Can My chihuahua compete in agility?

You just started training your chihuahua in agility. Do you wonder if he will ever be good enough to compete? You’ve probably already heard that some organizations have rules about which dogs can compete in agility trials.

Can a chihuahua compete in an agility trial? Yes, almost all dogs, whether they are mixed breeds or purebreds, can take part in agility competitions. The different agility associations however have rules that differ slightly. You must always verify the venue you are planning to compete in to ensure your chihuahua is able to participate in a competition.

Can my Chihuahua compete in agility?

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In general, it’s likely that your dog will be able to compete in at least some agility groups. Let’s take a close look at the different rules that different venues have:


For him to be able to compete, he must be in good health. A judge will immediately disqualify your team if a dog shows signs of pain or discomfort, is limping or has visible injuries.

If your chihuahua is sick right now, you have to wait until he gets better and is healthy again before he can compete. This is also true for very overweight or obese chihuahuas.

Dogs only have to stop doing agility for a few weeks if they need to get small, routine surgeries like a neuter. On the other hand, some health problems could end a dog’s career. This is why it is especially important to make sure that your training is always safe and doesn’t push the dog to do more than he can do (especially jumping training).


All organizations that do agility have age limits so that people don’t start running full-size agility courses with young puppies. AKC agility lets dogs start competing when they are 15 months old. Some classes of UKI agility also let dogs that age takes part.

Other groups, like USDAA, need dogs to be at least 18 months old before they can compete.

Even though there is no set upper age limit for dogs in agility, you cannot compete with a dog that is not in good health. Once a dog is 10 to 12 years old, they are usually too old to do agility safely and without pain. If you want to start agility competitions with a senior chihuahua, you should wait. There are better dog sports than agility for older dogs.

Can My Mixed-breed Chihuahua compete in agility?

Yes, mixed-breed dogs can compete in any agility event. At the FCI Agility World Championship, the only rule is that mixed-breed dogs can’t participate. Yet every country should only send a small number of dogs in each size class, and it often takes years of hard effort and training to be ready for this very big championship.

Aside from that, any dog of any mix can compete in any event. This is true even for places that cater to a certain breed, like the American Shepherd Association of America (ASCAA). They welcome dogs of all breeds!

Can my neutered chihuahua compete in agility?


Yes, chihuahuas that have been neutered can do agility. Actually, you don’t have to spay or neuter a non-purebred dog in order to compete in an AKC agility event. In other competitions, like the USDAA, contestants can show intact dogs of any breed or mix.

Most organizations in the US do not let females who are in season compete right now. But,  In many other places, females who are menstruating are welcome at shows.  For many chihuahua parents who want to compete more seriously, this is a reason to have their female chihuahuas spayed. Even if the owner qualifies for a big national event like the AKC National Agility Championship, the dog would not be allowed to compete if he is in heat.

Can my chihuahua dog compete in agility?

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Unless your chihuahua is less than 18 months old or a senior dog, he is probably allowed to compete in agility events. Your chihuahua shouldn’t show any obvious signs of pain or inability to move through a course. For example, if your dog has had a leg amputated, they won’t allow you to compete in an agility competition.

The different organizations for agility also have rules against showing dogs that are outright harsh. If your chihuahua has a lot of dog reactivity, they might ask you to leave so you don’t put other people or their dogs in danger.

Before entering an AKC agility show with a mixed-breed chihuahua, you will have to spay or neuter the dog. But if you don’t think it’s the right time to change your dog, there are other places where intact mixed-breed dogs are welcome, like USDAA.

Last word

If you want to compete in dog agility, it’s likely that your chihuahua will be allowed to take part. But don’t think practicing for a few weeks will make this easy. Most first-time dog owners have to train their dogs for up to a year before they are good enough to enter their first competition.

You and your chihuahua will be ready for your first agility show if you train with patience and do positive training every day.


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