How to Potty Train a Chihuahua? Simple and quick steps

Do you own a Chihuahua with pride? Best wishes! Their cuteness may excite you, but if you’ve never owned a dog, you could also feel a little overwhelmed. Potty training is one of the most frequent training worries among Chihuahua owners, but don’t worry, we’ve all been there.

Don’t give up on potty training your courageous little explorer; with patience and consistency, it will eventually become second nature in no time. Although these tiny dogs can pose tough challenges, don’t give up. Discover our best methods for toilet training your Chihuahua by continuing to read!

Why Is Potty Training Chihuahuas Such a Challenge?

Housebreaking a Chihuahua is a difficult task. Even the most experienced dog parents may find these little puppies challenging due to their small stature and picky toilet habits.


1. They struggle to move on from puppy pads

It can be challenging to get your Chihuahua to stop urinating on a pad and start going outside. Some Chihuahuas have trouble since they’ve been trained to go wherever they feel the need, no matter where they are.

It takes some work to get them to grasp that the purpose of nature calls is to alert their pet parent of an impending outdoor adventure.

2. Their Small size

Because Chihuahuas are little dogs, raising one might be difficult. These small dogs frequently slip away and take care of business covertly, a behavior that is uncommon in their larger counterparts.

3. They Can’t Bear Cold Outside

Given that the little Chihuahua originated and was raised in sunny Mexico, it is not unexpected that they detest the cold weather. Snow, wind, rain, and cold? Thank you, but no! Furthermore, some dogs enjoy the convenience of indoor facilities for “doing their business.”

4. Accidents aren’t caught

The secret to housebreaking your cute little Chihuahua is to catch them in the act of urinating indoors. However, these tiny fellas are cunning and can disappear quickly, so you won’t have a chance to guide them to their bathroom.

Furthermore, your Chihuahua may come to believe that the same area is a perfectly appropriate place to urinate if you do not take prompt action to clean up. Keep an eye out for such teachable opportunities and stay on top of those little tinkle problems to avoid missing them!

how to potty train a Chihuahua?

Potty training any dog can be difficult, but patience is crucial when it comes to Chihuahuas. Even if it can be annoying at times, it’s crucial to keep a cheerful outlook and remain driven.

Watch over your Chihuahua constantly

You understand the value of ongoing supervision if you’re raising a puppy Chihuahua. Like infants, these little pups frequently defecate and often without much notice.

It’s critical to always maintain a close eye on your Chihuahua, particularly while they’re breaking into a new place. Allowing them to wander around alone, even for a brief time, increases the possibility of an interior mishap.

When you can’t watch over your Chihuahua, put it in a crate

Even though we would want to have our Chihuahuas by our sides all the time, there are situations in which we must leave them on their own. It’s critical to ensure their safety and comfort when this occurs.

Putting them in a cage or exercise enclosure is one possibility, but how can we ensure they don’t sabotage things while we’re gone? Owners of Chihuahuas should not worry, since these small puppies are naturally inclined not to poop in their sleeping areas.

With a bed on one end and a newspaper or pee pad on the other, your Chihuahua will have a special place to relieve themselves without creating a mess.

Set times for your Chihuahua to go to the bathroom

Despite their small size, chihuahuas require routine and structure just like any other dog. Setting up a consistent plan is one of the most crucial things you can do to help your Chihuahua learn to potty train.

This includes establishing established hours for eating, playing, and bathroom breaks. You can help your Chihuahua understand what’s expected of them and when by doing this. It will also make breaking into houses much simpler!

You’ll be able to anticipate when your Chihuahua will need to relieve themselves and take them outdoors appropriately if you can get them on a regular schedule.

Experts from the AKC advise that you should be extremely vigilant when it comes to potty breaks—first thing in the morning, last thing at night, following indoor playtime, after cage time, when your dog wakes up from a nap, following a satisfying chewing session, eating, and drinking.


If your Chihuahua misbehaves a bit when housebreaking, take a deep breath and remain composed. Don’t forget to swiftly lead them outside to the designated bathroom area after interrupting their behavior with an “oops.”

