How to Calm Down a Hyper chihuahua

This breed is prone to readily getting overexcited. Owners may experience frustration when their Chihuahua exhibits extreme hyperactivity and shows no signs of slowing down. And they ma ask how to calm down a hyper chihuahua.

Although certain pups and dogs may exhibit hyperactivity merely due to excitement, negative factors like frustration and anxiety can also cause a Chihuahua to become agitated.

Persistent Hyperactivity In Your Chihuahua

The majority of Chihuahua pups and dogs will react erratically to certain things, which might make them act out of control. On the other hand, some dogs exhibit practically continual high energy throughout the day, which subsides only when the dog goes to sleep.

Three primary mental states are typically the cause of this kind of behavior:

1. Pent up energy

The majority of Chihuahua dogs and puppies are extremely energetic. A Chihuahua, despite his size, has an enormous lot of energy to expend. This is not a lazy breed. He will burst and blow up that energy if he can’t find a way to let it out.

2. Boredom

A dog that is acting out because he is bored can get very agitated. A Chihuahua may start to run, jump, bark, and appear agitated if his senses (seeing, hearing, and scent) aren’t stimulated, he doesn’t engage with people, and he doesn’t engage engaging solitary play. It’s like when someone sits in a room all day doing nothing and then gets up and yells, “I can’t!”

3. Frustration

Dogs appear to put up with things that they consider to be bad. Yet these things are building up inside of them. A dog will eventually ‘ snap’ and act incredibly erratic and hyper to vent his unhappiness. For certain Chihuahuas, this phase can be reached in a matter of minutes, while for others, it might require a more gradual accumulation of irritants before the dog eventually lets go.

Reasons & Techniques for Calming a Hyper Chihuahua

1. Foot Traffic

If a Chihuahua believes he must constantly be on watch, he may experience growing frustration that manifests as hyperactivity. If his food and toy areas are too close to foot traffic, this might happen.

Although it is acceptable for your dog or puppy to bring a toy into the living room and play with it right there on the floor, he ought to have a toy bin that is off-limits to people. In this manner, a Chihuahua might avoid having the constant worry that someone is getting too close to his possessions.

Dogs’ eating areas must be surrounded by an invisible barrier. This can be as close as a foot for certain dogs, but a bigger distance is necessary for others to feel at ease.

A Chihuahua may get hyper and take a long time to cool down if he senses that too many people are around his food, which is what he needs to survive. This might be an all-day situation if a puppy or dog behaves in this way regarding his water.

The solution

  • Choose a suitable location for your Chi’s toy bin and inform everyone living there that it is off-limits and belongs to the dog. When it’s time to wash it or change the toys, do so when the dog is distracted—for example, by going on a walk with someone else.
  • Position dishes far from areas where people might stand, sit, or stroll. Although most owners place bowls in the kitchen, choosing a different location might be preferable if the activity in this area is driving a Chihuahua crazy.

You can protect the rugs in carpeted areas by placing a kitchen place mat down. It ought to assist in calming down a Chihuahua, provided that the location is peaceful and easily accessible for the dog.

2. Small Kids

In general, this breed gets along great with kids. Since every dog is different, some just cannot tolerate the things that most children bring, such as frequent touching, being picked up and handled by loud, eager voices, and rushing around the dog.

This kind of activity is what many puppies thrive on, but it also makes them extremely agitated and unable to settle down. There may be a type of tipping point for older, senior dogs where they are unable to tolerate the chaos and will either withdraw or become erratic.

Young girl lying down stroking a chihuahua

The solution

  • Establish boundaries. Set apart designated times for rowdy kids to play in another room and spend other times interacting with the Chihuahua. Instruct all children in appropriate handling methods.
  • Supervise playtime with very young children, as they can be wrongly lifting the dog or making fun of him, which can irritate dogs of all ages.
  • Establish a calm, secluded space where the Chihuahua can go whenever he pleases. This ought to be in a calm room’s corner, but not too far away that the dog feels alone.

He ought to believe that going there is a benefit rather than a penalty. This space should be off-limits to outside interference and filled with all of the things your Chi enjoys, like cozy bedding, a cot, or blanket, and some of their favorite toys.

  • Keep an eye out for the early indications of hyperactivity in your Chihuahua to prevent it from getting out of control. When such happens, tell kids to settle down and take the dog or puppy to his “hide-a-way” spot.
  • Maintain an even tone of voice and make sure that you convey that leaving the chaos and noise behind to unwind is a good thing. A puppy or dog will eventually pick up the ability to withdraw there on its own.

This typically works well because it shows the Chihuahua that he may choose to play and sleep in a quieter area and that he does have control over his surroundings.

