Chihuahua Whining In Crate All Of A Sudden

Was your chihuahua previously obedient in the crate? He undoubtedly took some time and work to get familiar with his crate when he was a puppy. But eventually, your chihuahua starts whining in the crate. Do not panic, however; this does not mean that you did anything wrong or that he will always detest his crate. Today, we’ll examine some potential causes for the sudden chihuahua whining in the crate as well as solutions.

The chihuahua’s eating habits collide

Puppies in their early stages need to use the restroom regularly. A meal passes through their digestive system in just a few hours. You probably modified your puppy’s schedule to these bathroom times when you first crate-trained him. Your dog’s food habits will alter as he gets older. And his digestion will develop! Your dog may actually need to use the restroom if he starts whining in the kennel all of a sudden. Take him outdoors, and if he uses the restroom, change your feeding and crate schedule in accordance with his new routine.

The dog’s environment is changing

Has the environment around your chihuahua’s crate changed in any way? Maybe you moved it to a more crowded area, or there are noises and some construction going on outside the window. Dogs Including chihuahuas are creatures of habit, and when circumstances change, so does their behavior. Your chihuahua dog will probably whine to let you know that anything has changed in his crate’s environment and also because he is uneasy. Discover the potential cause and work to get your chihuahua’s surroundings back to how they were before!

Your chihuahua needs Enthusiasm


A chihuahua who feels boredom is not a good dog! Chihuahuas are very energetic dogs. This is why they need regular exercise, training, and mental stimulation. Whining in the box is a sign of boredom. Several times a day, give your dog plenty of stimulation and exercise. Give him puzzle toys, put him through some exercises, show him a new trick, and have him practice some agility… the options are unlimited! Your chihuahua is a non-snob and will take pleasure in any activity you engage in with him.

The dog’s sleeping schedule changed


It is crystal clear that spending time in a crate is somewhat boring. A chihuahua in a crate doesn’t have much to do there. When a dog is successfully aware of how to use a crate, he often only sleeps there. The parents who only put their chihuahua puppy in the crate when he is tired have the quickest success with crate training.

However, your dog’s sleeping patterns will alter as he gets older. He won’t require as much sleep overall or for naps as he did when he was a tiny baby.

It’s likely that a dog who is awake will scream and whine if you put him in a crate. Prior to entering the crate, make sure your chihuahua has had some activity and is tired. Your dog shouldn’t ever be crated just after he wakes up because he already has too much surplus energy!

Examine your dog’s sleeping patterns to see whether you should crate him at different times.

After the first 1-3 weeks in the new home, it’s likely that your chihuahua puppy’s sleep schedule will shift if you adopted him from a rescue. Rescue dogs initially tend to sleep a lot, but as they get familiar with their new home, they need less sleep.

Your chihuahua is crated in a scary place


Chihuahuas are frequently crated in unpleasant environments. If you got your dog from a shelter, he probably lived in a kennel there, surrounded by unfamiliar people, other dogs that were barking, flashing lights, the smell of cleaning supplies, and other pets. Just this could give the dog a very strong unfavorable association!

But chihuahuas might be afraid of crates outside of the pound as well. Your dog would have been housed in a sturdy kennel if you had to leave him at the vet for an extended period of time (perhaps overnight) for surgery. Maybe your dog experienced uncomfortable or even painful inspections. In addition to being held in a kennel in a strange location far from his family. Again, you must be very patient with these chihuahuas and gradually reintroduce them to their crate.

Something scared Your Chihuahua while in the crate


Chihuahuas who experience panic while confined to crates can connect that fear with the crate. For instance, when your chihuahua was in his crate, imagine someone in your neighborhood did some strange noises. Or perhaps a violent thunderstorm struck while your dog was inside his kennel. The crate may have a strong association in your chihuahua’s mind with these unpleasant situations. If so, you should have a lot of patience with your whining dog because he is just feeling scared and needs your assurance. Try to comfort him by sitting next to him. For him to once again identify the crate as a source of peace and rest, he needs a lot of happy experiences.

Last word

It happens frequently for chihuahuas that previously did well with crate training to start whining and weeping within the crate. There are a variety of causes for this, including changes in food and sleeping patterns, stressful or upsetting life events, boredom, and a lack of enrichment. In general, you shouldn’t dismiss any abrupt behavior changes in your dog; this goes for crying in the crate as well.

Try to recall and come up with a list of potential causes for your chihuahua’s transformation. Your dog’s behavior in the crate can be greatly affected by even little environmental changes that we might not even notice, such as some new construction noises in front of your house.

The great news is that with time, patience, necessary schedule adjustments, and additional enrichment and exercise, your chihuahua will probably soon restart acting normally in his crate.


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