Kidney Problems In Chihuahuas- A Complete Guide

Chihuahuas have kidneys that work the same way as ours. Chihuahua kidneys balance nutrients and remove waste. They also control blood pressure, help make red blood cells, and help the body use calcium.

If a Chihuahua’s kidneys don’t work right, it can lead to serious health problems. So, it’s important to know the signs of kidney disease in Chihuahuas and take steps to avoid and treat the condition.

Types Of Kidney Problems In Chihuahuas


There are two kinds of kidney problems in Chihuahuas: immediate and long-term. Acute kidney failure shows up in a few days, but chronic kidney failure takes a long time to develop.

Acute Kidney Failure

When your Chihuahua eats poisonous things like antifreeze, home cleaners, or spoiled food, it can hurt its kidneys. Also, urinary blockages can stop blood from getting to the kidneys, which can lead to an illness. Keep an eye on your Chihuahua to keep it from getting kidney problems.

Problems with the kidneys can also come from:

  •  Severe lack of water
  • Strokes of heat
  • The Snake Bits
  • Leptospirosis is an illness caused by bacteria.

Chronic Kidney Failure

Chronic kidney disease in Chihuahuas needs to be caught early because the damage to their organs can’t be fixed. Acute kidney problems can be helped by treatment right away, but the best way to keep your Chihuahua healthy is to take preventive steps.

If your Chihuahua has kidney disease or failure, the treatment plan will depend on how bad the disease or failure is. At first, your vet will try to handle any underlying problems, such as dehydration, chemical poisoning, or an infection, that could be causing the problem.
The care plan for your Chihuahua could include:

  • Medication that makes your dog urinate more.
  • Giving fluids through an IV is called intravenous treatment.
  • Adding electrolytes to balance blood levels
  • A medicine to stop vomiting.
  • A soothing way to ease stomach pain
  • Hemodialysis
  • Diet changes
  • Medicine to treat anemia
  • Taking care of blood pressure

The Symptoms Of Kidney Problems In Chihuahuas

Here are a few things to look out for:

  1. More or less water consumption
  2. Changes in the amount and frequency of urination.
  3. Not interested in playing or interacting with other people.
  4. Appetite has gone down in a noticeable way.
  5. Feeling sick and having stomach pain
  6. Sudden, large weight loss for no reason
  7. There is blood in the urine
  8. Tooth disease can be seen in a few clear ways: pale gums, bad breath, and sores in the mouth.

Kidney Problems In Chihuahuas Prevention

There are several ways to keep Chihuahuas from getting kidney problems:

Keep Your Chihuahua’s Teeth In Good Shape

Keeping your Chihuahua’s teeth clean is important for their long-term health, as bad dental care can lead to chronic kidney disease. Talk to your vet about how often you should clean your Chihuahua’s teeth and ask about foods and treats that can help keep their teeth clean.

Keep Medication Away From Your Chihuahua

Keep your Chihuahua safe by keeping them away from dangerous home cleaners and chemicals as well as medicines, food, and other substances.

Some of these could be:

  • Grapes
  • Drugs like aspirin, which can be bought with or without a prescription,
  • Grape
  • Water sources that are dirty

Limit Your Chihuahua’s Exposure To Chemicals

Make sure your Chihuahua is safe by keeping poisons and cleaners out of reach.

Chihuahuas naturally like to chew. For this reason, putting drugs in a closed cabinet isn’t enough to keep them safe. Don’t think that “child-proof” locks will keep your Chihuahua safe. You need to take extra care of your Chihuahua to keep it safe.

To keep Chihuahuas from getting dangerous drugs and eating them, it’s important to keep plastic bottles in safe places, like locked cabinets or high places.


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