How to stop a Chihuahua from begging

Dogs are adept at many things, but when you consider which one ability most impacts their humans, the one thing that may make you feel as like you are trapped in a never-ending cycle and have no way out, most people will concur that it must be the ability for a dog to beg.  When a Chihuahua cries out for food, it can be quite difficult to respond. You may be left wondering how to stop your chihuahua from begging—jumping at you or the food, moaning, staring at you with sad eyes nonstop, and refusing to let it go and move on to something else.

What other option is there, after all, if your extremely stubborn Chihuahua can only be appeased by giving him what he wants?

It might surprise you to hear that your Chihuahua experiences significant stress when it exhibits begging behavior in addition to you.

The energy expended during these periods, along with the high degree of attention required and the overwhelming sense of urgency, can result in frenetic, exhausting episodes that can virtually destroy a dog.

When all of this is taken care of, dogs are a lot happier and can concentrate on healthy, helpful activities like playing with toys. Additionally, you lose some of your leadership influence just by caving into begging behavior.
It gives the dog control, which can have negative effects on everything from your Chihuahua’s ability to obey directions to how well he walks with you every day for exercise to even marking behavior.

To put it simply, giving in to a Chihuahua’s begging is the same as complying with its demands, which can cause the roles of leader and follower to be reversed. Ultimately, a dog’s general health may be impacted by persistent begging that results in table scraps or other impulsive items, as feeding a balanced diet is crucial to maintaining a dog’s health.

Why Chihuahuas Beg

A chihuahua will beg for one of two reasons:

1. He is aware that the result is favorable

The Dog Knows that if he pleads enthusiastically and persistently enough, he will eventually obtain what he wants. Dogs lack the sense of time like humans do; a Chihuahua will beg for the same amount of time, whether it is one minute or thirty. No matter how long it takes, a dog will not stop himself from begging if he thinks there will be a positive outcome in the end.

2. The dog doesn’t know what will happen

He has an intense need for something (usually food). The Chihuahua will do everything in its power to get this, as it is unclear if he can have it. If it isn’t obvious that anything is a “no,” dogs will assume it to be a “yes.”

How To Stop Your Chihuahua From Begging

The training to stop this is rather simple, given that you know that a Chihuahua will beg for two reasons: either he is unsure of the outcome, or he believes he will win you over in the end. Your Chihuahua needs to know that begging will not get the intended outcome.
Naturally, it’s not as simple as it seems. It requires a great deal of willpower in addition to some time.

The actions to take are as follows:

1. Everybody in the house needs to be on the same page

Everyone in the home has to understand that the process of learning to quit begging is about to start. Your Chihuahua will discover any weak link in the chain because dogs are highly intelligent animals. If you and three others stick to the plan, but the fourth person can’t handle it and slips the Chihuahua food, the entire training effort will not work.

2. Select the foods that your Chihuahua is permitted to consume and is not

Snacks and sweets have a significant impact on health in addition to the major meals. Some dogs who nag their owners for food or treats may get so many rewards that they end up eating less during mealtimes, thus consuming more calories from snacks than from meals.
Examine your Chihuahua’s food again. Have an ample supply of nutritious goodies that he truly likes on hand. Set aside some special ones to encourage good conduct, and use the others as filler in between meals.

It is best to incorporate your Chihuahua’s requests for particular items into his meals if you believe they are appropriate for him to eat. For instance, incorporate a small amount of his favorite foods into his kibble if he consistently begs for blueberries or pear slices while eating them, or if your Chi barks for peanut butter or potatoes. Just make sure the meal is reasonably healthy and safe for dogs to eat. Since you would know that he is getting the food throughout mealtimes, you may train yourself to quit asking and stay strong in the process.

3. Do not respond to your chihuahua’s begging

To put it simply, the goal is not to give the dog what it wants. That being said, it goes further than that; for this to work, you shouldn’t talk or even look at them.

Dogs are very good at making their humans tired. They seem to have a lot of energy when they beg. They keep going and going and never seem to stop.

The training must stay the same, but there are ways to make this part go faster (see ahead). You will never give in, no matter how spoiled your Chihuahua is, how cute he is, or how badly you feel about him. You won’t even admit that he wants something you know you shouldn’t give it to him.

