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Spurned Bulldog gives dad a pitiful expression, earning him over 8 million views online.

I was unable to put this down. Dad’s advice is quite insightful. Is there anything more unpleasant than being told “no”? Most likely not. This is particularly valid for dogs. They...

The delivery man is anxious to see the dog on the porch, but they end up having the sweetest conversation.

The homeowner felt the video was so important that she had to share it with everyone. A popular misconception is that dogs don’t like mail carriers. This idea is not without merit. Ultimately, a...

Angry baby bulldog throws tantrum to mama, garnering 32 million views.

Every mother will be the first to tell you, “Been there, done that,” because tantrums are a natural part of being a mother. The mother bulldog Patches is the same. Elvis, her little child...

Ten months later, Mama Dog gets to see her twelve adult puppies, and it’s adorable.

“She was unsure of where to go initially!” 🥰 Naturally, a playful four-legged friend is always charming, but if there’s anything cuter than a dog, it has to be an entire pack! Almost...

Dog responds hilariously when a woman tells him he’s adopted, collecting 10 million views.

Husky begins to quarrel with his owner and vehemently rejects the notion that he is adopted. Although we officially adopt our dogs, some of them do not accept this fact. They seem to take that...

Why Do Chihuahuas Like To Burrow?

Dog trainers are frequently asked, “Why Do Chihuahuas Burrow Under Blankets?” by owners of Chihuahuas. Most likely, they have witnessed their chihuahua hiding beneath blankets whenever...

Woman sees flowers on her back porch every day and then discovers she has a furry’secret admirer’

This tiny one wanted to share her favorite perfume. In a small village, a strange series of events occurred on the doorstep of a woman’s home. Mysterious camellia blooms began to bloom, first on...

German Shepherd dog meets tiny kittens for the first time, melting 24 million hearts in the process.

It’s always fascinating to see how different animals behave to one another in various situations. We know that various species can perceive one another as a threat, so we can’t always...

Golden Retriever puppy escapes the house and plans a ‘smart scheme’ to get back in

The internet has a sweet spot for our animal pals, especially when they demonstrate human-like abilities. One such delightful story is about Charlotte, a six-month-old golden retriever puppy. This...

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We have been loving our chihuahua since March 2018. Thank you for making such a well made, functional, easy to use and beautiful website! Most of all we love it because it lets us do more together! Isabella is able to get her exercise and rest when she needs it...and I can keep going!!! I don’t have to stop because she needs to. She also enjoys the stimulation she gets while riding in her Dogger stroller. It’s THE best!!!
Adam Sendler

My brother recommended this website and I wanted a better food for my chihuahua so gave Carnilove a go and am so pleased with the difference it has made. My dog doesn't turn her nose up at it like she used to with her old kibble! She loves the puffed rabbit ears and beef sinew strip so I will be buying lots more!

Mila Kunis

"Wonderful! Only heard about them on the off chance, and so glad I did! Very happy to talk through my numerous chihuahuas, all at different life stages. Very knowledgeable, received my first order and dogs are loving it!! Top marks guys, and thanks for all your help xx"

Mike Sendler

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