How To Prevent Your Chihuahua From Jumping On People

Most people would do just about anything for their chihuahuas. As a puppy, their Chihuahua may be more likely to give them lots of love. The kind that makes everyone in the family feel closer.

One of the hardest things about training a new dog is making sure he stays calm and doesn’t have accidents inside the house. At some point, you’ll get the puppy used to going outside to do his business, and then everything will make perfect sense.

The other issue with your chihuahua is how to teach him not to jump on people. Especially when they first come into your home. This may seem like a natural thing for you and your family to do, but guests don’t always like it when an animal is too clingy.


Putting The Ground Rules

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First, keep in mind that you can teach your dog to do almost anything you want. But if he does one thing behind closed doors, you’ll need to put an identifier between that and something he does in public. This can be done with body language or by giving instructions. It takes longer to teach them that jumping on you at home is okay but jumping on other people is not.

If you don’t mind when the dog jumps on you when no one else is around, he will think that jumping on people is okay and will look forward to doing the same thing with everyone else. Most likely, it will be easier to teach the dog never to jump on anyone.

Understanding The Behavior And The Goal

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The more you know about your Chi when it comes to training your pet, the easier it will be to reach your goal. It’s easy for both you and the dog to learn how to train him to hold his pee until he can go outside.

When your pet jumps on you, it’s a way for him to show how much he loves you. This makes it hard for some people to stop the behavior.

Dog owners might feel like their fur babies aren’t showing them enough love if they don’t let them show how they feel. The problem with that way of thinking is that even a tiny Chihuahua could knock someone over in their excitement.


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Teach your chihuahua that jumping on you or other people won’t get any attention. When all four paws are on the floor, you can turn your back on your dog and pet it.

Teach your dog something he can’t do at the same time as jumping up, like sitting. They can’t both sit down and jump up. If they aren’t sitting, no one looks at them.

It’s important to stay the same. Everyone in your family must always stick to the training plan. Sometimes you can’t let your dog jump on people, but sometimes you can.

The Habit

Once you’ve decided it’s not a good idea for your chihuahua dog to not jump on people, it’s time to tell him why.

For the chihuahua to understand this, you will need to do it with two people:

  • Your pet should be on a leash, and you should tell him to sit next to you. The command to sit is easy. And most dogs follow it without any trouble unless they get distracted and just want to show their parent how excited they are.
  • The second person helping you train the habit shouldn’t come near you until your dog sits for at least 30 to 60 seconds. Based on how well the chihuahua knows the other person, he will react to them.

Maintaining The Control

If your Pooch recognizes the person who walks toward you, it would be natural for him to greet them. Since he can’t talk, he’ll probably jump up and down, which looks like a hug to the dog.

Because you don’t want the chihuahua to jump. You should tell him to sit when he gets up and gets ready to jump on someone coming toward him.

As you tell your dog to stay under control, the person coming up behind you should stop until the dog is back in his seat. Now that the dog is sitting, your training partner should keep moving toward the dog.

Second Nature

You should keep in mind that your chihuahua will need a lot of practice to get good at this habit. Even though it’s something she does naturally. As the owner of your Chihuahua, you will need to be very patient. But just like you were able to teach her to control her bladder, you will be able to do this, too. The key is to keep at it and practice.
As with most training exercises, you should do this as often as you can. Even if your chihuahua dog has mastered the jumping challenge, he may sometimes fall back into old habits. Lastly, when you’re training your dog, it’s a good idea to use different people for each exercise.

Has your Chihuahua ever been a problem by jumping on people? If you did, how did you handle it? Feel free to leave any suggestions you have in the comments.


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