Helping Senior Chihuahuas Without Teeth

Many senior Chihuahuas need to have at least some of their teeth removed if not all of them. Although treatment may lessen or eliminate discomfort, dental disease can be extremely painful, necessitating tooth removal frequently. This article will instruct you on how to feed Chihuahuas without teeth, what treats they can have, and particular care requirements. There are numerous ways to help these dogs.

Do Chihuahuas Often Have Teeth Issues?

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Although chihuahuas are a robust and healthy breed. They are more susceptible to dental disease, according to the American Kennel Club. This implies that most Chihuahuas will experience dental issues, especially as they age.


Chihuahua dental issues are most common in dogs who used to live in abusive environments like puppy mills or hoarding. When compared to dogs who are cared for in a loving household. These dental problems in Chihuahuas occur considerably earlier in life.

For a Chihuahua to maintain good oral health, preventative care is essential, yet in these circumstances, Chihuahuas frequently receive no preventative care at all.

Water bottles as you might see in a small animal cage are regularly used in puppy factories to water the dogs as well. This kind of bottle has a direct relation with tooth conditions.

Due to poor genetics or a lack of routine dental care. Paired with their long lifespan, Chihuahuas, even those raised in loving families, may have tooth loss as they mature.

In general, dogs find it difficult to wash their teeth. Little jaws are already more challenging to keep clean. Most dogs resist when their owners try to brush their teeth. Most dog owners avoid brushing their teeth since doing so could injure them, especially if the dog is a small breed.

Chihuahuas are among the breeds that are most frequently prone to severe dental disease. This is because of their small mouths, genetic propensity for dental disease, and lengthy lifespans.

Is It Normal For Chihuahuas To Lose Their Teeth?

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Most likely, senior Chihuahuas will require tooth extractions. Some may lose all of their teeth. Although losing teeth affects some aspects of a chihuahua’s life. It thankfully has little effect on their general level of happiness.

When Chihuahuas lose their teeth, they are unable to chewy treats and hard kibble. Sharp bones can no longer be chewed since doing so would harm their gums.

Because they lack the teeth to keep their tongues in their mouths. Many Chihuahuas who are losing their teeth may hang their tongues outside of their mouths, frequently to one side. They could drool a little bit more than a dog with teeth as a result.
Their face typically becomes even sweeter and more charming as a result of this expression. Below is more information regarding the causes of dogs sticking out their tongues.

They might not have the best “table manners” while they eat because of this lazy tongue, but they will still eat enthusiastically.

Chihuahuas without teeth can still hold soft toys in their mouths, but they shouldn’t be given hard or sharp toys because playing with them could cause damage to their gums.

What to Feed Chihuahuas Who Don’t Have Teeth

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Chihuahuas without teeth can still eat like little kings with only a few little adjustments to their menu:

  • Wet food. The best options will be wet or canned food because these are the easiest for them to mash up with their gums and swallow.
  • Dry food. Don’t worry if your Chihuahua is extremely finicky and only enjoys a particular brand of dry food. You can still feed it to them by soaking the kibble in warm water and blending it with a fork or spoon until it is the proper consistency for them to consume.
  • Homemade Diet. If you would rather feed a homemade diet, consult your veterinarian to locate wholesome recipes created with simple components. For instance, a dog without teeth might easily ingest rice, a major element in dog food. Due to the size of the rice grains, the chance of choking is also quite minimal.

Treats For Chihuahuas With No Teeth

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There are still plenty of mouthwatering choices, even when chew bones and hard snacks are no longer available.

  • Consider freeze-dried meats, which are easy to break into little bite-sized pieces that nearly dissolve in dogs’ mouths. Most pet retailers sell frozen and dried treats.
  • Another healthy alternative is plain yogurt or grated cheese, but make sure to just eat a tiny quantity of each because too much dairy might irritate your stomach.
  • Check the label for Xylitol before incorporating peanut butter into a toy for fun.
  • Banana slices could also be provided.

What further particular care is required for my toothless Chihuahua?

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Even though your dog doesn’t have teeth to brush, it’s still crucial to maintain a healthy mouth. Make sure to discuss future canine health initiatives with your dog’s doctor.

No matter what kind of food you feed your Chihuahua, make sure there is always fresh water available. Regular hydration is important for a dog’s overall health as well as for keeping their mouths clean.

If your Chihuahua doesn’t drink much, try giving it water from a fountain. The sound of fresh moving water might encourage your little Chi to sip more.
The dogs adore the water fountain that we use. They just want to drink from the fountain now. Which is better for them. This is why you should keep their old water bowl around for a time just in case they might be terrified of it.

You must be aware of the size of the food portions you feed your dog during mealtimes. You must feed your Chihuahua extremely little portions of food to prevent choking because dogs without teeth cannot chew food into swallowable size pieces. This is similar to how you would prepare food for a human infant who is just learning to eat.

In case your dog tries to eat something too large and chokes on it. It would also be a good idea to learn dog first aid.

Last Word

Dental illness frequently causes Chihuahua teeth difficulties, but with the right veterinarian care. Your dog can recover and live a happy life. Many little dogs have a desire for eating, but with a few adjustments, your Chihuahua may still indulge in a range of delectable and healthy foods.


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