How to Teach Your Chihuahua to Come to You

Teaching your chihuahua dog the command “come” or “recall” as some people call it is paramount and a prime command. However, it can also represent a big challenge for chihuahua owners in terms of teaching it to the dog. In this section, you will learn the best tips to make it easy for your dog to master this command. Keep reading!

What you should understand before start Teaching your chihuahua

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The purpose of teaching the chihuahua the command “come” is to get your dog to come to you. The ability to apply this command to save your dog’s life in an emergency makes it crucial to learn it. Especially chihuahuas, are quite small and could be mistaken for prey by other animals. According to The American Kennel Club (AKC). “Recall” command is the ability of a dog’s owner to be 99.99% confident that his/her dog will respond positively to a call.

However, Chihuahua Owners need to have a realistic approach to this command. There is no guarantee that a chihuahua will always come when called. Dogs are all unique creatures with the intelligence of young children. In other words, even if your dog has received “Reliable Recall” training, you should never leave him outside without control. Your chihuahua should always be on a leash when being walked.

Consider your local leash restrictions as well. Even if your chihuahua can dependably recall, it can still be prohibited to let him off leash in public areas such as dog parks.

Training Supplies You Will Need

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You must have the following materials before you start training your chihuahua:

  • You’ll need a block of uninterrupted time to devote to and concentrate on training your chihuahua.
  • Energy and patience. You must be in a peaceful and patient frame of mind to make the training successful.
  • To reward your chihuahua, you’ll need a tasty treat with a high value. Use small bits of baked chicken, deli meat, hot dogs, or Vienna sausages as training treats if you can’t find any soft, odorous alternatives.
  • It is very dangerous to let your chihuahua run freely outside. Since most dogs need time to learn this order, you will need a helper and an extra-long training leash or a stake leash to make sure your chihuahua dog stays safe.

How to Teach Your Chihuahua the “Come” Command

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Once you’ve gathered your materials, use the following instructions to train your chihuahua to come when called:

1. Preparation

Start your training indoors, near your house. Such us the backyard if you have one. Say your chihuahua’s name or point out a favorite toy to grab his attention. Then, as the chihuahua approaches you, call out “come” once in a cheerful tone. Praise your tiny pooch when he makes eye contact with you and reward him with a special, high-value treat when he comes to you.

Work on this for a few days, and after your chihuahua is consistently attentive, extend your working distance. For example, call your chihuahua to come to you from a different room before moving on to a different area of the home, etc. When your chihuahua responds regularly, move on to the next level as he is prepared for greater difficulty.

2. Play Games With Your Chihuahua

The American Kennel Club (AKC) advises engaging in playful activities with your dog to make learning the “come” command enjoyable:

  • Play “Catch Me” with your chihuahua while leash walking by capturing his or her attention, turning around, and briefly running. Say “come!” when your dog comes running to you. After a few steps, stop and give your chihuahua praise, a treat, or a toy.
  • With your dog and two or more humans, play “Hot Potato.” Each person should be prepared with high-value treats. Then, while maintaining a distance of a few feet, the people alternately call the chihuahua dog to them. Reward the dog with high-value treats and praise whenever he approaches the person giving the commands.
  • Play “Hide and Seek” by yelling “Find Me!” to your chihuahua from a different room. Reward your dog with praise, treats, or toys when they find you.

3. The Learning Phase

Go outside with your chihuahua preferably into a fenced area. Remove the Leash, and give your dog some time to sniff and explore his environment. As your chihuahua settles in, turn away. Call him or her over to you after a few minutes, perhaps five or ten. Give your chihuahua dog praise and treats if he comes when called. Practice more, and when your chihuahua has listened faithfully for a week, move on to the next stage.

4. The Advanced Learning Phase

During this phase, you’ll need a stake leash or a helper.

Start the training at your front door. Take your chihuahua outside to practice this advanced training. Attach the long leash to your chihuahua’s harness, and either let your assistant let your chihuahua roam to the end of the stake leash or let your dog explore to the end.

Call your chihuahua to you from your front door. Calling your dog to you from the front door is a good way to train him or her to return inside in case of escape.

Use a firm voice when calling your chihuahua. Avoid giving the command repeatedly because, according to the American Kennel Club (AKC), a dog tends to disregard a command that has been given too frequently. Make sure the high-value treats are in your hand!

If your chihuahua still won’t listen, spend another week practicing in a fenced yard.

Give your dog lots of praise if he comes to you—this is a great accomplishment!

5. Reinforcement Phase

Practice the “call” command at least once a week to help it stick. Even great is every other day.

Additionally, instead of calling your chihuahua to your house. Go around your neighborhood, front yard, or other nearby areas and call him or her.

Try telling your chihuahua to come and walk confidently in the direction you specify when practicing recall in your neighborhood. You should walk with your dog at your side. Note that This level of recall is another significant accomplishment to be proud of!

Training Tips

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To ensure the training process runs as smoothly as possible, consider the following advice before you start training:

  • Shorten your practice sessions. Aim for 15 to 30 minutes, and always wrap up with a smile.
  • To help lay a solid foundation. Start exercising with your chihuahua when there are no distractions. Work your way up to training in exciting situations once your dog has started responding consistently during peaceful periods. So that you may teach him to come even when there are distractions.
  • Don’t try to speed through a training session or exercise while you are stressed. Make sure to work on training when you have plenty of time and when you are relaxed. As a result, the training environment is relaxed and productive.
  • Give your chihuahua the highest amount of praise whenever he comes when called. You can also reward him with caressing or enthusiastic speech, depending on how he reacts. This supports his behavior and enables him to realize he achieved something well. The more positive recalling experience a chihuahua has, the more probable it is that he will choose to come to you in an emergency circumstance.
  • Only use the expensive treat or a unique toy you decide to give as a reward for a successful recall. Your chihuahua will be more likely to respond when called if he learns that doing so will earn him a particular treat or toy.
  • The typical dog would require a high-value incentive to make ignoring the temptation worthwhile when there are distractions or exciting conditions. Spend more money on treats; a 3-calorie milk bone won’t do.

Last word

You need to be persistent, patient, and committed when teaching your chihuahua the “come” command. It takes time to reach that level of training. However, teaching your chihuahua to come while there are distractions is very crucial. As mentioned earlier, This command may protect your tiny chihuahua in an emergency circumstance. Never give up even if it takes longer than you expected since when perfected, this command could save your chihuahua’s life. To ensure his protection and the safety of others, never let your dog run loose off-leash. Keep in mind that no dog comes 100% of the time.


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