Thanksgiving Foods Chihuahuas Can and Cannot Eat

If you’re honest with yourself, your chihuahua is probably your favorite part of the family. Thanksgiving is all about food and family, and it just feels wrong to leave your favorite family member (your dog) out of the food.
The good news is that, with a few small changes and careful planning, your dog can join in on the food fun. Let’s talk about what you need to know to make Thanksgiving this year dog-friendly:

Thanksgiving Foods Chihuahuas Can’t Eat

Chihuahua in autumn with Thanksgiving decorations.


You cannot prepare a bowl for your chihuahua dog while you load your plate with your favorite Thanksgiving delicacies because dogs cannot consume all the Thanksgiving foods that people can. According to the AKC, you should never give the following foods to your dog on Thanksgiving:

  • Potatoes are not good for dogs in general. They should never be given raw, and even when they are cooked, they are not the best thing for a dog to eat. Most mashed potatoes have seasonings and butter in them, which are bad for dogs. The AKC says that dogs should never eat potatoes.
  • Creamed peas are heavy on fat and spice, which could upset your stomach.
    Any food that has a lot of salt or fat in it will make a dog’s digestive system hurt. No one wins in this situation. Your chihuahua is not feeling well, and you have a huge mess to clean up.
  • Dogs including chihuahuas usually should not eat desserts and sweets that are safe for people. Keep your dog away from anything chocolate, high in sugar, with raisins, or xylitol, also called “birch sugar,” which is exists often in peanut butter.
  • Chihuahuas should not be given garlic. Some of us might find this confusing because garlic pills are often sold as a natural way to keep fleas and ticks away. The AKC, on the other hand, says that garlic has not been shown to be generally good for dogs. If your dog eats garlic, you should take him to the vet right away.


  • Stuffing often has seasonings that would upset a dog’s stomach, so do not feed it to your dog either.
  • Avoid casseroles because they often have a lot of seasonings that are bad for dogs.
  • Ham. Of course your dog wants some ham, but sometimes what you desire is not necessarily what you should have. Instead, give your dog a nice piece of plain turkey; he will appreciate the nutritious treat.
  • Chihuahuas should not consume turkey bones, skin, or gravy.
  • Dogs and humans should not consume yeast dough or other types of raw dough.
  • Raisins and grapes can poison chihuahuas. If consumed, seek veterinary care.
  • You should never give your chihuahua onions. According to the AKC, all onion parts and processed onion products are poisonous to dogs. Immediately seek veterinarian attention if your dog eats an onion.

What Chihuahua-Friendly Thanksgiving Dishes Are There?


Any of these Thanksgiving favorites will make your chihuahua grateful:

  • Turkey. Chihuahuas can eat plain turkey, but you should not give them bones, skin, or gravy along with the flesh. It might be shocking to learn that turkey is frequently used in dog treats and food.
  • Cranberries. According to the AKC, dogs may consume simple fresh or dried cranberries in moderation. Always use caution as dried cranberries frequently contain sugar or are combined with raisins. Because grape juice, a common ingredient in cranberry sauce, is toxic to dogs, you should not feed your dog cranberry sauce.
  • Pumpkin. Puppies can eat plain pumpkin snacks! Pumpkin is excellent for a dog’s digestion, skin, and coat, according to the AKC. Make sure not to feed pumpkin that has been seasoned with pie spice or other ingredients.
  • Apples. Dogs can consume apples, which are healthful, and these crunchy snacks could aid with tooth cleaning. When serving, check to remove the stem, seeds, and core.
  • Carrots. dogs can consume Carrots, and many do. Carrots may also help with dental health, similar to apples. You should Feed tiny carrots to large breed dogs with caution as they pose a choking risk.
  • Beans, green. Unseasoned green beans are edible to dogs. Veterinarians frequently suggest them to owners of large puppies because they are truly great for them to eat all year long. You can replace Green beans by a portion of the meal for a plump puppy to help them feel satisfied while consuming fewer calories.
  • The sweet potato. According to the AKC, serving plain sweet potatoes to dogs in moderation is acceptable. Sweet potatoes are a popular element in natural feeds and treats, and many dogs enjoy them.

Last Word

Even though many of the popular Thanksgiving dishes are unsafe for chihuahuas, with a few smart changes, your dog can partake in a feast worthy of a king alongside the rest of your family.

Even while it can be tough to resist a tin chihuahua’s adorable face, remember that nothing comes for free. They might briefly enjoy a particular snack before experiencing intestinal distress. Saying no in this situation entails promoting the happiness and health of your dog.

You have to take your chihuahua to the vet right away if he ate anything on the list of dangerous foods that was provided. If your dog ate something from the list of safe foods supplied and is acting poorly, she might have an allergy or another problem with that food, so you should seek veterinary attention right away.

Remember that a tiny dog, like a Chihuahua, would not need to consume as much to become unwell as a large dog, who may need to consume a significant amount of something hazardous to become ill. Therefore, do not dismiss it if you find that your Chihuahua has consumed even a small amount of a potentially toxic food. When in doubt, get your dog to the vet as quickly as you can; it just might save his life.


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