When a chihuahua is Clingy- Why And How To Fix This issue

Have you ever had the feeling that your Chihuahua dog is constantly in need of attention? If so, don’t worry—you’re not by yourself at all! Chihuahuas are among the cutest and friendliest dog breeds available; they are well-known for being clingy and reliant on their owners.

But do not worry; with a little perseverance and consistency, you can train them to become more independent, even though it may be challenging. Continue reading to find out why Chihuahuas need company so much and how you can encourage them to become a little less needy!

Why is The Clinginess Of Chihuahuas a problem?

Chihuahuas are often affectionate and love spending time with people. While some may exhibit independence, the majority of dogs would rather remain with their masters. It is totally up to you whether you consider this to be typical behavior or cause for alarm.


The following are some indicators that your Chihuahua’s needy behavior has escalated:

  • Your Chihuahua is unable to leave the house, not even for a short while, due to acute separation anxiety.
  • When visitors arrive, you must control your Chihuahua so as not to become hostile.
  • To prevent any potential attacks, it’s advisable to avoid giving hugs or cuddles to other family members when your Chihuahua is around.
  • Your Chihuahua might begin barking and scratching at the door if you leave the room, go potty, or even take a brief break.
  • Your Chihuahua experiences separation anxiety, even if they are usually accompanied by another person in the house.

Being overly attached to your dog can cause you to have more expenses for dog care and limit the number of guests you can have in your home. It can also worsen to the point of becoming a destructive fixation, in which case it needs to be addressed and resolved as soon as problems arise.

When your Chihuahua becomes violent and possessive, it might even make you feel uncomfortable around your partner if it is not under control.

Causes For Your Clinging Chihuahua

There are different reasons why a chihuahua might be clingy or needy. Most of the time, these are the reasons why:

1. Lack Of Socialization

It’s not just because they want your love and care that Chihuahuas are known for being very clingy. Their need to be close to others or not being able to do so often makes them clingy.

Chihuahuas can have major attachment problems if they don’t get to meet a lot of different people, places, dogs, and situations when they are young.

This can show up as habits like barking and jumping too much or even being mean to strangers.

2. Separation Anxiety

Chihuahuas may be too clingy because they have separation anxiety, which is a fear of being left alone. Chihuahuas may act out by barking, biting, crying, and even ruining furniture when they are left alone.

Even though it can be stressful for owners, it’s important to know that dogs’ separation anxiety isn’t always due to bad training or behavior problems. Instead, it comes from how much Chihuahuas love their humans.

3. Small Dog Syndrome

Chihuahuas can get small dog syndrome, which makes them very attached to their humans. When a dog has this condition, they try to make up for their small size by acting too aggressively or possessively.

Chihuahuas can get protective and bite or bark at strangers to keep themselves and their owners safe. They may also become very close to their owners and follow them around the house or act out or cause damage when they are alone.

4. Fear Of Being Left alone

The reason Chihuahuas are so clingy is because they are afraid of being left alone. Even though these little dogs look cute and cuddly, they may need to be by our sides all the time for an important reason.

To help them get over their fear and gain confidence, it’s important to give them the right training and support. Because they are our dogs, we need to show them that we love them and will always be there for them. We need to make sure they feel safe and secure in their own home.

5. Your Chihuahua is Getting Older

As our Chihuahuas get older, it’s important to notice and deal with any changes in how they act. Vision and hearing loss that come with getting older, as well as mental decline, can make our older Chihuahuas scared and anxious.

It is very important to take your Chihuahua to the vet right away if you notice that it is running into things or seems lost. These signs could mean that your dog is losing its sight or having trouble thinking.

6. Lack Of Exercise

Chihuahua puppies are very smart and need to be mentally and physically stimulated to keep them from getting bored. If they don’t get enough movement and mental challenges, they might act out or hurt others.

To keep your Chihuahua busy, make sure to walk them every day and give them lots of toys to play with.

