Why is My Chihuahua Not Eating?

One of the most frequently asked queries by the owners of these small dogs is “Why is my Chihuahua not eating?” The frustration of having a Chihuahua refuse to eat is well-known to those who have experienced it.

It’s normal for pet owners to feel frightened and angry because their pets cannot explain why they aren’t eating. They will be thinking about a tonne of things. If your dog isn’t eating, it could be a clue that something is wrong with them or their health is declining. Perhaps they’re just picky eaters!

To help you better understand why your Chihuahua won’t eat, we’ll go over some of the most typical causes in this post.

Why is My Chihuahua Not Eating?

Chihuahuas generally enjoy eating. They will devour anything they can get their hands on. A finicky dog is difficult to find, regardless of whether they prefer dry kibble, wet food, dog treats, or human cuisine. However, a Chi may occasionally experience an appetite loss due to anxiety.

There are numerous reasons why your puppy might not be eating. However, not every small-scale eating or complete abstinence from food is indicative of a fatal illness.

One of the reasons a Chihuahua could not be eating could be stress, an upset stomach, or other environmental conditions. However, if your Chihuahua stops eating for longer than a day, this may be one of the early signs that your puppy is ill.

Any time your dog’s nutrition changes, you should pay close attention to it. You should contact your veterinarian for advice if your Chihuahua isn’t eating as much as it formerly did. You might be saving your dog from becoming sicker by doing this.

6 Main Reasons Why a Chihuahua Doesn’t Eat

Is your Chihuahua avoiding food? Dogs refuse to eat for a variety of reasons. Depending on how severe the appetite loss is, it might be anything from mild to alarming. This is how to determine the causes of your dog’s lack of appetite:

1. Behavior Issues

A behavioral problem may also be the cause of a Chihuahua’s inability to eat. You could be giving your dog food when things are tough. Your dog may be too nervous to eat if its bowl is in the path of an aggressive dog.

Make sure you keep the dog food in its allotted locations to avoid this. For a satisfying meal, each Chihuahua needs a small area of their own; otherwise, they may grow afraid of their bowls.

2. Change of Surroundings

It is normal for a puppy to miss one or two meals if you have recently moved. They can be anxious about the move because they’re not accustomed to their new house.

This is particularly valid if your Chihuahua was driven to the new residence. Dogs that experience motion sickness may experience a few hours of decreased appetite.

If a dog has recently been adopted and has moved from a shelter or former home, they may also experience problems with hunger.

3. Dental Disease

Did you know that dental problems are one of the more typical reasons Chihuahuas refuse food? Eating would hurt if your dog has a mouth issue, such as a tooth that is decayed, a cut, or even diseased gums.

They should be examined by a veterinarian. If not, there’s a good chance your puppy won’t eat anything canned until their issue is resolved.

Veterinarian examining chihuahua dogs teeth the in vet clinic

4. Recent Vaccination

Your dog may not be eating if you recently took them to the vet for their vaccinations. Every year, vaccinations rescue hundreds of puppies, but some dogs may experience unfavorable side effects from them. An appetite loss is one of the milder ones.

Chihuahuas’ lack of appetite normally goes away a few hours after the vaccination, although it’s normal for them to miss one or two meals. This is particularly valid if your Chihuahua is experiencing stomach pain or other digestive problems.

Cute Chihuahua dog gets love and affection as she is getting her annual vet check up by a kind doctor. She is getting her important annual vaccications. The vet or vet technician wears blue scrubs and gloves as he administers the medicine. Doctor's office or animal hospital.

5. Blockage or Other Illnesses

If a Chihuahua is not eating, there may be other underlying health problems with them. A Chihuahua may occasionally consume something strange, like a sock, which blocks their digestive system. If this is the case, a dog will frequently quit eating.

Dogs may also have appetite loss due to conditions including kidney failure, cancer, liver disease, or even infections. Refusing to eat is one of the most obvious indicators that someone is ill.

This is particularly valid for senior dogs. It may be really dangerous for your pet if they go for extended periods without eating. It is advised to choose an emergency veterinarian visit.

chihuahua constipation

6. Upset Stomach

Like cats, dogs are naturally interested and will try to consume everything that is placed in front of them. This can occasionally entail consuming wood, socks, underwear, or even insects!

This will cause digestive distress and pain in their stomachs. Until whatever they consume goes through their system, they won’t want to eat. Consult a poop color chart with your dog to see whether this is the case.

Your Chihuahua may be suffering from a gastrointestinal ailment if you notice them throwing up or having diarrhea.

Dog poop color wheel

When Is It Time for My Chihuahua to See a Vet?

A prolonged period of non-eating from your Chihuahua may indicate that there is a serious issue. Take your puppy to the clinic right away if you notice them missing more than two meals and throwing up.

Dogs don’t stop eating. They want to lose weight because they don’t diet like we people do. It usually indicates that there is a problem. It might be better to take them to the vet if you haven’t altered their diet to something bland.

Stimulants of the Appetite for Chihuahuas

Puppies will occasionally cease eating their food not because they are ill, but because they have grown weary of it. The query “Why is my dog not eating?” is most frequently posed at that time.

Constantly being served insipid, bland food throughout one’s lifetime would likely result in a gradual loss of interest in food. The same situation occurs with canines! What then should a pet parent do?

Rather than dried food, provide your dog with canned food that is moist for a change. Numerous canines will perceive this as a favor and become sufficiently inquisitive to imbibe.

Simply ensure that you feed your dog in moderation so as not to overindulge him. One could even consider forming the ingredients into miniature meatballs.

If they dislike the flavor, experiment with an alternative brand. It may appear tedious and exasperating at first, but once you discover what your dog prefers, you can adhere to that.

Human foods such as boiled chicken breast and white rice, or white rice combined with chicken broth, are an additional excellent option for your pup.

Last Word

Irrespective of how often your dog avoids meals or becomes lethargic or weak, consult a veterinarian immediately. They may have ingested a foreign object that caused a blockage in their digestive tract, or they may be experiencing a more serious condition. Ideally, your puppy will feel better in no time after your veterinarian has determined the cause of the issue.


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