A dog needs to learn that begging doesn’t get them anything and that their efforts are pointless.
Being part of his pack, which in this case is his family, is the most important thing in his life. If you ignore your dog totally, it tells him that his behavior is a big deal. When you hear this, don’t say anything, like “No, you can’t have that” or “Be quiet.”

Try your best to act like he’s not there, which means don’t look at him. Another good thing about not making eye contact is that you will avoid the guilt that dogs often use to get what they want.

Still, it’s okay to feel a little bad right now. If you give your baby or dog great care, stopping them from begging will be best for both of you in the long run. That’s not the only way to show your dog you care; there are also many other ways to build a strong relationship with him besides giving him food treats.

4. Reward your chihuahua’s good behavior

It will take longer between breaks from barking and crying as time goes on. If you’re having dinner with your family, a Chihuahua might bark loudly. Lay down for a while, and then come back with all his might to beg some more.

Reward good behavior very much during that time. As a treat, use words of praise, pats on the back, and a toy, if you haven’t already done so. Separate the dog’s toys and put a few special ones in a bin that will only be given as a prize for good behavior.

Tell your Chihuahua that you like the way he behaves by talking to him in a happy voice. Because dogs want to please their owners. Telling your Chihuahua that he’s doing a great job will make him more likely to do what got you praise.

If a dog sees that staying quiet while the family eats means getting lots of praise, getting to play with other dogs, and feeling like a “star,” he will be much more likely to do what makes him feel good.

5. Distract your chihuahua

It’s possible to keep them busy with toys or activities, but be careful because this can be tricky. If you keep your Chihuahua busy by patting it, taking it for a walk, or giving it a toy. You don’t want it to think that this is some kind of prize for barking or other behaviors that look like they want something.

So, the goal is to get their attention in a certain way.

Get ready ahead of time by putting a few carefully chosen new toys in a bin that is high enough that your Chihuahua can’t see them. Do not pay any attention to your Chihuahua when he starts to beg. When your dog stops barking or crying, even if it’s just to catch his breath, give him a fun toy.

Time this right so he doesn’t think you’re giving him a prize. He might get off track with this… He might not pay attention to it, but it’s still worth a shot.

You could also take him for a walk, start a game of fetch, or suggest some other action to keep him busy. Again, though, do this during a break in the asking, so he doesn’t think this is a treat.

Most of the time, a Chihuahua will only beg for food that is right in front of him. Like when you are making a meal, eating a snack, or going through the fridge.

You can tell your Chihuahua to pay attention to the new thing as you move from one action to the next.

This means that if your Chihuahua is asking you to take something from your plate during dinner. You should not give in. Toss him some bubbles when you’re done washing your plate, but not enough for him to eat. Just a few for him to look at with interest.

Put an ice cube on the floor for him to chase if he was begging while the fridge door was open. Most dogs stop asking when they can’t see what they want.

6. Be Patient

It takes anywhere from a week to a month for a dog to stop begging. He may try even harder before he finally gets familiar with the new way of life. But it does come to an end.

To get there, you just need to have enough drive.

That’s when a dog knows that his efforts don’t change anything, so he stops putting effort into them. One thing you can count on about dogs is that they will take the easiest road. They will only act if it will lead to a good result. You need to train the Chihuahua for a long enough time for it to figure it out.

A dog will learn that beggin’ gets him nothing. And that not beggin’ gets him praise and treats.

Using Begging To Your Advantage

You don’t know how to stop your chihuahua from begging? Get something good out of asking! Do you remember the signs you learned the last time you trained your dog? Now it’s time to work on them.

“Down-stay” is my favorite thing to teach dogs while they eat. As you eat, tell your dog to “down” and “stay.” Throw some food between his front legs while he eats. This keeps him lying down and still gives him a treat. Your dog will soon be able to do a firm “down-stay.” Happy happy!

Even better, teach your dog to “down-stay” from across the room. Throw bits of food across the room so they hit near his front legs. This makes them easy to get to and helps you improve your aim. If he starts to creep toward the table, tie him up and keep practicing.


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