Should I let my cat and chihuahua fight?

Short answer: No. This can cause a lot of different problems. Fights can, of course, lead to injuries. Most of the time, when a dog and a cat fight, it is the cat that gets hurt. But this doesn’t always happen. Some dogs may also get hurt, especially if they are small or have eyes that are set further apart like apple-head chihuahuas.

Also, if you let your chihuahua and cat fight, this will become normal. Dogs and cats like to stick to the same routines. If they fight right from the start, it’s likely that they’ll fight all the time. They won’t be able to work out their differences. Instead, they will learn that the only way to deal with each other is to fight. Most people think that the cat and chihuahua will eventually be familiar with each other, but this is not usually a good idea.

Should I break up a fight between my cat and the chihuahua?



Yes. When your cat and chihuahua fight, you should definitely step in. Cats and dogs don’t work out their differences and get used to each other by being mean to each other. If you let your animals fight, they won’t learn how to get along. That’s just not how things work.

Fighting will only hurt in the short term. Usually, the injury won’t be very bad. With the chihuahuas.  But if a dog and a cat are very different sizes, it could be very bad. If the cat doesn’t get away fast enough, a dog over 30 pounds could easily kill him or her.

Fear factor

Fights are also likely to make one side fear the other more. Usually, the chihuahua scares the cat more than the cat scares the dog. But if your cat is much bigger than your dog, it may be the other way around. This happens most often with small-breed puppies since cats are usually much bigger than dogs. Animals tend to act more aggressively when they feel scared. If they’re scared of the other animal, they’re more likely to think it’s a threat.

When animals feel threatened, one way they deal with it is by being aggressive. Most likely, this will just lead to more fights. This is especially true if the animal who is being threatened has trouble leaving the area. This can happen when bigger dogs and cats get together since the dogs can usually easily beat up the cat. It can also happen between cats and puppies, even though puppies aren’t as strong or fast as cats. The one scared one might just attack the other.

When you let your pets fight, they will do it more often. It teaches them that this is how they should behave around each other. You can’t just expect your pets to be familiar with each other if they don’t know any other way. Both cats and chihuahuas need to know( by training) how to act around each other in a good way. Usually, this is done by getting them to know each other at a young age.
By putting your puppy around a lot of cats and your kitten around a lot of dogs, you can help them learn how to get along with the other species. In other words, you help them make friends. This also stops fear, which is a common reason why pets get angry and fight.

How do you stop a fight between a cat and a chihuahua?


Of course, how you help can also make a difference. You shouldn’t just grab one of the animals because you could hurt yourself. If you just stick your hands in the middle of a fight between two pets, it can be hard for them to hit their target.

If you know that your cat and chihuahua fight, it’s best to keep them apart. The best way to “step in” is often to stop fights from happening. If you don’t let your chihuahua and cat fight, you won’t have to stop many more fights.

There are a few things you can do if your pets are already fighting. You could make a lot of noise. In this situation, some animals will respond best if you yell at them, but others will just ignore you. If your pets are the second type, try making a loud banging sound. You can also shake a bottle with a bunch of coins in it. The goal is to get your pet’s attention so that the pet being abused can leave.

Of course, this only works if your pets have a safe place to go. If they don’t, it’s unlikely that this will work. Your cat should be able to get up high so it can’t be reached by the dog. If the cat is the aggressor, it’s likely that the chihuahua puppy can hide under something like a crate or a blanket. You can also grab the fleeing animal after the loud noise breaks up the fight.

Wheelbarrow method

You can also employ the “wheelbarrow” method, which involves picking up the chihuahua’s two back legs. This lets you effectively take the dog out of the fight without getting hurt yourself. Most of the time, the cat will run away when you forced the dog to stop. This works very well when it’s clear that the chihuahua is the aggressor. When they have a chance to run away, cats usually don’t keep fighting.

As soon as the fight is over, you should be able to take the dog away. This is usually much easier than trying to get the cat out since the cat probably won’t like being picked up after a fight. Because of their claws, it can be almost impossible to get rid of them in a safe and good way. Because of this, we think you should get rid of the chihuahua instead.

Is my chihuahua going to kill my cat?


Obviously, this is much less likely to happen with small dogs like chihuahuas. Because the cat is bigger than the dog, it probably won’t get hurt too badly, especially if it can get away from the chihuahua if she needs to. But if your dog is a mixed-breed chihuahua, it can probably kill your cat easily if he gets the chance.

Because of this, you need to keep your cat and dog apart until they stop fighting. If you can’t trust your chihuahua and cat together, you shouldn’t leave them alone. Be sure to introduce your pets to each other in a safe and calm way. Most of the time, this means going very slowly. You shouldn’t let them both talk to each other freely on the first day. You should instead plan to introduce them slowly over the course of days or even weeks.

It’s crucial to note that cats can sometimes kill chihuahuas, too. Most of the time, this happens with puppies, which are small enough for some cats to hurt badly. But this doesn’t happen nearly as often as dogs killing cats.

Most of the time, a cat won’t think a puppy is a prey animal. So, their instinct to hunt won’t kick in, and they won’t try to “hunt” the puppy. On the other hand, a lot of dogs including chihuahuas think of cats as prey. So, they might start to chase the cats in an effort to catch them. At this point, you should start to worry about injuries, since the dog probably won’t know what he is doing wrong.

Last word

Your cat and chihuahua should never fight. You should try to introduce them in a way that keeps them from fighting. Most of the time, this means going slowly and keeping them apart until you can trust them together. This could take days or even weeks, so if you’re getting a new pet, be ready.

If your cat and chihuahua start to fight, stop it as soon as you can. There are many ways to do this, such as making a loud noise or using a wheelbarrow. Dogs can hurt cats very badly, so it’s best to keep them from fighting for as little time as possible.

Cats can also hurt chihuahuas, but this is much less common. Most of the time, the cat just wants to get away from the dog.

The best way to keep your pets from fighting is, as you might expect, to keep them from fighting in the first place. In this case, the best thing to do is to stop it from happening.

Socialization at an early age by introducing your cat and chihuahua to each other is the best solution. Here is a video of a cat and a chihuahua playing together. As you can see there is an important size difference between the adult chihuahua and the cat, this means that the cat can hurt your chihuahua.


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