How To walk A Chihuahua That is Aggressive

Chihuahuas are such wonderful, small dogs. They have big personalities, and they don’t always realize how small they are. Some Chihuahuas can be aggressive, especially toward other dogs. This makes it hard to take them for walks and get them to know other people and dogs.

According to experts, Chihuahua is one of the breeds most likely to bite a person or another dog. All dog lovers know how important it is to give a dog enough exercise time by walking them regularly, but that also means they need to meet new people, especially other dogs. How can you keep your Chihuahua from being mean to other dogs if he has a temperament that makes him possible for him to be hostile?

What you have to avoid


  • Never let your Chihuahua bite in any situation. If you let your Chihuahua bite your hands when you play with him, he will think it is okay to use his teeth on other people or animals in the future. This will make him more likely to act aggressively in the future. How a Chihuahua plays can show how they will act around other dogs when they are out in public.
  • Don’t let your feelings take over. Stay calm if your Chihuahua acts mean while you’re out for a walk. If you act scared or overreact, your Chihuahua won’t see you as the alpha leader. Instead, it will think that he has earned the right to be in charge. Keep your cool no matter what, and your Chihuahua will look to you as their leader and protector.
  • Your Chihuahua should be hit. By scaring your Chihuahua and hitting him, you will only make the situation worse. Fighting aggression with more aggression won’t change how your dog acts. Being strong-willed is different from hitting your Chihuahua. Instead of hurting or scaring them, say what you want to show that you are in charge. Don’t yell or strike. Psychology Today says that hitting or kicking a dog makes him act violently over 40% of the time, but only 3-6% of dogs act violently when they are corrected with a leash or sounds. Pull on the leash lightly and calmly show your dog who’s the boss, but don’t hurt your Chihuahua.

What you have to do


  • Set up the right environment for your Chihuahua. Chihuahuas may be aggressive toward other dogs because they are bored. They have a lot of energy that needs to go somewhere, but that depends on their environment. If they are locked up in a house and don’t get to interact with other animals and people, they will become aggressive. Don’t let how aggressive your Chihuahua is deciding if you let them out or not. Keeping a Chihuahua alone will only make them more aggressive. Know that your Chihuahua will act better if he is in the right place.
  • Take Charge of the Situation. If you see your Chihuahua getting tense or angry when they see another animal, show them who is the boss. Don’t panic, and if you can safely separate the animals, do so. Remember that you should never hit a Chihuahua if he acts up; that will only make things worse. Be strong and in charge, and make sure they know they’re acting badly.
  • Let your Chihuahua get used to being around other pets. You can’t force your Chihuahua to change his behavior. To stop your dog from being aggressive, you have to give him time and get to know him. Setting up play dates for dogs can be helpful. If you let your Chihuahua play with other dogs, he will get used to the fear and aggression that comes from being around other people’s pets. Make sure to keep a close eye on your Chihuahua and tell him a firm “No” if he starts to act aggressively toward another dog. If you let your Chihuahua play with other dogs often, they won’t be scared when you take them for a walk with other dogs around.

Last Word

It may seem hard to walk a Chihuahua around other dogs, but if you focus on staying in control of the situation in a positive and non-violent way, the Chihuahua’s aggression will get less and less until you feel completely comfortable walking your Chihuahua in public. To stop a Chihuahua from being aggressive around other dogs, a pet owner needs time, patience, and reasonable care. Obviously, you shouldn’t put your Chi in a situation where he could hurt another dog if his aggression is out of control. Instead, if you need help, you should talk to a professional dog trainer or behaviorist.


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