3. Pent up energy

The size of this breed can be somewhat misleading. How the world’s tiniest toy breed could possess so much activity is astounding. A Chihuahua can become hyper if they don’t have a method to release all that steam. Some dog owners find that their hyperactive dog or puppy makes them not look forward to walks.

The solution

You need to walk more than once a day. Hyper Chihuahuas should go for walks at least twice a day, ideally three times if time permits. It’s best to utilize a harness instead of a collar every time. The walks ought to be vigorous—your dog should define vigorous, not you, as excessive exercise is bad, particularly for young puppies).

Don’t allow inclement weather to stand in your way. You may offer year-round walks if you dress warmly and use suitable, protective gear for your dog.

Chihuahuas are considerably more relaxed when they return inside the house after taking a stroll twice a day to burn off energy.

4. Lack of Stimulation

Typically, only elderly, mature canines can find contentment in simply “existing.” Because of their intense energy, Chihuahuas typically need to see, smell, hear, chew, and examine objects. Adults and puppies require human connection in addition to feeding, walking, and grooming.

The solution

One of the best methods to combat boredom and give a Chihuahua a way to keep occupied is to have an amazing toy collection. This will help to reduce the amount of times your dog becomes hyper out of furious boredom. Purchasing a few toys from a Dollar Store on a whim won’t do anything. Spend some time selecting some high-quality toys that are designed to enhance a dog’s cognitive abilities.

Maintain two toy bins and replace them roughly every other week. A Chihuahua will always have ‘fresh’ toys in this way. Additionally, this is an excellent way to wash the toys while the others are being played with.

Every week, go on a 30-minute adventure. Give your hyper Chihuahua a chance to use his sense of smell at least once a week. You won’t believe how much this can soothe a dog.

One entertaining technique is to conceal a brand-new toy or surprise in your yard and let your dog do what dogs do best—smell, seek, and locate! It works great to dab some bacon drippings on a toy since the smell is so potent that dogs can’t help but be drawn to it.

30 minutes a day to socialize. Examining everyone’s schedules, set aside half an hour every day for one household member to spend alone time with an excessively hyper Chihuahua.

Though it is acceptable and even advised if individuals alternate during this time, try to keep it at the same time every day. We’ll use this time slot for an enjoyable conversation. This can involve teaching your dog commands, engaging in an owner-and-dog game, or just having fun with fetch.

Walking your dog does not qualify as engaged play at this time; instead, the Chihuahua should be mentally or physically stimulated or allowed to run around.

When a session finishes, a Chihuahua may get excited as a method of expressing, “Hey, where are you going?” Let’s continue to play! Use a concluding word, such as “Done,” followed by a treat to help stop this from happening and encourage the dog to mouth a favorite toy.

Pay no attention to hyperactivity when you go back inside or into another room. Give it a few minutes, and most of the time a puppy or dog will calm down because he has had enough interactive play.

5. Unable to Relax at Night

Some owners are at their wits’ end over a Chihuahua that just won’t go to sleep. The dog gets more energetic when it’s time to unwind.

The solution

  • Excitation throughout the day. In keeping with the ‘pent-up energy’ component mentioned above. The puppy or dog requires plenty of playtime, exercise, and stimulating objects during the day.
  • Nighttime signals. Establish a schedule that lets your Chihuahua know when the day is coming to an end. Exercise should never be done an hour before going to bed. Although it might seem that doing so would help an energetic dog wind down, it has the opposite effect.
  • Close the blinds and turn down the lights far in advance of the scheduled sleep time—at least sixty minutes. TVs and other loud equipment ought to be turned down to a respectable volume.
  • Speak in a matter-of-fact tone, everyone. Keep an eye on the overall mood of the house. If you or anybody else is agitated and expressing it to a dog through body language or words, they will sense it and may get restless.
  • Being brushed is equivalent to receiving a massage for some Chihuahuas. Possibly one of the best ways to assist a Chihuahua relax and calm down is to groom them by brushing their coat with long, easy strokes in a peaceful place.

6. Other Animals And Strangers

When they see other canines, humans, or cars, many puppies and dogs may become hyper and frantic. Birds can drive some dogs insane. Some Chihuahuas will become so excited about these things that they will behave erratically before a scheduled walk.

The solution

Just Keep in mind that a hyper Chihuahua who goes on his daily stroll barks like crazy at every car, person, and dog. Will gradually transform into a chill Chihuahua who accepts everything with a grain of salt.

A dog loses interest in things when they see them twice or three times a day, every day, for weeks on end. That other dog loses significance.

Those once-exciting autos are now merely background noise to be ignored.

Last Word

Some Chihuahua owners have dogs that get hyper just after bathing or at night just when they should be relaxing.

The most important thing to remember is that following these tips will help your dog let off steam in a healthy manner and will make the environment more peaceful overall, regardless of when or how frequently your dog misbehaves.


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