7. Out Of Comfort Zone

Your Chihuahua may not like it when you change your plan because they like routines. It could be a new job, gym practice, or relationship. The sudden changes may make them feel anxious or needy.

A change in your daily habit could be making your Chihuahua want more time and attention from you because dogs are very perceptive and can tell when something is off.

8. You might be making them feel more needy

Chihuahuas often become too needy when people try to make them. If you find yourself petting or picking up your Chihuahua all the time, you might be making them more sticky without meaning to.

Some Chihuahua owners don’t mind how needy their dog is, but others may have a hard time with it.

How To Fix This Behavioral Issue

While it’s cute to have a Chihuahua that stays by your side all the time, it can get too much. You may be thinking about how to help your Chihuahua friend feel better if they seem anxious and are always on the move.

Simple methods that boost your Chihuahua’s independence and self-confidence can help them stop needing to be held all the time. Some things can be done to make this happen, though.

1. More Exercise

You should know that exercise can be a very effective way to deal with a Chihuahua that constantly wants your attention and love. Experts say that you should work out for at least 30 minutes every day. You can do this in one long workout or several shorter ones.

Give your dog lots of chances to run, play, and explore their surroundings. This will help them burn off energy and stop them from feeling so needy.

2. Provide Them A Safe Place

It takes a lot of work and dedication to be a good Chihuahua owner. Providing your Chihuahua with a safe and cozy spot to rest and sleep is one of the most important things you should do.

You can make a big difference in their health by picking the right place for them to rest. You might want to get your dog a covered box or a wire playpen with a door, as well as a soft dog bed and blankets.

This will not only give them a nice place to stay, but it will also make them feel safe and protected.

3. Encourage Your Clingy Chi To Be More Independent

To be a good pet owner, you should give your Chihuahua the care it needs to do well. Offering chances for solo play is one way to do this.

It may be tempting to spend all the time with your Chihuahua, but it’s good for their growth to let them explore and play on their own. You can get your Chihuahua to spend quality time playing alone by getting them some fun toys or games.

This will give them mental stimulation, which is important for their general health, and boost their confidence and sense of independence.

4. Set Boundaries And Let Your Chihuahua Know Them

Setting rules and limits with your Chihuahua from the start is important so they know what you expect of them and feel safe.

We pamper our pets by letting them sleep in our beds or following us around all the time because we love them. But in the long run, this can change their behavior in a bad way, causing problems like separation anxiety.

Setting rules is important to stop this from happening. For example, give them their bed or box next to yours, give them space, and spend some time each day away from them.

5. Socialization

Your Chihuahua needs the right socialization for its health. Making sure your Chihuahua friend spends a lot of time with people and other dogs can help a lot with these habits. Take your Chihuahua to dog parks, doggy daycare, or pack walks to help them get used to new places and boost their confidence.

Play dates with other dogs can also be good ways to socialize your dog. Socializing your Chihuahua with other dogs is very important for their mental health. It can make a huge difference in how they act and how happy they are.

6. Do Not Reinforce This Unwanted Behavior

People who have Chihuahuas should know that their dogs often learn to be clingy. You might be unintentionally praising your furry friend for always wanting your attention, which makes them even more clingy.

It’s important to act bored around them if you want to break this loop. Don’t pet them every time they ask for it; only touch them when they come to you. You should also not give them snacks without making them work for them.

Your Chi should finally learn how to have fun without needing your constant attention if you ignore them all the time.

Even though it might take a while, this is a good way to stop being needy for good.

7. Make it A Smooth Experience To Enter And Exit The House

It’s in our nature as pet parents to want to cuddle and show our animals our love every time we leave the house. With our Chihuahuas, though, this might not be the best course of action.

As we walk away, we unintentionally alert them to the fact that they will soon be left alone when we pet and kiss them repeatedly.
For a few minutes at a time, practice letting go of your Chihuahua before you leave the house. As they get used to it, gradually extend the time.

This will contribute to the development of a composed and self-assured Chihuahua that doesn’t feel unduly reliant on their owner or fear being by themselves.


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