My Chihuahua Is Eating Their Poop—Why? How Can I Get Rid Of That Bad Habit?

If you’ve ever had a Chihuahua, you are aware that part of what makes them so endearing is their quirky nature. Living with one of these tiny puppies is an endless source of fun, from their endless demand for affection to their funny antics.

Unfortunately, coprophagia—the act of eating poop—is one of the less appetizing habits they may exhibit. We’re here to help because you might wonder why your cherished Chihuahua has developed this repulsive habit and doesn’t know how to break it.

We’ll attempt to explain this perplexing behavior in today’s blog post and offer some advice on how to get your Chihuahua to quit eating its waste!

What is Chihuahua coprophagia?

Coprophagia, or stool eating, is the practice of animals ingesting excrement. Although this behavior is not unusual, Chihuahua owners are left scratching their heads in disgust and confusion.

How does it begin?

This is a behavior that is not specific to any age group; both young and senior Chihuahuas exhibit it. It’s crucial to realize that this behavior might fluctuate throughout time, even if it could seem like a terrible habit that you will need to stop right now.

Reasons Behind This Bad Habit

1. Your Chihuahua is anxious

One problem that many Chihuahua owners deal with is their propensity to consume excrement when left alone or under a lot of stress.

It is noteworthy that assessing stress levels without your Chihuahua might be challenging; yet, strategies exist to alleviate the dog’s behavior.

Resolving the underlying source of the stress and ensuring that your Chihuahua receives appropriate stimulation when left alone can help stop this behavior from happening.

2. Your Chihuahua is missing some important nutrients

If a Chihuahua doesn’t get enough of certain nutrients, it can develop health problems.

Interestingly, a Chihuahua’s urge can also make it look for food from other sources when it’s not getting enough.

That being said, don’t worry if your Chihuahua doesn’t like dog food. It might be trying to find something healthier.

3. Your Chihuahua is Bored

If Chihuahuas are left alone for too long, they might get bored and start to investigate their surroundings. Unfortunately, if they can’t find anything interesting to do, they may act in a bad way and eat their decomposing waste.

4. Your Chihuahua has intestinal parasites

You might feel sick when you think about a Chihuahua eating its poop, but did you know that this could mean it has bugs in its gut?

Chihuahuas tend to be picky eaters, but if they have worms in their digestive system, they may do anything to get rid of them. They are more likely to get parasites than other dog types because they are small and easily stressed.

Is it bad for Chihuahuas to eat poop?

Because you own a Chihuahua, you should know about the risks that come with coprophagia. Your Chihuahua could get worms again if he keeps eating his poop during treatment.

He can also get diseases like salmonella or campylobacter from eating the poop of other dogs or cats, which may contain worms or diseases like those. Chronic coprophagia may also mean that the Chihuahua isn’t getting enough nutrients, which can hurt its health in the short and long run.

How To Stop Chihuahua Coprophagia?

Thankfully, there are several strategies to stop this behavior. Such as giving your Chihuahua lots of attention and exercise, eating them a balanced diet, and maintaining a clean living environment.

Restrict access to their waste

Picking up waste from your yard right away is one of the best ways to stop your Chihuahua from engaging in this naughty behavior.

Furthermore, if you own cats, you should empty the litter box as soon as your pet goes. And dispose of the waste somewhere your Chihuahua cannot reach.

Review your Chihuahua’s nutrition

In addition to offering your Chihuahua superior nutrition, feeding them actual, whole foods as opposed to a commercial diet of processed foods can also keep them from eating their excrement.

Vital organ meats that are rich in vitamins and minerals are an integral part of a well-balanced diet. Best based on raw meat, for your Chihuahua. It’s crucial to provide digestive enzymes, pre-and probiotics, and other nutrients in their meals for optimum digestion.

Boost Their  Mental Enrichment

It’s no secret that Chihuahuas are highly energetic dogs, and boredom may quickly cause anxiety and worry in them.

Fortunately, there are strategies to amuse chihuahuas and lessen their tension. Mental stimulation and brain activities are great methods to keep your Chihuahua interested. Additionally, as a bonus, this may help discourage them from consuming their waste.

Examine potential problems with nutrition absorption

Please be aware that getting a veterinarian’s diagnosis is the best course of action if you think your Chihuahua is experiencing problems absorbing nutrition.

A Chihuahua puppy struggling to put on weight or an adult struggling to maintain would be cause for concern. This also applies to situations in which a Chihuahua is actively searching for excrement even though it is already eating the greatest food and snacks available.

Often this is the result of a medical condition that can be treated. Such as worms, so we recommend strongly a thorough check.

That being said, this breed is prone to problems with vitamin absorption. Elderly and young puppies in particular could require a boost.

Suppose all medical conditions have been ruled out and no dietary adjustments are necessary. In that case, you might want to think about giving your dog a Prozyme supplement. Because it can aid in improved nutrient absorption.

Make poo less appetizing

You can accomplish this by using deterrent vitamins, which are meant to make excrement taste awful. However, the effectiveness of these chews and other coprophagia-fighting products varies.

For one Chihuahua, one may work quite well, whereas another may not mind at all.

Since all of the advice on how to stop a Chihuahua from eating poop is helpful in so many other ways. We strongly advise you that you try supplements in addition to the other therapies we’ve already covered.


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