chihuahua grooming and care

Do Old Chihuahuas Run Away To Die?

Advertisement If you have an older chihuahua dog, you may have heard that he will just run away and die someday. You might be afraid that he will do that. But don’t worry: dogs including chihuahuas don’t really run away to die solo. This is an old story that mixes up illnesses like blindness and not knowing where …

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senior chihuahua facts

8 facts about senior chihuahuas

Advertisement Just like any other creature in the world, a senior chihuahua dog will require more attention and care due to a lot of reasons. Whether your senior chihuahua dog was your little friend for most of his life or you have just adopted one. There are things you might be thinking about such as …

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teacup chihuahua inside a cup

Miniature teacup Chihuahuas

Advertisement Do dog owners always ask what is the difference between a ‘normal’ chihuahua and a teacup chihuahua? the answer is: that there is no difference between them at all, miniature and teacup are not varieties. Do keep in mind that the chihuahua is the smallest dog breed in the world. The term is used …

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Man holding three long haired chihuahuas

Long Haired Chihuahuas

Advertisement Long-haired chihuahuas are popular. however, the majority of dog organizations and countries around the world including The U.s “AKC“, The”Kennel club” recognize one breed of chihuahua in which there are two varieties: 1. The long coat is called also the long-haired chihuahua 2. the short coat also called smooth long-haired chihuahua The size, color, …

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chihuahua male vs female

Male VS Female Chihuahua

Advertisement Overview Have you been thinking about purchasing a Chihuahua toy pet? but you don’t know which is better to have between the male and the female? It can cause such chaos in your brain trying to figure out which one to choose at the end. However, this piece of article is meant to guide …

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Chihuahua Territorial Marking

Advertisement Overview Chihuahua Territorial Marking is a natural behavior,  every dog marks its territory, it’s a primal instinct. They tend to pee at anything to do so. So when a chihuahua begins marking within the house, it can be frustrating for an owner. The house starts smelling like dog urine. Stains of pee seem to …

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