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How Long Will a Chihuahua Live: Life Expectancy of A Chihuahua

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Chihuahua is a special breed of dog, whose name originated from Mexico. Chihuahua like all dogs needs a lot of care and attention. The Chihuahua is a beautiful breed of dog that celebrities and socialites love so much. Chihuahua life expectancy depends on many factors. Some of these factors are beyond our control while others depend solely on the owners.

The average lifespan of the Chihuahua is between 15 – 20 years, which depends on the care given to the Chihuahua. The lifespan of dogs differs according to the breeds, and it is noticed that smaller dog breeds live longer than the bigger ones.

Factors That Will Determine the Lifespan of the Chihuahua


As we said earlier, some of the factors are beyond our control, such as accidents or an epidemic. The Lifespan of the Chihuahua in a very high percentage depends on the owners; their knowledge about dogs, their commitment to taking care of the dog, and the care they provide for the dog.

Feeding on Proper Diet

The diet of the Chihuahua will go a long way to determine if the Chihuahua will live its natural lifespan length. This is one of the factors that we can control, as one should be aware of the kind of feed to give the Chihuahua. You should feed the Chihuahua with quality dog food, with the essential food supplements. These feeds have been processed, tested, and approved. They as well provide supplements to keep the dog in good health condition.

You should avoid feeding the Chihuahua with leftovers and make sure they do not go savaging due to hunger.

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Weight Issue

Weight is another important factor in the health of the chihuahua. Dogs that are overweight are prone to develop sickness and their muscles are weaker. The case with overweight is just like in humans, the Chihuahua becomes prone to heart disease and the inability to move properly.

Spaying and Neutering of the Chihuahua

Neutering is for a male Chihuahua. This is the situation when you remove their testicles for the males. On the other hand, spaying is when you have the ovaries of the female Chihuahua removed.  There are a lot of health benefits in carrying out this procedure, as it reduces the risk of infection or diseases.


For the male Chihuahua, removing the testicles will reduce the risk of cancer and constipation. While for female Chihuahua, this procedure reduces the risk of ovarian cancer. You should get this procedure done by a veterinarian to avoid cases of infections.

Genetics of the Chihuahua

The genetics of the Chihuahua also play an important role in the lifespan of the Chihuahua. The kind of gene the parents pass over to their offspring will determine their lifespan; a good gene will produce a healthy Chihuahua. This is a factor we cannot control; however, we can pay close attention to the parent Chihuahua and determine if they should be adopted.

Proper Vaccination of the Chihuahua

This is a factor that we can control and it comes down to the ability of the owner to care for the Chihuahua. The owner should endeavor to take the Chihuahua to get the necessary Vaccination shots, especially at an early age to prevent some sickness. The Vaccination will help build the immune system stronger to fight against infection.

Better Healthcare for the Chihuahua

This also depends on the ability to care properly for the Chihuahua. You should book an appointment at least once in five months to visit the veterinarian, for a regular check-up even when the Chihuahua doesn’t show a sign of illness.

In going for a check-up, some kind of infection or disease can be diagnosed and treated. This might prevent the case from advancing to a fatal condition.

Exercising to Increase Energy Level

Regular exercise increases the heartbeat and, thus, is good for metabolism. Increased metabolism helps in so many ways such as improvement in the digestive system, increasing the energy level, and building up the immune system. Regular exercise also helps to prevent heart and cardiovascular diseases.

You should take your Chihuahua to work at least once a day. If you cannot do that you can get someone or pay a dog walker to do that for you.

Gender of the Chihuahua


It had been gathered from statistics that female Chihuahua do live longer than male Chihuahua. There is no scientific explanation for this as on average the female chihuahua lives at least two years more than the male Chihuahua.

This is another factor that is beyond the control of the owner. On a short note, as an owner, you should dedicate time to taking proper care of Chihuahua.

the life expectancy of dogs

the life expectancy of dogs




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