10 things every Chihuahua owner needs.

Having the tiniest dog breed in the world brings both happiness and special obstacles, such as having to acquire high-quality items that your Chihuahua can utilize in its tiny hands.

I’ve put together a list of ten items that every Chihuahua owner needs, based on what other owners of Chihuahuas have to say about their pets:

1. Sweater

Chihuahuas are known for being frequently cold. Your chihuahua will want one or more sweaters or sweatshirts for at least a portion of the year if you don’t live in a hot environment.

Yes, of course, you can get a ton of gorgeous clothing for your chi. But it’s not necessary. A sweater or two ought to be sufficient.



2. A Quality Harness

Because they are prone to neck injuries, chihuahuas should never be walked just in a collar; instead, they should always be walked in a harness.

It’s not always simple to find a harness designed for a dog so little. A lot of canines this size can easily escape from some types of collars. Some have clips that are so tiny that it is challenging to clip and unclip them.

Chihuahua in harness on green lawn. Human feet in background.



3. Puppy Pads

It’s well known that house training a Chihuahua can be challenging. Even housebroken chihuahuas may object to going outside to relieve themselves in the event of rain, snow, or extreme cold.

Having a pack of potty pads on hand is a smart idea for those occasions. Potty pads are essential whether you are teaching a puppy, have an elderly dog, or if your Chihuahua still has accidents.



4. A Snuggle Sweater

Every owner of a Chihuahua understands that everyday snuggling is a responsibility. Your Chihuahua will stop you in your tracks and demand to be held no matter what you are doing.

Your little pet may paw at you and fuss until you hold him if you have to work from home or sit at a desk. In that scenario, you may find yourself holding him awkwardly while you try to type.

The struggle to cuddle can be resolved with a cozy sweater.



 5. Blankets

Making a blanket nest is the only surefire method to catch a Chihuahua or win back your dog’s favor after you’ve done a major offense, like moving when they’re comfortable. They love to cuddle in a warm nest of blankets so much that they are unable to resist.

Being small enough to utilize human baby blankets is one of the best things about owning tiny dogs that are quite fond of blankets. This implies that since human baby blankets are constantly adorable, typically reasonably priced or available for a discount, and simple to clean, you will always be able to find them.

Lazy Chihuahua dog doesn't want to wake up in cold day , Sleepy chihuahua dog under grey and white stripes blanket beside pink alarm clock 7.00 am.



6. Play Pen

When their owners are away, chihuahuas should be crated or placed in a play cage to keep them safe from harm and to avoid mishaps inside the home. Additionally, playpens are perfect for on-the-go use.

chihuahua dog in pen in front of white background



7. Food Puzzle

A lot of Chihuahuas eat too quickly and are very motivated by food. Mental stimulation might be advantageous for some. Make your Chihuahua struggle for their food to slow down their eating and provide them mental stimulation.



8. Ceramic Water Fountain

Most dogs prefer running, fresh water to stagnant water in a bowl. A water filter in a fountain helps maintain fresh, pure water. Furthermore, since some Chihuahuas dislike drinking, the sound of running water may encourage them to drink more.

Plastic is used to make many pet fountains and dishes, but dog dishes made of plastic have the highest bacterial test results.



9. Quality Shampoo

Bathing your Chihuahua regularly is an essential component of her basic maintenance. It’s crucial to use high-quality shampoo on your Chihuahua since low-quality shampoo can hurt their skin.



10. A Breakaway Cat Collar

Wearing a collar with a bell on your Chihuahua is a smart idea, especially when there are plenty of visitors in your home or for your dog’s overall safety.

If you are unable to hear the pitter-patter of their priceless paws, the bell will notify you of their position. This keeps Chihuahuas from running away when visitors come or go from your house, from becoming stuck indoors or trodden on, etc.
Cat collars are the greatest alternative because of their modest stature and the fact that dog collars do not have bells.


Do you think there are any goods I missed that you find are necessary for taking care of your Chihuahua? Please share your top goods with me in the comments section below!


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