10 things every Chihuahua owner needs.

The Chihuahua dogs and puppies are small in size and cute. If you have a plan to bring a Chihuahua to your house, then there are multiple things that you should take care of. I have listed 10 things in this article that a Chihuahua owner should have before bringing the little dog home. These are the essential items that can help your life be easygoing with this dog. It can also make the training process for the dog smoother. Read the 10 things every Chihuahua owner needs. Make all the listed items necessary before bringing the cute little dog to your house.

  1. Tolerance

    T-shirt (zero tolerance)

     Chihuahua dogs are one of the smallest breeds of dogs available, They bark a lot when they are still a puppy and young. You should have a lot of tolerance power and patience before bringing any breed of dog to your home. Particularly in the case of chihuahuas when they are just puppies, it’s really hard to train them. So it would be advised to pursue patience.

  2.  Bring an Exercises pendog area

It is really recommended that you bring your Chihuahua a pen house to potty train them. The Exercise Pen is available in various varieties. You can either bring the one made from hard iron or the Plastic Exercise Pens. Place them in any corner of your property where your Chihuahua puppy is nearby. So that when they first wake up in the early morning they first go inside the Pen.

  1. Travel crate to take them around
    dog inside his box

    Chihuahua is a small dog so you should make sure that you are taking proper care of the puppy. It is occasionally good to carry the dog in a car. When you are out on a trip it is better that you buy a travel crate and put your Chihuahua inside. A small crate would be the best for the small-sized Chihuahua dogs. 

  1. Sweaters for doggy

    dog wearing sweater

    Chihuahua is a very sensitive dog that can catch a cold quite easily. Even on the warmest of days, your Chihuahua may shiver a lot and would be prone to catch a cold. So a nice comfy sweater for the puppy dog will be good for the health of the Chihuahua. Even if the dog takes the time to become friendly with the piece of the sweater. It is also advised that it does not matter whether you are feeling cold or not. Your Chihuahua might catch it even in warm weather.

  1. Toys for Chihuahua

    chihuahua with toys

    The small size of the dog tells you why the Chihuahua dogs are not much playful. They are not capable of playing with the Frisbee. But on various occasions, the Chihuahua dogs like to play with soft toys. Toys are soft and have very smooth textures. Their small mouth can hold the toys quite easily and it is recommended that you buy some soft toys for your Chihuahua.

  1. Lint rollers for Chihuahua

    Your pet Chihuahua is a small-sized dog and his furs might sometimes shed. It is recommended to you that you buy a few lint rollers for your dog. You should choose the one which is a bit stickier. It will help your dog to shed all when on your lap.

  2. Stairs for doggy

    Even if the small-sized Chihuahua has the capabilities to jump and learn more than their actual size. I would suggest you buy some stairs as it may avoid any future injuries to your pet. You can use the stairs to help move the dog from furniture of varying sizes easily.

  3. Use of Harnesses

    dog wearing harnesse

    The small size of the Chihuahua has sometimes disadvantages and many advantages. The neck hook for Chihuahua may sometimes become a problem, So it is sought that you bring a harness for the dog instead of the usual hook. 

  1. A Lightweight leash


    The size of the Chihuahua is sometimes a problem as it is comparatively smaller than the other dogs. A normal metal leash can be heavy for the Chihuahua and may cause rashes and pain around the neck region. So you should always opt for the one which is made up of cloth or nylon.

  2. Bed for doggy

    dog in bed

    It is not necessary to bring one bed for your Chihuahua. It is just to increase the comfort of the dog. The bed will give comfort to the dog as your Chihuahua may like the softness and comfort offered by the bed.

 Lastly, it is clearly understood that Chihuahua is quite a bit of a soft dog that requires extra attention. They are not much playful but are a really good breed to pet. Their small and cute looks have always fascinated people around the world.

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