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It’s very important to find the right exercise and activity balance for your chihuahua.

A lot of people prefer to own a chihuahua. However, chihuahuas need to have daily exercise as all other Pets.

In order to avoid some unwanted behaviors of chihuahuas such as chewing or the tendency to become hyper, they must have daily outdoor activity.

Therefore, a happy chihuahua is one who is well-exercised. However, there are some restrictions that the parents must follow.

Tips for Healthy chihuahua exercise

+You have to know that if your chihuahua will always follow your enthusiasm and to keep him motivated you to have to be it first.

+50 percent of chihuahuas of all US suffer From obesity because of inactivity.

+sometimes a chihuahua becomes nervous around traffic, in order to overcome this issue, start with a park that has zero traffic, then walk around that is a low traffic area and once the chihuahua shows that he or she is doing well then move up to busier areas.

+while doing the activity with your chihuahua You may see some red flag issues such as limping, as a responsible you have to see a vet.

+If you are living in a very cold area, you may need to put on your chihuahua protective clothes such as a sweater or coat.

+stay away from areas were lawn care chemicals are used, to avoid causes of allergies.

+try to play with your chihuahua inside the house when rain or snow is keeping you inside.

Exercise requirements by age


Like humans, puppies have a lot of energy and need a safe place to romp around. Owners should not take their puppies for walks until they are sure that their puppy can resist disease.

Puppies don’t need to have forced exercise and the owner should not keep his puppy active any more than he or she naturally is at this young age, because some experts show that there is a connection between over-exercise and growth impediments.

Also, veterinarians said that over-activity can be the cause of elbow dysplasia because a puppy’s growth plates are not yet fully formed.

it’s very important for a puppy to have exercise, to develop muscles, to enhance good physical health, to set up a healthy foundation for a lifetime and to allow the puppy to realise pent up energy.

Here is a good guideline to follow to know the adequate exercises for a growing puppy

2 months to 4 months: In this time the most important thing that an owner must keep in mind is that puppy shots are still being given so the exercise must be limited until the puppy has full protection. The exercise you must take in this time are short walks around the yard and playing with toys.

4 to 8 months: at this age, the owner starts taking 2 smaller walks per day each last 15 to 20 minutes. find bellow some useful tips you need for walking a chihuahua:

+to prevent injuries use a harness
+to keep your chihuahua closer and safe use a 6-foot leash
+on the hot days the sidewalks can be hot so always check up the surface.
+choose morning or evening to take a walk when the temperature is high outside.

8 months to 1 year: start long walks now that last 20 to 30 minutes, but make sure to have at least 1 break to rest and re-hydrate.


1 year to 6 years: an adult and healthy chihuahua needs at least 1 walk per day that lasts at least 30 minutes.

Also, you can add some activities to your chihuahua’s daily activities such as swimming, hide n’ seek…

If your schedule doesn’t allow you to take a long walk with your chihuahua, you should know that your chihuahua energy pent up needs to be released to promote good behavior, therefore you must find a solution or a professional dog walker.

To encourage your chihuahua to be more active try to find some friendly places that allow him to be well socialized to the outside world.

9 years and older: Exercises for senior chihuahuas must be scaled back a bit because of their age.

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