is thought to have come from Central America and Mexico thousands of years ago. The Toltec people are thought to have owned and raised them. The Aztecs also raised small dogs to eat and use as trade goods. People thought that the pain and suffering of a person could be transferred to the dog, which made these small dogs great bed warmers. They were also used to heal people. As part of a funeral rite, they were often burned along with their owners who had died. People thought that the ritual would forgive their sins in the afterlife. The American Kennel Club added the Chihuahua to the Toy Group as an official member in 1904.


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The Toxirn is a cute mix of the Chihuahua and the Cairn Terrier. He has a bristly, wiry coat that isn’t too long. He looks a little scruffy but cute because his hair sticks out in all directions. Most of the time, his coat is a mix of tan, grey, and black. His nose is a small black button, and his dark eyes shine brightly. His small ears are turned up and pointed. The dog’s body is strong. Even though the dog is small, he is not weak in any way. He is a strong little guy.

Temperament and Behavior

white toxirn looking at the camera


They would be one of the best pets to live with. They have some of the qualities of a working dog and some of the qualities of a lap dog. The Toxirns love to be with other people because they are loyal, sensitive, and responsive by nature. They don’t like it when you’re mean to them, and they’ll feel bad when you’re mad at them.

These dogs are known for being brave and fearless, so they won’t think twice about protecting their family or territory. But their aggressive behavior can put them in dangerous situations, as they may fight with other pets or even try to take on bigger ones. They hunt small animals as terriers do, and if given the chance, they might try to catch your neighbor’s cat.

Because of this, Chihuahua-Cairn Terrier mixes need to meet different people and pets early on so they can get used to them.

Toxirn Care

happy toxirn dog looking at the camera



The Toxirn needs kibble that is of good quality and meets the nutritional needs of a small, active dog. Follow the instructions on the package about how much to feed your dog based on his weight, and don’t overfeed your dog to avoid problems that come with being overweight. You may have to try a few different foods with your new puppy because changing their food can sometimes make them sick. If you don’t know what kind of food to give your puppy, ask the breeder what brand they have been giving the dog. If your Toxirn is having trouble with his stomach, you may need to take him to the vet.


Toxirns have a lot of energy and need to move around at least 30 minutes a day to stay happy and healthy. People tell them to take a walk every day to keep their weight in check and stay in shape. They also play with toys every day, and a day at the dog park to play with other dogs is a welcome treat. Toxirns like to play in the yard, but because of their small size, they can also live in an apartment.


Most Toxirns are people-pleasers and do well in training courses because they want to make their owner happy. They are smart dogs, and training will keep their minds busy and teach them important things about how to get along with other people and animals. Some people are stubborn, so training will take a little more work, but working with a personal trainer will help fix the problem. These small dogs will need a lot of training because they can be protective of their owners and maybe mean to strangers. They can also be very territorial and attack other animals to defend what they think is theirs. All of these problems can be fixed before they get out of hand with the right training from a young age. Positive rewards, like treats, will go a long way with Toxirns, who love it when their owners love and praise them.


Toxirn’s coat rarely grows, sheds, or gets tangled. This makes them easy to care for when it comes to grooming. Your Toxirn’s coat will look healthy if you brush it once a week. Once or twice a month, dogs need baths to get rid of any body odor. To keep nails at a healthy length, they should be cut once a month. Once a month, you should also clean their ears to get rid of any earwax that has built up. If they brush their teeth once or twice a week, plaque won’t build up, their breath won’t smell bad, and they won’t get gum disease.

Toxirn Male vs Female

white toxirn looking at the camera


Male and female Toxirns don’t look or act any different from each other. Both are loving and protective of their owners, and they both like to cuddle at the end of the day. Both male and female Toxirns are very loyal to their owners and hate being separated from them. Whether a new owner gets a male or female puppy will depend on how they feel about having a male or female dog.

Quick Breed Summary Table

Weight 6-18 pounds
Height 8-10 inches
Size Small
Coat Type short
colors Brown, black, gray, white
Amount of Shedding  Rarely
Nose Black
Ears stand up
Temperament loyal, loving, protective, stubborn, and sometimes aggressive.
Life Expectancy 12 – 1 years
Hypoallergenic No
Intelligence Yes
Kid-Friendly They need training
New Owner Friendly No
Activity level Active
Breed Recognition None

Last Word

The Toxirn is a loving, protective pooch that wants to spend all of his time with his owners. He works well in all kinds of homes because he is small and has a manageable amount of energy. Also, They don’t need much grooming. But they do need good-quality kibble and about 30 minutes of activity a day to stay healthy and fit. From a young age, the dog should be socialized and trained so that he doesn’t get aggressive, which could happen because of his territorial and protective instincts. If you bring home a Toxirn, you’ll have a friend for life. This unique hybrid dog has a strong, loyal personality.

Here is a video of Toxirn dog. Enjoy!


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