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Chihuahua Bad Breath Issues

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The chihuahua breath issue can be a problem that a chihuahua owner may face. in some cases, it will be a specific strong smell that there is all the time. But in other cases, it may be a vague odor that seems to come and go. However, the common problem is that owners struggle to keep their chihuahua’s breath fresh, and their worries are if this may be caused by a health issue they ignore.

In this article, we will try to cover solutions to this issue, serious health issues that can cause this, the common reasons why a  chihuahua can suffer from bad breath, what certain smells can tell us, some remedies that we can try at home, and some tips you can use to keep a  chihuahua’s breath smelling nice and clean.

Eating feces

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Eating feces know as coprophagia can cause some issues such as worms and bad breath, it’s also a sign of malnutrition, even if the quantity of food that the chihuahua eats is good enough.

In order to stop coprophagia, the owner should change to a quality dog lifestyle that often resolves this.

Also, owners must keep their chihuahuas close to them and watch their  chihuahuas all the time to prevent the ingestion of feces.

Bad oral hygiene

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Some chihuahuas can easily suffer from tooth decay and dental infections. without regular at-home dental care plaque is quickly built up.it hardens into tartar if it is not fully removed, these two substances can grow at the gum line and under the gum line, which can cause problems unseen by the eye.

The plaque can cause gingivitis and this can lead to periodontitis. Both conditions can be the cause of bad breath problems.


Appointment time with a vet comes when your chihuahua’s bad breath has developed since the last checkup or if your chihuahua has not been to the vet for this once-a-year examination

taking of the teeth at home is not a guarantee that dental issues will stop.

sometimes veterinarians may decide that your chihuahua needs a “full dental” this involves light sedation while X-rays are taken and teeth are scraped clean. also, there are some services that offer anesthesia-free cleanings.

After your chihuahua’s teeth are received professionally cleaned, be sure to follow a strict at-home care plan for good oral hygiene.


dog opening mouth

When milk teeth fall out, there is some bleeding on the puppy’s gums that owners may or may not notice. and as we know bacteria grow in such an environment, as a consequence breath may have a semi-sweet, sour odor.


In order to fix this issue brush the puppy’s teeth and gums gently.

Medical condition

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There are some health conditions that can be the cause of the chihuahua’s breath issue

-respiratory infection
-foreign body in teeth or throat
-gastrointestinal conditions

If you are sure that your chihuahua doesn’t suffer from one of these conditions, you must bring your puppy to the vet for a complete checkup to narrow down the possible causes.

Maintaining fresh breath

In order to keep your puppy or chihuahua’s breath pleasant, there are several things that you can do

1. Brush your dog’s teeth every day: as we said before proper oral hygiene is needed to prevent dental issues, but you have to note that you mustn’t use human paste, so be sure to use a canine paste.
2. you can also use a spray: when your chihuahua hates brushing you can use spray, but remember that spray is not effective as brushing.

3. give a daily dental treat

4. You can also use canine breath freshener treats: they can offer little boosts throughout the day.

5. use a water additive: it can kill bacteria both in the water and bowl and in a chihuahua’s mouth.

Finally, you must know that a chihuahua’s breath will never naturally smell good and super clean, So our dogs depend on us to take care of them.

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