10 Essential Commands Your Chihuahua Needs To Master

An effective human-dog interaction requires proper dog training, and it also lays the greatest possible groundwork for your partnership to be loving and enduring. While you may believe that your particular chihuahua is hard to train, don’t give up hope. With a little effort, supportive words of encouragement, and a focused attitude, there is nothing you cannot accomplish.

Here are the 10 most important instructions your chihuahua may pick up quickly, regardless of their natural temperament.

Name Recognition 

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To correctly address your dog while giving commands is the purpose.

Teach your chihuahua dog to recognize his or her name before you train them for any activity. The very first step in establishing discipline should be this. If you speak to your chihuahua in the right way, teaching him commands and activities will be simpler. If your dog stares or looks at you when you call their name, that is a clear indication that they are responding properly. Don’t forget to show them some love or affection when they do something correctly.

To come when you call

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Come and stay/stop are the two fundamental orders that take precedence over all others. Now let’s concentrate on the first.

Your chihuahua must comprehend the gravity and significance of your order since their ability to arrive when you need them to can actually save their lives.

This command should be regarded as gospel in their eyes, regardless of whether you’re shouting to stop them from fleeing into oncoming traffic or to defend them from larger dogs.
Start by encouraging them positively, and give them plenty of rewards each time they obey your commands. Remove the rewards gradually from your training, and use a firm voice to make it clear that you are giving them orders rather than requests.

To Stay Command

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The stay/stop order comes in at number two. You can use any word, but once you start using it, be consistent.

In the world of dogs, a chihuahua is somewhat of a wild goose that is easily sidetracked. You can see why it’s challenging to convince your chihuahua to stop right away when you combine that with an innately independent mindset.

It takes a lot of persistence and patience to execute this command. Use a treat to begin your training at home. While slowly relocating, make sure your dog stays still and repeat the order. You can reward them when they’ve managed to resist the impulse to grab the delicious deliciousness. Repeat.

To behave Properly when off Leash

Portrait of Young Adult Woman and her best friend Chihuahua Dog lying down, showing eachother their tongues and having fun on picnic


The right behavior when off-leash is a further vital behavioral trait that you must educate your chihuahua. Regardless of breed, your dog needs and wants to be free to explore the park unrestricted and interact with other dogs.

The bulk of behavioral problems first appears at this point.
Dogs sometimes have an inflated sense of self. Due to your distance, they believe that you are no longer in charge. Because of this, you must always maintain control, which explains why educator devices are so well-liked by both professional trainers and pet owners.

With the help of a remote-controlled collar, you can train your dog from a distance while establishing yourself as the pack leader in any environment or circumstance.

The sit Command

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Your chihuahua needs to know when to sit even if it is not a command that is vital to their survival. This command can be particularly helpful when you’re attempting to calm them down or demonstrate to them that excellent behavior is rewarded and will elicit a favorable response from the entire family.

Since you can just use a treat to direct them into position while repeating the order. This is fortunately one of the simpler things for them to learn. Rinse and repeat once more.

To Walk Beside You

chihuahua walking with his owner


Your chihuahua must always walk with you and must never sniff, gaze, or even consider turning around when necessary. For their own protection, they must always heed the heel instruction, whether they are on a leash or are free to roam.

Larger dogs may try to show dominance or worse when you encounter them, but your chihuahua won’t be able to tell what they’re up to. You have to be able to prevent an incident by rallying them to your cause because now is the time when their innocence could end up costing them dearly.

To Break Off Immediately

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There is no way around the reality that your chihuahua dog will eventually meet a dog they don’t like. You must be able to command your chihuahua to your side and have them obey you if a conflict breaks out.

Sadly, in such high-stress circumstances, dogs frequently ignore the commands of their handlers. However, whether your dog is attacking another dog or kicking around the furniture in the house, you can educate them to stop by using a firm voice and lots of training.

Stand Command

standing chihuahua


The goal is to place the chihuahua dog comfortably in situations where standing is necessary, such as when it’s time to groom it or when it’s time for a vet visit.

Start off by issuing the command “sit.” Move a goodie in your hand in a forward and downward motion toward your dog’s nose. Move your hand forward while still holding the treat, in the same direction, until your dog stands up. Give your dog the order “stand,” and praise him or her or give him a goodie.

Take It And Drop It Command

The goal is to teach your chihuahua to let go of what he has picked up.

For this command to work, you must first say “Take it” when your dog opens his mouth and is ready to grab or catch the item. Let them play with the object for a while, and then slowly add another item that is the same as the first one. By making your dog think that the two things are the same, your dog will move toward the second item and grab it. Say “drop it” after your dog has dropped the first one. Say “Take it” when your dog grabs or catches the second item. Give your dog treats and keep doing this until they get it right.

Down Or Lie Down Command

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The aim is to slow down a chihuahua that is hyperactive and to correct some dogs’ bad habits.

The task at hand is a little hard because your chihuahua has to be silent. Give your dog a treat and follow this order. Hold the treat in your closed hand, and then slowly move it closer to your dog’s nose and face. Let your dog sniff the object, then lead it to the floor by slowly lowering your hand. Slide your hand along the floor until your dog lies down. Once they are on the ground, that is the right time to say “down.” Give your dog a treat or tell him how good he is. Keep doing this until they can do it perfectly.

Last Word

Training a chihuahua is the same as training any other dog: you need to be consistent, give good reinforcement, and let them know you’re in charge whether they’re on a leash or not.

Use these tips to teach your dog the most important rules that are important for your relationship and your quality of life in the long run.


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