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Hydrocephalus in Chihuahuas

Advertisement Hydrocephalus is a disease in which cerebrospinal fluid builds up in a chihuahua’s brain. When the fluid builds up, it puts pressure on the brain. This can cause damage to the brain or even death. Hydrocephalus is often a congenital disease, which means that a dog is born with it. The disease happens most …

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Eye Issues In Chihuahuas

Advertisement Eye problems in Chihuahuas can be a major cause of worry. Even though chihuahuas are generally healthy dogs, their eyes stick out and they live close to the ground. This makes them more likely to get eye problems and infections. This article looks at the most common eye problems that Chihuahuas have, as well …

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Can Separation Anxiety Cause Vomiting And Diarrhea In Chihuahuas?

Advertisement Separation anxiety is very challenging for chihuahuas, and just like in people, stress can make them sick to their stomachs. This means that chihuahuas can definitely get sick or have diarrhea when they are worried about being alone. But it’s important to know for sure that your chihuahua has separation anxiety, in case its symptoms …

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