My Chihuahua Has Bulging Eyes -Ocular Proptosis- Symptoms, And Treatment

Do you own a Chihuahua that has vision problems? If yes, you may be aware of Ocular Proptosis, a medical disorder. Often referred to as “bulging eyes,” this common health problem in Chihuahuas can affect the breed, particularly the long-faced individuals, and result in considerable discomfort. We’ll talk about ocular proptosis in this blog post, … Read more

Why Does My Chihuahua Has Red Eyes Or Bloodshot Eyes?

Do you examine your Chihuahua’s eyes thoroughly each day? Any changes to your Chihuahua’s health should be attended to right away, just like with any other pet. Particularly red eyes can be a sign of several possible problems that require immediate attention. It’s crucial to comprehend the signs and causes of red eye in your … Read more

How Many Teeth Do Chihuahuas Have?

Given their small size, one might assume Chihuahuas would not have enough room in their mouths for many teeth. So, how many teeth do Chihuahuas have? They really have more than you might imagine. Their size is also reflected in their teeth, which make them sharp little needles that you wouldn’t want wrapping around your … Read more

Do Chihuahuas Make Good Dogs?

The most hotly contested dog topic since “Who’s a good boy?” is undoubtedly chihuahuas. You’ve come to the correct spot if you’re looking for the solution to that important inquiry! “Do Chihuahuas Make Good Dogs?” It’s no secret that Chihuahuas make wonderful companions; they’re energetic and spunky, small enough to fit in practically anywhere, and … Read more

Are Chihuahuas Smart? The Hidden Truth

Stanley Coren, a canine psychologist, states that Chihuahuas ranks 125th out of all dog breeds in terms of IQ, meaning they are not thought to be very intelligent canines. But to call them “dumb dogs” would be unfair. Although they might not be the best at obedience or working intellect, Chihuahuas are remarkably good at … Read more

Are Chihuahuas Good With Cats?

It’s important for Chihuahua owners to know that not all animals get along, even if they are taught and are around other animals. Even though your sassy Chihuahua might get along with other dogs, it might not be as friendly with cats. But it is possible for your Chihuahua to learn how to get along … Read more

why do some chihuahuas have big eyes?

The Chihuahua is a cool dog breed. They are not only the tiniest dogs, but they also have the most attitude.  A Chihuahua will often try to get into a fight with a Labrador or another big dog breed. They have big personalities and attitudes, but these dogs are also very small. They also have … Read more