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Apple head VS Deer Head Chihuahuas

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deer head chihuahua

deer head chihuahua

Chihuahua owners often can’t make difference between deer head chihuahua and apple head chihuahua.

They always ask us via our Facebook page if there is a different variety of chihuahuas in regard to head size, Our answer is no, there are 2 different varieties in regard t coat…

As you can read in our article there is the long-haired chihuahua which is Now popular in the world as the short hair chihuahua which most widely known, The both have the same body structure, appearance aside from coat.


What makes different an apple head and a deer head chihuahua is :

apple head chihuahua

+The shape of a skull on a deer is narrow while the skull on an apple is rounded.
+The Snout on a deer head is longer, the snout on an apple is moderately short.

Thus, a deer head chihuahua will look like a small baby doe.

Over the years, Breeders have been producing different chihuahuas with different shapes of the head.AS the shape of the head become more and more apparent, the breed was unofficially categorized with one of the two head shapes.

The difference between apple head and deer head is based on the chihuahua’s dome, muzzle, and overall head shape.


You may believe that the two type fits the standard, but this is not so.

When you introduce your chi to an organization such as AKS, CKC, or FCI in a conformation event, To see if your chihuahua fits the standard, an issue would come into play because in this event where the dog is judged on how closely he looks like the ideal standard in regard to appearance.

Is the deer or the apple shape which one fits the standard?

the deer head is the most popular and the most known but what will surprise you is that the apple head is the standard. A lot of breeders around the world believe that the deer is the standard.

In fact, both are popular.

How Dog organizations describe The head/face/skull standards?

The Canadian Kennel Club CKC :

well rounded apple-dome skull, with or without molera Muzzle moderately short,.cheeks and jaws lean

AKC believes that chihuahua should have:

a well-rounded head” apple dome” skull, with or without molera.A moderately short muzzle. Cheeks and jaws lean. A well-defined stop.

The UK has the same idea as the others

Well rounded skull, cheeks, and jaws lean, moderately short muzzle, slightly pointed definite stop.

The FCI defines the face and skull shape in this way:

Concerning the skull it must well-rounded apple head, the stop must be well marked, deep, and broad as the forehead is rounded above the set-on of the muzzle.

Do keep in mind that each chihuahua is individual, thus you may find a chihuahua somewhere that falls in the middle between two types.

Mixtures of both Types

Some chihuahuas have a medium to long muzzle which looks like deer type that is combined with the round apple shape described by the AKS guidelines.

Also, there are some chihuahua dogs that are a mixture of the two types.

Some breeders believe that all dog breeds over the years have been tweaked and over time their coloring, size, and features have changed. While the others have another idea which says that producing chihuahuas that don’t fit the AKC standard is not for the betterment of the breed and should not be done.


Over the centuries the change is so big and great that after a certain point if a special look is widespread and consistent, it has broken off into its own variety. and in some special cases, it has even branched out to become its own separate breed.

with a chihuahua, we can’t see this happening any time soon.AS we know this breed has already two varieties long and short coats.

When head shape plays a role?

The deer head is the most popular as we said already and make fantastic pets, there two cases in which the matter of apple VS deer head truly matter:

1. In a conformation show event, the apple head is the one that meets the strict guidelines of the breed standard, so the judges will favor the apple.

2. In order to increase desired physical traits and decrease faults, a breeder may choose to produce puppies that meet the AKC conformation standards.

Behavior Differences

You should notice that any behavioral difference between the apple and deer head has nothing to do with the shape of their heads, Because each dog has his own personality, and his behaviors are related to many factors such as environment, training,..etc.

The applehead chihuahua

The applehead.As you can see the muzzle is short and the overall shape and curvature of the head look like an apple


deerhead chihuahua

This chihuahua is a deerhead, you can see the extended muzzle and thinner head which look like a deer.

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