This Mastiff Becomes Crowd Favorite In Dog Agility Race

Dogs, like people, are not all the same. So, when a gigantic mastiff named Zeus entered an agility tournament, let’s just say he wasn’t as quick and agile as the other canine competitors.

The video of Zeus attempting to complete the obstacle course has been viewed millions of times online. While he may not be a speed demon, you’ll soon see why he became a “crowd favorite!”

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The event was held at the Rocky Mountain Cluster Dog Show in Colorado.

Agility contests feature a range of obstacles that dogs must effectively navigate as the clock ticks. Speed is often required if participants wish to win the race. However, Zeus was more concerned about being “slow and steady.” (And that is okay!)

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Ready, set, go!

In the video, the first hurdle Zeus must overcome is a tunnel. He doesn’t just dive straight in, though. He waits for a moment before his handler can coax him in.

The funniest part is when he comes out. Instead of sprinting to the next hurdle, the enormous dog takes his time.

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Zeus has the audience going crazy.

A mastiff may not be the first dog that comes to mind when you think of agility competition, but Zeus is certainly fun to watch. He hops over the hurdles one by one, like a champion, without knocking them down. The cheering indicates that people are rooting for the “underdog.”

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Viewers have made countless comments on YouTube that are both encouraging and lighthearted. One individual wrote:

“That’s great. He’s just showing everyone what “agility” looks like in slow motion. I give him a 10.”

Somebody else commented:

“I love his “I’ll get there, when I get there” attitude…LOL”

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 It’s time to weave.

Zeus follows his eager owner to the weave poles, which appear to be a daunting hurdle for such a large dog! However, as with everything else, he takes them on gradually and one at a time.

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Certain dog breeds excel in these types of competitions. The Petful website’s “Top 10 Dog Agility Breeds” list included border collies, Russell terriers, and Australian shepherds. They list Great Danes and mastiffs as canines who may struggle in the environment.

Man, another tunnel?

Surely Zeus would have liked a snooze, but he enters the tunnel and makes his way through.

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 Toward the conclusion, he feels a tiny spring in his step

Zeus must once again overcome a variety of obstacles. Only this time, he moves a little quicker. (Zeus, go!) Even if he ends up knocking down one of the bars, it’s still quite impressive for a canine breed whose males can weigh between 160 and 230 pounds.

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The mastiff receives well-deserved plaudits from the audience.
Overall, Zeus takes a minute and a half to finish the course. Although his timing was unlikely to earn him first place, after you see him in action, you’ll understand why he still has so many fans!

Play the video below to observe loving Zeus go at his own pace in the agility competition. Can we get the dog a bone?

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