Give them a lot of attention and goodies if they complete their business outside. Remember that consistency is important and keep rewarding good behavior each time they go outside. Avoid the temptation to correct your dog or punish them if you discover a mess inside. They will feel safer and more at ease around you during these teaching moments if you fully clean the area and move on.

Various Approaches to Potty Training a Chihuahua

Although potty training a Chihuahua can be difficult at first, it is possible with commitment and perseverance! Various approaches are available for you to select from, based on what suits you and your Chihuahua the best.

Litter Box

You might be surprised to learn that not all cats are litter box trained! It is possible to teach a Chihuahua to use a litter box! This is a true solution to your problems with potty training; no more messing around the house.

Don’t look away just yet—litter boxes for toy breeds are the newest big thing. Once your Chihuahua gets the hang of it, start by putting their fragrance in the box and give them lots of praise and encouragement. What could be better than a special place for your small Chihuahua to relieve himself?

Puppy Pad

It can be difficult to meet a Chihuahua’s demands when you have a hectic schedule. To give their beloved pets a practical and secure option, many people resort to puppy pad training.

Your Chihuahua can stay out of trouble even if you miss their cue to go outside if they have their pad that they may use. This approach can undoubtedly make life easier for you and your Chihuahua, despite its advantages and disadvantages.

Crate training

It’s crucial to realize that, particularly if they are left alone for extended periods, your Chihuahua won’t be able to adhere to a rigorous toilet training plan straight away. Here’s where a container can come in quite handy.

When you are not there to supervise your Chihuahua, you may help avoid accidents in the house by keeping them in their cage, which also serves as a comfortable den for them to feel safe and secure.

Doggy Door

As long as you have the proper conditions, installing a doggie door could let your Chihuahua go outside and explore freely.

Because of their small stature and penchant for accidents, taking your Chihuahua outside when necessary could have a significant impact. However, don’t forget to set up a secure backyard. You might even add a jingle bell to serve as the ideal potty break signal.

Why did my chihuahua forget about their Potty Training?

Chihuahua ownership can be fulfilling and difficult at the same time. It’s easy to forget that they need a lot of care and discipline, especially when it comes to potty training, because of their tiny stature and cute appearance.

Regretfully, even the most well-mannered Chihuahuas occasionally forget their obedience commands. This may occur as a result of inadequate reinforcement, excessive independence, or poor accident cleanup. To get your Chihuahua back on track, all three components must be taken care of.

Too Many Freedoms

It’s important to remember as a dog owner that some dogs need more help and direction than others, even when it comes to going to the bathroom.

For instance, Chihuahuas often forget how to go to the bathroom outside if they are left alone too much. You might think that your job is done once your Chihuahua has learned to use the bathroom outside. But just like a kid needs help with homework all the time, your Chihuahua needs praise all the time to make sure they stay on track.

You can help your Chihuahua keep good habits by keeping a close eye on its behavior. This can be as simple as reminding it to go outside or giving it extra attention while it’s being trained.

Absence of Support

Any pet owner who has a Chihuahua will find housebreaking a difficult chore, but one of the toughest challenges is staying consistent once the skills have been learned.

Unfortunately, if sufficient reinforcement isn’t given, Chihuahuas can forget their training very soon. This merely indicates that your Chihuahua needs a bit more direction and care; it doesn’t imply that your dog is untrainable or stubborn.

Recall that training your Chihuahua to use the bathroom is a continuous process, and the more consistently you give them praise and treats, the more probable it is that they will advance.

Cleaning up accidents improperly

One of the most important things when housebreaking a Chihuahua is to clean up accidents properly. What does that mean, though? Sadly, using soap and water to just wipe the area won’t work.

You see, Chihuahuas use their sense of smell to perceive and comprehend their surroundings quite a bit. A Chihuahua’s nose can pick up even the smallest amount of enzyme left behind, even though we may not be able to find any evidence of an accident.

Your Chihuahua can misunderstand the message and believe that it’s okay to relieve themselves inside if the area isn’t well cleaned. Thus, be sure you’re taking the appropriate actions to keep your Chihuahua on course when it comes to mishaps.


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