Golden Retriever puppy escapes the house and plans a ‘smart scheme’ to get back in

The internet has a sweet spot for our animal pals, especially when they demonstrate human-like abilities.

One such delightful story is about Charlotte, a six-month-old golden retriever puppy.

This cute puppy from Quarryville, Pennsylvania, was recorded on her owner’s security camera displaying some unusual behavior.

Charlotte, just six months old, decided to go on a little adventure in the front yard.


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The incident happened without her own’ awareness.

One can only imagine the anguish they would have had if their cherished pet had gone missing.

However, Charlotte’s experience was short-lived.

She suddenly reversed her decision and decided to go home.

What happened next was a nice surprise: Charlotte demonstrated that she knew exactly how to come back inside by ringing the doorbell.

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This was an impressive effort given that Charlotte had never been instructed to knock on a door or ring a doorbell.

Her spontaneous problem-solving abilities demonstrate her intelligence, making this adorable little girl even more lovable.

Charlotte’s story has gone viral on the internet, with people all around the world admiring the bright puppy who worked out how to warn her owners of her presence.

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The story touched many pet owners, inspiring them to relate similar stories about their dogs finding their way home.

One YouTube user told the experience of their Dalmatian, who managed to find his way home after running away six kilometers.

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After successfully warning her owners, Charlotte was allowed back inside the house.

Her owners, who were originally perplexed, thought the entire thing humorous after seeing the film from their surveillance system.

They decided to publish this humorous story on the internet, which resulted in Charlotte’s sudden fame.

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Another commenter noted, “My dog performs many ‘human’ tasks without being coached or staged. So, sit back and enjoy this adorable little doggie.”

This sentiment echoes the delight and amusement that pets bring into our lives, especially when they impress us with their intelligence and flexibility.

If you’re wondering how Charlotte rang the doorbell, you should know that her owners don’t have a regular doorbell.

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Instead, they have a security system that sends an alarm to their phones whenever someone “rings” the doorbell.

This arrangement ensured that Charlotte did not bother the entire household with her constant ringing.

Every dog owner’s worst nightmare is their pet becoming loose and going missing, especially if the creature is unable to find its way home.

Source: Youtube Screenshot

Fortunately, Charlotte is now back with her family. The video of her adventures has gotten over 2 million views, with many people commenting on how bright the puppy is.

Charlotte is unlikely to venture out alone anytime soon, but if she does, she and her owners may be confident that she will find her way home.

View this unexpected moment in the video below!

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