How To Prevent and Treat Mosquito Bites in Chihuahuas

If you’re fortunate enough to live somewhere without mosquitos, consider yourself a lucky guy. They are out all day and night in warm places.

Not only do mosquitoes bother us and our chihuahuas, but they also spread disease. Heartworm disease is the principal mosquito-transmitted illness that we are concerned about in dogs. Heartworm illness is a costly condition to treat and can be fatal if left untreated. Preventing illness in the first place is preferable and safer for your chihuahua or any other pet.
Have your Chihuahua regularly examined for heartworm disease to prevent the disease. You can start him on a heartworm prevention medication if he doesn’t already have it. Your veterinarian and the neighborhood pet store both sell it.

Your chihuahua may scratch the mosquito bite until he bleeds or becomes infected, which is another problem brought on by mosquito bites. Let’s examine the risks associated with mosquito bites and why it’s crucial to prevent and treat mosquito bites in dogs.


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For tiny chihuahuas, this parasite illness is highly dangerous. Mosquitoes spread the illness. The blood that a mosquito ingests after biting an affected dog may contain heartworm larvae. As a result, the heartworm offspring spreads when the same infected mosquito bites another dog.

Heartworm parasites, which can become up to a foot long while inside a host, can seriously harm the heart, lungs, and arteries. Lethargy, coughing, vomiting, difficulty breathing, dizziness, and intolerance to physical activity are other signs of heartworm infection in dogs. Yep, just one insect bite can cause all of this.

Another illness that mosquitoes carry and pass on to your dog is West Nile Virus. The West Nile Virus is transmitted to mosquitoes by infected birds. Yet, this illness seldom manifests in an infected dog.


One of the most crucial elements of canine heartworm treatment is testing. Before beginning any sort of preventative therapy for a mosquito bite, the veterinarian will do a blood test to rule out heartworm disease.

As always, only your veterinarian should prescribe and oversee any treatments you give your dog.

Heartworm prevention

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Although we try our best as Chihuahua owners to keep mosquitoes from biting them, those little critters are obstinate! They can also easily avoid detection due to their small size.

It’s vital to practice preventative care as it just takes one bite to spread sickness. Heartworm prevention drugs are available in topical, oral, and injectable formulations.

The American Heartworm Society advises heartworm testing every 12 months and year-round prophylaxis. In the Southern States, where heartworm illness is rife, this is very crucial!

At your Chi’s yearly wellness examination, your veterinarian will test for heartworms. Get a prescription so you can buy the product from a website like or ask them which choice might be the best one for your chihuahua.

The majority of dogs perceive taking heartworm medicine as a special treat, and it is generally well tolerated. Be aware that it is simple to ward off this potentially terrible illness. To keep our dogs safe, we must do every effort!

How To Stop The Itch After Your Chihuahua Is Bitten By A Mosquito

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  • Apply some rubbing alcohol to the area and wipe it. It appears to end the itching.
    Use coconut oil on bites to swiftly heal them and stop the itching.
  • Preparation H is said to help with itching; nevertheless, your dog cannot lick this medicine.
  • Pick a leaf from your basil plant and use it to rub the bite if you have it growing in your garden.

Moreover, it’s a good idea to watch out for any allergic reactions the dog might have as a result of a mosquito bite. Your dog might suddenly start licking or scratching, for example.

Moreover, there could be hives, redness, and swelling, all of which are signs of an allergic reaction. This level of itching and discomfort is brought on by just one mosquito bite, and your dog may lick, bite, or chew at their skin as a result.

Tips To Prevent Your Chihuahua from Getting Bit By A Mosquito

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  • If at all possible, steer clear of taking your dog for a walk at night, in the early morning, or in the early evening when mosquitoes are most active.
  • Don’t take your dog for a walk in the marsh.
  • Mint is an effective natural bug repellant; plant some near your doors.
  • Every day, replace the water in your dog’s water bowl.
  • Make sure your yard doesn’t have any standing water.
  • Place a candle or a citronella plant close to your rear door.
  • Establish a eucalyptus tree. They don’t get very big, and in addition to keeping mosquitoes away, they also keep fleas away.
  • Make sure your window screens are intact and free of tears or holes.
  • When walking your dog, use an insect vest.
  • Use items that deter or prevent mosquito bites.

Things And Items You Should Avoid


Now that you are more informed about how to cure and prevent mosquito bites, let’s look at some things you should be aware of and steer clear of.

Don’t give your chihuahua any items or insect repellent that include picaridin or DEET. DEET is an ingredient in the OFF brand. Our dogs love to lick us and be close to us, so we should refrain from using it ourselves as well. Chihuahuas should never be treated with DEET as a mosquito repellent, and if you do want to use it, you should never apply it directly to your skin.

Also, you should refrain from utilizing any products that weren’t created exclusively for canines. Don’t use a product on your chihuahua, for instance, if it is labeled “for cats only.” Always thoroughly read the labeling before using any products, and consult your veterinarian before doing so.

Also, do not use undiluted essential oils for your dog. Dogs are particularly vulnerable to the liver-toxic effects of several essential oils.

Last Word

The decision to safeguard the chihuahua ultimately rests with the owner. We can accomplish this by giving our dogs heartworm protection all year long. Under the supervision of an experienced veterinarian, this also involves routine testing and preventative care.

Heartworm can spread indirectly from dog to dog by the bite of a mosquito that is infected, which is why heartworm prevention and treatment are crucial for a chihuahua’s health. Heartworm cannot be passed directly from one dog to another.

Be sure to stay away from regions where mosquitoes are active because they prefer warm, humid climates. Early in the morning, late in the afternoon, and late at night are the times when mosquitoes are most active. Hence we should try to avoid taking our dog for a stroll during these periods.


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