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Training Your Chihuahua

Training Your Dog
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When it comes to owning a chihuahua, buying it, and bringing it home is the easiest thing to do. But you see, the real work starts after. After all the excitement of owning a chihuahua wears down, real work must begin. This is because, just like every other dog, chihuahua training is required to fit well into their new environment.

With a new chihuahua in the house, you’ll have to spend time training it on the dos and don’ts of its new home. While this can be really difficult to do, it will pay off in the long run.


dog Housebreaking training

It’s difficult to housebreak any dog, but with a chihuahua, it’s even more difficult. When all the joy wears down, housebreaking your chihuahua will be one of the main problems you need to overcome. This becomes very crucial because you will not want it to have accidents all around the house.

Before you housebreak your chihuahua, you must designate a particular area of the house to it. Confine it to that part of the house. If you give your chihuahua full access to everywhere at home, he will defecate everywhere. And the bad news is that once it starts that habit, it will be difficult to break.

By limiting its movement to that particular spot in your house, you’ll be teaching it that there are places it cannot go. By confining it to that spot, you can reduce the access it has to other rooms when you are not at home.

The major aim of house training your chihuahua is so that it can defecate outside. To do this, you have to train it when it is still very young. You put newspaper down in a designated area, and he will begin to learn.

But since the aim is to get it to relieve itself outside, go for short walks with it, especially after a meal. Ensure it does not come in until it has relieved itself. Be sure to reward it when it does. Very soon, he will begin to understand that he has to go outside to relieve himself.

Once this happens, take away the newspapers. This is because, as long as your chihuahua continues to see the newspapers, he will continue to use them.

Teach Routine

To effectively train your chihuahua, there is a need to establish a routine for it for everything it has to do. Establish a routine for feeding it. It must get used to a particular time you feed it. Let it get used to things that happen when it is about to be fed. Let it get used to the plate you use in feeding it.

You must establish a routine for walking your chihuahua too. Let it know when you’re about to take it for a walk. Get it excited about it. Also, it has to know when it’s time for it to settle down for the evening.

Your dog can be playful throughout the day and restless. But you have to train it so that it knows it is bedtime. It has to be so trained that it calms down when it is time to settle down for the evening.

You have to be very consistent with these things and with establishing routines because your chihuahua needs to adapt.

Clicker Training

When training your chihuahua, you can decide to go with clicker training too. Clicker training is most times used to train guards and service dogs, but it works well with normal dogs too.

You start by buying a clicker and making your chihuahua get used to the sound. You click it and give your chihuahua a treat. Soon enough, it will begin to equate a click with a treat.

To begin the training, start with simple commands. Normally, a chihuahua will either sit or lie down, and you can start the training from there. Study your chihuahua carefully. Once you see that it is sitting down, click and then give it a treat.

Go up from there and begin to introduce the more difficult commands. For instance, if you need your chihuahua to go somewhere in the house, place a mat or dog bed there. Then click and give it a treat. Once it looks in that direction, click and treat again if the dog goes there to sniff the area.

Step by step, adjust the behavior required for clicks until the chihuahua is lying down in the area you want it. Now, start repeating those commands verbally while you click and treat.

Who’s in Charge?

You must teach your chihuahua respect. You must train it to a point where it learns to obey you. Start with the simple commands and work them up to the complex ones. Your chihuahua should be able to listen when you tell it to stop. It all depends on the training.

Chihuahuas may have a mean reputation, but they can be nice creatures too when you give them the right training. It all depends on you how your chihuahua turns out. Train it well, and it will turn out okay. Fail with the training, and you have a mean chihuahua with a bad temper.


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