Why Do chihuahuas Destroy Their Toys? Burnout Is Real. Here’s How to Avoid It

As you watch your tiny chihuahua destroy another expensive toy, you’re just as divided as the toy is. Darn, that toy cost a lot! But your dog seems happy and amused… You might be wondering I  guess I should keep giving her what she or he wants… or is there any way I don’t know about to avoid this?

Our goal here is to show you a roadmap on how to overcome this chihuahua bad habit. Keep reading!

What Makes Chihuahuas Destroy Their Toys?

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Each chihuahua is different and has her or his character. So the way they destroy toys is also different for each one. Most of the time, chihuahuas destroy their toys because of the following reasons:

1. Hunting Drive

Sometimes it’s challenging to comprehend that our spoiled dogs came from wolves. Even though your tiny chihuahua is like your baby. He is still an animal with instincts that he inherited from his ancestors.

For instance, if you play the sound of a hurt rabbit on youtube, you’ll find that a squeaker in a toy sounds like this to a dog. The sound makes your chihuahua wants to hunt.

If you move a toy around and your dog chases it and wrestles with it, that’s also part of their natural instinct to hunt.

2. Boredom

When people feel bored, they can do anything to keep themselves busy and entrained. On the other hand, chihuahuas don’t have that choice.

When a dog gets bored, he will look for something to do, and if left alone, he will often chew on something to keep himself busy.

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3. It’s Not the Right Dog.

You wouldn’t give a Pitbull dog that weighs 50 pounds the same dog toys as a Chihuahua that weighs 10 pounds, would you? Of course not. Pitties have stronger jaws and bigger paws than Chihuahuas, so their rubber toys need to be more durable.

If you want to play with your chihuahua, rope toys are great for a game of tug-of-war with dogs of any size including chihuahuas. Most dogs like toys that are the right size and tough for their mouths.
Some dogs love stuffed animals so much that they carry them around and cuddle with them.
Just like us, dogs have their likes and dislikes. You’ll have to try out various sets of toys to find out which one your chihuahua likes the most. The age of your chihuahua also affects what he or she likes and how destructive he or she can be.

4. Chihuahuas Crave Attention 

If your chihuahua rolls around on his back near you while happily chewing on a toy, he’ll surely ask you to play with him. We spend so much of our daily time working or taking care of other things. But note that your chihuahua is home all day and wishes to interact with you.
One way to get your attention is to shred pillow cushions. But if you give your dog a large amount of time to play and exercise, he or she will be happier and so will you. Your dog loves being with you, whether you’re training him or just throwing him a ball, so make sure you play with him every day.

5. Having fun

Chihuahuas just want to have fun, and it’s fun to smash things. It’s good for your chihuahua’s mind because he likes to find the weak spots in the toy.

For instance, if you give your chihuahua a soft toy with squeakers and he spends the next 15 minutes carefully working the squeakers and stuffing out, he will be so happy! he will lie down in a pile of stuffing, fabric, and plastic squeakers, looking happy.

It’s a lot of fun for your chihuahua, but not so much for you. You’ll have to keep an eye on the destruction to make sure your chihuahua doesn’t swallow squeakers. In addition, you might think it’s a waste that all that stuff and other things are thrown away right away.

You can make your chihuahua’s toys last longer by taking them away before they get broken and switching them out. So, if you have a basket of soft toys, chew toys, puzzle toys, and tug-of-war toys, but only pull out two or three at a time, your dog will be more involved.

Are There Any Chihuahua Toys That Last?


Some dog toys are more durable than others, but there is no such thing as a toy that a dog can’t chew on at all. Toys for your chihuahua dog will corrode and need to be replaced, just like your own items.

Also, think about how much your chihuahua dog toys get used. They are thrown on different surfaces and from different heights, pulled, torn, crunched, and chewed.

Chihuahuas have their toys in their mouths all the time. Just like a child’s teething toys will look worse than toys they play with their hands. A dog’s toys get worn out faster because of how they play.

How To Choose Your Chihuahua Toys?

There are two ways to shop for chihuahua toys: you can buy a lot of cheap toys, knowing that you will have to replace them often, or you can buy high-quality toys that will last longer and need to be replaced less often.

Neither is better than the other. Use the method that works best for your dog and your budget.

What Makes A Toy Last For A Long Time?


When looking for durable dog toys for your chihuahua, keep an eye out for the following:

Free of stuffing. Chihuahuas love to rip stuff out of their toys. This is also true for all breeds. If the toy doesn’t have stuffing, people won’t want to tear it apart as much.

Interactive and hard to master. The more challenging and interactive a toy is, the more likely it is that your chihuahua will play with it for longer periods, the opposite of what they do with simple toys.

Rope. Classic rope toys have stood the test of time and can stand up to rough play. They also help dogs clean their teeth.

Rubber. Toys made of rubber that feel solid or are hard to bend are great for dogs that like to chew a lot. Rubber toys that are thin and bendy, on the other hand, don’t usually last long, so choose wisely.

Nylon. Solid bones made of plastic, like Nylabones, can stand up to a lot of chewing.

Canvas. Toys made from strong canvas tend to be thicker and last longer. Most of the time, these toys don’t have any or very little stuffing, and they are usually made stronger with extra stitches.

Costs are higher. You should note that durable dog toys usually cost more because they are made with better materials and require more work to make, such as reinforced stitching.

What You Should Keep An Eye On

if you notice that your chihuahua likes to chew a lot he is capable of breaking his toys into pieces that he can eat. You should note that  If a dog eats enough pieces of a toy, he may need surgery to get the pieces out of his stomach or intestines, or he may have stomach problems as his body tries to get rid of them.

Last word

By learning how your chihuahua likes to play with toys and shopping smartly, you can find toys that your dog loves and that will last longer.

No, regardless of how hard a toy says it is, dogs should always be under your control when they play with toys so they don’t choke or swallow pieces.

If you have a chihuahua who likes to divide his toys, I’d love to hear about any fun and durable toys that you have found. Please tell us in the comment section.


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