An Owner’s Manual for Chihuahuas on Seizure Disorders

Dog seizures are perhaps among the most terrifying experiences a pet owner can have. Chihuahuas make excellent canine companions. It is simple to understand why this breed is so famous and a lot of dog lovers prefer them. From Coach-sporting celebs to the neighbor down the street. They have spunky, super-size personalities packed into pint-size … Read more

Dementia in Chihuahuas: Symptoms, Treatment, And More

chihuahua in bed, cute pet sitting on a pillow

It might surprise you that dogs can get dementia as they age because we typically only associate dementia with elderly people. The following section will respond to the most frequently asked queries about dementia in chihuahuas. The Definition Of Dog Dementia Dementia we see in aging humans and dogs is remarkably similar. Veterinarians and animal … Read more

Vision Loss in Chihuahuas-Blindness, Symptoms, and How To Manage

red eye inflammation chivava dog turn to blind eye

Blindness or vision loss in chihuahuas can be a congenital disorder or a lifelong issue. Acute vision loss can be brought on by trauma or infections, whereas chronic vision loss can be brought on by degenerative conditions such as cataracts, retinal degeneration, and glaucoma. Older chihuahuas frequently experience chronic vision loss, but in some cases, … Read more