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Chihuahuas can be a good source of entertainment for us. Chihuahuas also love playing, and they do enjoy drawing their owner’s attention. This makes it easier to train them to learn simple tricks especially if we know that a lot of fun chihuahua tricks training exists, these tricks are also helpful to the chihuahuas, and they stimulate them mentally.

Chihuahuas are smart, whether your chi is a puppy or an older dog, you can make him learn some cute tricks. Repetition is the key to making your chihuahua perform a command.

Chihuahua breed learns things quickly, you will be surprised that they need only a week or two to learn a trick. Your role here is to repeat the command over and over the same way until the dog picks up it.

The Suitable Age to Train your Chihuahua

At a very young age, the Chihuahua is likely to grasp much more than when it is older.  Introducing your Chihuahua to tricks at the age of between 3-6 months is very important. At this age, the chihuahua may seem pretty slow in learning the tricks, but once they get used to it, they are less likely to forget. At the age of about 6-12 months, chihuahuas become more active and are more receptive. In addition, at this age, they are strong enough to perform even more advanced tricks such as standing on hind legs.

Basics Steps to Train your chihuahua

From Ivan Pavlo’s experiments, chihuahuas have been proven to be animals that can learn through training. These basic steps are utilized when training the dog on any trick. The basics of training dogs are the same and gradual from one to the next.


Before initiating any trick training, you need to get the attention of the chihuahua. You can do this by simply calling their names, or luring them with treats. Making certain patterns in whistling also attracts their attention, and they respond by moving closer to you or simply raising their ears and tails. The best way to get their attention is to choose a quiet area where there are no distractions. 

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You should associate Every trick with a specific cue. For instance, you cannot tell your chihuahua to dance when you want it to fetch something. To enhance their understanding of the cue, you should associate with gestures, for example, pointing to the mat when you command them to sit.


This is a response to the given command. When beginning to train you may find it hard to make your chihuahua respond to commands, but after consistent training, your dog will even act without being commanded to. In order to improve their response to commands, you may want to guide them, for instance, commanding them to give a high five should be followed by your action of waving your hand, this way the dog will know exactly what to do.


Rewards are a form of motivation, once your chihuahua has shown the correct response, give them a reward. Praise or give a treat to make them happy and motivate them to even do more.

Easy Chihuahua Tricks to Begin With

High five

chihuahua dog doing high five with his right hand
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This is one of the most amusing tricks. This trick is associated with the ‘high five’ command then followed by the action of the dog raising its paws and tapping with your hand. Giving a high five to the chihuahua is a hilarious thing to do, you can use this trick to amuse children or even your guest.


dog is dancing with his human parents
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Getting your dog to dance can be associated with some music. When you command your chihuahua to dance, they will respond by raising their front legs and making certain rhythmic moves. I love watching dogs dance; they look so adorable.


dog doing the spinning movement

The initial teaching of your dog to spin is a bit difficult. Even without verbal commands, a chihuahua can spin by just showing them the gesture to do so. By moving your figure around, the dog will tell that you want them to spin.


dog plays fetch
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The fetching trick requires a distraction-free zone and some set of toys. Fetching is a very fantastic game for the chihuahuas; they love fetching toys once you throw them. This game can be at times frustrating, a chihuahua may not get tired easily, and they may demand the game by even biting.  The chihuahua may also get exhausted from fetching the toys, and making them get interested again will be difficult.


a woman is bottle feeding her baby and kisses her dog at the same time
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We know that your chihuahua gives you a lot of kisses on a daily basis, however, they can’t recognize the command “kiss me” when you ask them. Teaching a dog to kiss is the easiest trick ever. To do so, put a little treat on your cheek and add the command, do it a lot of time until your dog recognizes the command. This command has a very good advantage for those who can bear their dog’s licking. As it prevents the dog’s unwanted licking.


Barking is one of the most behavioral issues that owners may encounter with their chihuahua. However, dog trainers advise us to use “speak” and “quiet” commands to stop a dog from barking. These commands allow the owner to have control over your dog’s barking in certain situations, such as being inside a store, with family, and so on. The command “speak” also allows the dog to bark in some cases.

Stand up

In order to teach this command, set your dog in front of you, then hold a small piece of a treat to its nose. Step by step move the treat upwards, when your chihuahua reaches it, praise the dog and give him the treat. The American Kennel Club advises owners to use this technic. “Stand” is the command to use, repeat this exercise until the dog knows what’s about.


Put your dog in a down position, hold a treat in your hand, and put it closer to his nose so the dog can smell and lick it, but not quite eat it. After that, try to move backward slowly so that your chihuahua is obliged to crawl to reach it. Praise your chihuahua for any progress he makes. Repeat the exercise and make your chihuahua crawl a little further each time before reaching the food.

Lay down

To help your dog understand this command, hold a treat in your hand, move it from the chihuahua’s nose towards its chest, and then straight down towards the floor. While your chihuahua is lowering herself, use the verbal cue “down”.

Benefits of Trick Training Your Chihuahua

Among the benefits of trick training, for your chihuahua is improving their mental development. A trained chihuahua is likely to respond to so many commands, unlike untrained ones. This is because continuous engagements develop their brains.

The tricks are a source of entertainment. You will be able to break your boredom by simply playing games with your chihuahua. Your pet company is more beneficial than fake friends. More so, when having guests around, you can amuse them by commanding your dog to perform a trick.

The tricks improve the chihuahua’s character, some of them are shy, but once they have a new trick, it will help them associate well with people. The tricks are also a way of proving that the dog family is actually capable of learning.

Experts recommend you take some time to train your chihuahua on some basic tricks. The benefits are both to you as the owner and also to the dog. What fun tricks does your chihuahua know? Are you planning to teach your pup any new tricks? Let us know and leave a comment below!

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