10 Ways to Reward Your Chihuahua for Good Behavior

Are you a new chihuahua owner? Then It is time for you to know more about what we call positive reinforcement. Even if you are an experienced chihuahua owner. In the list below you can find new ways to reward your chihuahua for good behavior.

Positive reinforcement is a crucial part of chihuahua training. Every chihuahua parent should use this concept to make the training successful. The idea is simple, which is rewarding the dog by giving him rewards for desired good behavior. Because chihuahuas tend to repeat actions that bring them rewards such as treats. Positive reinforcement is a very strong tool in shaping your chihuahua’s behaviors.

There are different ways to reward your chihuahua. It is up to you to choose the right one for your dog.

1. Physical affection

woman holds a white chihuahua

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A lot of chihuahuas’ parents underestimate the power of physical affection. However, petting your chihuahua is a great way to show your dog that you love him and that he/she is important to you. Use this strong tip immediately after every good behavior, but never use it after a bad one. Because the dog will consider that bad one a good thing. 

2. Praise your chihuahua

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Put in mind that dogs including chihuahuas don’t understand our language regardless of which language we use. Instead, you can use The tone of your voice and body language to enjoy a healthy relationship with your chihuahua. In addition, you should know that chihuahuas are so smart when it comes to understanding non-verbal language. Use a bit higher voice to praise your chihuahua, but you have to do it with so much love and enthusiasm. This way you will tell your dog that you are with his/her actions or training performance.

3. Outdoor playtime

white and tan chihuahua in a park

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You can use playtime outdoors extending as a reward for your chihuahua. Whenever your tiny dog is done with another successful training session take him outdoor to play with you various games. There are different games you can play with your chihuahua such as fetch, hide and seek, etc. Over time your chihuahua will consider outdoor playtime extending as a positive thing and she/he will seek ways to earn it. Not all chihuahua owners have a yard, however, you can use any space to reward your chihuahua

4. Reward your chihuahua with his favorite treats or food

chihuahua eating his treats

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Food is at the top of the list of preferred rewards that every dog enjoys. It is almost impossible to make any training session successful without using treats. Some chihuahua parents prefer using kibble, while others use the best treats that are available. As a chihuahua parent, you should take into consideration the size of your dog. For this reason, you should provide your chihuahua the tiny treats, because this way you will control the calorie intake of your chihuahua. Over time, you will notice which treats your chihuahua prefers. 

5. Let your chihuahua play freely in the yard

chihuahua in the nature

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After every successful training session, you can let your chihuahua play freely in your yard, or in his preferred space. You have to be very careful, because of his tiny size The dog could be mistaken for prey. In other words, it takes just a few seconds for a larger dog or hawk to cause great damage to your chihuahua. Another thing you should consider is that the weather must be nice because chihuahuas don’t bear hot/cold weather.

6. Reward by providing new toys

merle chihuahua

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Toys are also a great way of motivation, they are just like treats. During training sessions, you should have special toys that you can use to encourage your chihuahua dog. These toys should be nice and unique and used only as a reward, not for daily playing. In such a manner, your chihuahua will find them exciting each time you bring them. For this reason, you have to buy regularly some new toys for your tiny chihuahua.

7. Give your chihuahua the chance to interact with strangers

chihuahua licking a hand

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We know that chihuahuas tend to be loyal to one person, however, there are some exceptions. If there are strangers such as friends or family members that visit you regularly. You can schedule training sessions with your chihuahua before they come. Then, you can reward your chihuahua by letting him meet and interact with your visitors. But, if you are not sure how your chihuahua will behave you should keep a close eye on him or put him on a leash. Freedom to have the chance to meet new people and play with them could be considered by your chihuahua as a reward.

8. Allow your chihuahua to use his senses

two long haired chihuahuas

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There are some scenes that most dog owners hate. Such as when the dog sniffs the garbage, old shoes, etc. However, dogs in general including chihuahuas enjoy using their senses by exploring new scents. This is how dogs learn more about the environment around them. You can use this fact as a reward by allowing your chihuahua to use his senses freely.

9.  Take your chihuahua to the park right away after the training session

chihuahua running in the park

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Chihuahuas are living creatures with a huge amount of energy. When your chihuahua has finished a training session, you can take him to the park( a safe one for small dogs). Then let him play and interact with other pets. Your supervision is necessary to keep the tiny dog safe. Just like us dogs enjoy freedom and opportunities to play and have fun in new environments.

10. Jumping on your furniture

two chihuahuas on the bed

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Just like children, dogs like to jump on furniture too. This is why you can use this fact as a reward too. Never, allow your chihuahua to jump on your couch or bed without your permission. You can allow him to do that after he finished performing a new command in a good way. Your chihuahua will learn that jumping on the couch is not free.

Final thought

Rewards have a positive impact on your dog’s personality and strength the bond between you both. They will help your dog to trust you and do his best to earn more rewards. You can use them on a daily basis to shape your dog’s personality to enjoy a perfect family companion in the years that come. A well-trained dog equals a happy dog. This is why you have to invest time and effort in training your chihuahua. 

Can tell us how you reward your chihuahua in the comment section? Do you have any other smart ways to reward chihuahua for good behavior?


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