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Chihuahua Calorie Requirements

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It’s obvious that chihuahuas are the smallest of all dog breeds in the world, this is why their owners are always concerned about their receiving nutrition, and their daily need for calories.

While adults need calories to maintain, puppies need enough calories to grow, but there are some cases when adults need calories to decrease in order to lose weight.

This article is about calorie requirements for your chihuahua

Factors that affect how many calories a chihuahua will need

There several elements that control calorie requirements for pets. you should know that there is not a single number for all chihuahuas but there is a range, and this range is affected by some factors.

1.health status_an injury or illness affects directly the dog’s ability to be exercised as normal which means that this affects too how many calories need a dog.

However there are some exceptions, for example, pregnant dogs need big amount of calories, especially for the second half of pregnancy, also nursing dogs that need a big boost of calories to fuel milk production,a pregnant dog will need 25 percent more calories than normal dog by the time she is ready to give birth. a chi that is nursing puppies will need about 15 percent more calories each day for each puppy, then, with a litter of three pups, she will need 45 percent more calories.

2.age_the age is a huge factor, for example, we should notice that a puppy needs more calories compared to an adult.

the growth in a short time means the need for a lot of calories.chihuahua newborns doubles in size with days. when a chihuahua is 1-year-old she or he is considered to be an adult, so calorie needs will change at that time.

when a chihuahua becomes a senior dog, he often needs fewer calories than his younger counterparts, this is because of dog exercising less

3.activity level_every second dogs burn calories even if when they are sleeping. the rate of calories that are burned throughout the day is not the same.

There are 2 activity types that affect the number of calories burning.

1.exercise_exercises such as running, walking, playing fetch, will raise the chihuahua’s heartbeat will burn calories

there have not a lot of studies done, but we have some rules, for example, a 20-pound dog walked for 15 minutes at a good pace 4 miles/hour will burn 64 calories. therefore, a recommended 30-minute walk would equal 128 calories.

if we apply this to a chihuahua, a 5-pound chi walked at a toy breed’s pace of 2 miles/hour for calorie burn of approximately 25 calories.

2.NEAT_this refers to the calories a body needs even at rest and sleep, in order to maintain itself a body burns calories.

Does neutering or spaying affect a chihuahua calorie needs?

A lot of people think that dogs gain weight after being fixed, so they think that their dogs may need fewer calories if he or she has been fixed.

The answer is that a dog may be less active due to urges to take a chase, to run away, etc. so, the number of calories burned by a dog carrying out his hormonal urges is very minimal.

HOW many calories a chihuahua puppy needs??

Calorie needs are related to chihuahua weight.

In general, puppies need about 5 calories per day, for each pound of weight.
Weight = Calories per Day

1 lb. (0.45 kg) = 40 to 60
1.5 lbs. (.68 kg) = 64 to 96
2 lbs. (0.90 kg) = 80 to 120
2.5 lbs. (1.13 kg) = 111 to 165
3 lbs. (1.36 kg) = 120 to 180
3.5 lbs. (1.58 kg) = 154 to 232
4 lbs. (1.81 kg) = 160 to 240
4.5 lbs. (2.04 kg) = 198 to 298
5 lbs. (2.26 kg) = 200 to 300
5.5 lbs. (2.49 kg) = 243 to 363
6 lbs. (2.72 kg) = 254 to 396

how many calories a chihuahua adult needs?

when a chihuahua is adul,he will need fewer calories per pound of body to maintain his weight.

Let’s take a look at the guidelines:

Weight = Calories per Day

2.5 lbs. (1.13 kg) = 80 to 120
3 lbs. (1.36 kg) = 96 to 144
3.5 lbs. (1.58 kg) = 112 to 168
4 lbs. (1.81 kg) = 128 to 192
4.5 lbs. (2.04 kg) = 144 to 216
5 lbs. (2.26 kg) = 160 to 240
5.5 lbs. (2.49 kg) = 176 to 264
6 lbs. (2.72 kg) = 192 to 288
6.5 lbs. (2.94 kg) = 208 to 312
7 lbs. (3.17 kg) = 224 to 336
7.5 lbs. (3.4 kg) = 240 to 360
8 lbs. (3.62 kg) = 256 to 384
8.5 lbs. (3.85 kg) = 272 to 408
9 lbs. (4.08 kg) = 288 to 432

senior chihuahua dogs

calorie needs may fluctuate in the 30 to 35 calories per pound of the body weight range, this is for a senior chi that is much less active.

calories in dog food

As a rule, you should take note of the quality of the food and not the calorie count, because some cheap brands pack the food with fillers, which makes the meal as whole contain fewer calories. for this reason calorie count alone does not tell you how good a particular food is.

decreasing calories for a chihuahua

this is done only if a veterinarian has recommended that your chi needs to lose weight, and this is not done by less food, it is done with a combination of lower calories and an increase in exercise.

increasing calories

sometimes vet may suggest a supplement to encourage the absorption of nutrients, when a chihuahua is undersized and struggle to grow or maintain.

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