The owner tells the dog he gave the cat all the treats; the dog’s perfect retaliation achieves 200 million views.

Some internet films are so delicious that they resurface time and again, bringing joy to millions of viewers.

Many people consider the “Ultimate Dog Tease” video the “best video on the internet.”

With over 210 million views, it’s evident that this humorous video has won the hearts of many.

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The video, which lasts a little over a minute, depicts a dog owner having an amusing chat with his dog about the treats in the butcher drawer.

What makes the movie so humorous is the owner’s commentary, which gives the impression that the dog is responding to him in a human-like manner.

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The owner opens the conversation by casually conversing with his lovely doggy about the maple bacon in the fridge’s meat drawer.

The puppy, with its innocent eyes and inquiring manner, appears to answer with small ‘yeahs’ and ‘okays,’ creating the appearance of suspense and expectation.

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The owner’s deep, powerful voice contrasts nicely with the dog’s dubbed, innocent-sounding voice.

The contrast enhances the humor and makes the video much more engaging.

However, as the talk progresses, something unexpected happens.

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The owner tells his dog that he took the maple bacon out of the drawer because he believed someone would like it.

The dog answers with an excited ‘yeah,’ as if anticipating receiving the bacon.

However, the owner discloses that he ate it himself, eliciting a funny response from the dog.

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The dog’s yawn, combined with the dubbed voice, gives the impression that he is extremely disgusted that no bacon was shared with him.

The owner continues to tease the dog, referencing the beef and chicken with cheese covered in cat treats in the drawer before revealing that he ate the beef and gave the chicken to the cat.

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The owner’s imaginative editing abilities interpret the dog’s yawn as a sound of disappointment every time his dreams are shattered.

The discourse is so realistic and entertaining that you can easily imagine having a similar talk with your pet.

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The video instantly went viral after being uploaded and continues to draw visitors.

Comments have come in from all over, with viewers expressing their appreciation for the film.

One comment reads, “I’m sorry but this will forever be the best film on the internet,” while another says, “I’ve been watching this movie for 5 years and I never get tired of it; it’s fantastic for morale. I’d want to express my heartfelt gratitude to this man and his wonderful puppy for bringing so much joy into my life. It keeps a retired 🇬🇧 soldier extremely entertained at times when I’m feeling blue.”

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This video, with its humor and charm, will undoubtedly bring smiles to people’s faces for years to come.

It’s a great reminder of how much joy and happiness our pets can bring into our lives.

View their amusing “conversation” in the video below!

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