Chihuahua Heat Cycle- Well Explained

Chihuahua females make wonderful family pets. Because they don’t mark territory like males do, they are favored by many. However, be mindful of a female’s heat cycle if you’re adopting one. To prevent unwanted puppies, extra caution and attention are needed at this time.

Like any other dog, female Chihuahuas need careful attention during their heat cycle. They are at their most fertile, drawing interest from males in the area. Moreover, bleeding during this period calls for a plan to avoid leaving stains on the floor. See our comprehensive guide for helpful tips on controlling the heat cycle of a Chihuahua.

When a Chihuahua goes into heat, what does that mean?

To “heat,” we refer to the time in a female Chihuaha’s reproductive period when she is ready to mate.

There are a few things you can look for to see if your Chihuahua is in this state. Your Chihuahua may not show all of these signs or notice them at all, but it’s likely that it will feel most of them.

If your Chihuahua is in heat, these things will happen:

  • A vulva that looks like it’s swollen or grown bigger.
  • Other dogs may act differently around your Chihuahua
  • Vaginal fluid with blood
  • Changes in behavior: becoming friendlier or acting more reactively or aggressively
  • “Flagging” means that a female Chihuahua lifts its tail to the side.
  • Urinating more often
  • Changes in wanting to eat

When Is The First Time My Chihuahua Will Get Hot?

It’s hard to say when a Chihuahua will go through its first heat cycle because every dog is different. Some people may feel it right away, while others may not feel it for over a year.

But between 6 months and a year, most female Chihuahuas will have their first heat cycle. Before you know it, the cycle may have begun for days or even a week. At this point in time, females are not interested in males.

If your Chihuahua is 18 months old and hasn’t had her first heat cycle, you should take her to the vet to rule out any underlying health problems. A female Chihuahua might have her first heat cycle when she is 2 years old. To make sure your Chihuahua is healthy, you should take it to the vet to rule out any major health issues.

You should never let your Chihuahua breed when she is in her first heat cycle. Her body is getting used to this normal process, so this time is sensitive. There could be serious problems if you let her get pregnant. You should wait until your Chihuahua’s second heat cycle at least if you’re worried about her health.

How long Does The Heat Cycle Last?

A Chihuahua’s heat cycle has varying durations and goes through several stages. The estrus phase, during which bleeding takes place, usually lasts between five days and three weeks.

A female won’t be responsive to a male for the duration of the cycle, and it may take several days to detect the start of the cycle.

How frequently do Chihuahuas go through heat cycles?

Like people, chihuahuas are individualistic. But every six to nine months, they usually experience a heat cycle that lasts for 21 to 28 days.

Between the ages of six months and one and a half years, the first heat cycles can happen. Based on the time of their relatives’ cycles, you might be able to predict when your Chihuahua will have its first heat cycle.

The Stages of the heat cycle and what to expect during this time

A lot of people don’t know that a Chihuahua has four different heat phases instead of simply one. There are distinct features associated with each of these stages that can surprise owners of Chihuahuas.

A female Chihuahua’s heat cycle lasts three weeks and occurs one or two times a year.

During her heat cycle, a normal female Chihuahua experiences the following stages:


  • Proestrus:

    The signs and symptoms of a Chihuahua’s proestrus, or first heat cycle, might differ. Clear symptoms including bleeding, enlarged nipples, increased licking, and behavioral abnormalities may be seen by some. Some Chihuahuas, nevertheless, could show very few or no signs at all.

    Pay close attention to your Chihuahua’s behavior to determine whether they are in the proestrus stage. In this stage of their heat cycle, Chihuahuas often chase male dogs in a fun or even bothersome manner. It’s typical for your female Chihuahua to continually harass any males in the vicinity.

  • Estrus:

    A week or so after proestrus is when the estrus stage occurs. Chihuahuas are fertile and open to breeding at this time. While females are more receptive to mating during estrus, males are generally rejected during proestrus.

    It’s easy to tell if a Chihuahua is in heat during the estrus phase. Look for the urge to mate with male dogs and swollen, bleeding genitalia. The aroma of the female’s discharge will entice males to her.

  • Diestrus:

    If a female Chihuahua has not gotten pregnant after estrus, she will go through diestrus, a 30- to 90-day period of rest. The Chihuahua’s body heals and becomes back to normal size throughout this period. She’s gonna stop looking for attention from men.

    A female Chihuahua will not go through the Diestrus stage when she becomes pregnant. Rather, she will begin her early pregnancy. She will have swollen genitalia and large, puffed nipples during her pregnancy.

  • Anestrus:

    Anestrus is the last stage of a Chihuahua’s heat cycle. The body and its organs are readjusting to normal throughout this time. Owners are unable to see any outward indications of a heat cycle. The Chihuahua has regular-sized genitalia, no discharge or bleeding, and a typical mood.

    Chihuahuas do not feel the heat during the Anestrus stage, which lasts between two and six months. After that, this cycle will get back up and continue.

How To Manage The Heat In Your Chihuahua 

Take into consideration the following crucial advice when giving your Chihuahua during the heat:

  • It’s best to keep your Chihuahua away from other dogs, especially males, during her heat cycle. In addition to the possibility of becoming pregnant, female violence is widespread. It is not advisable to leave your Chihuahua alone in a yard or to take her to dog parks as this might lead to behavioral and hormonal problems in other dogs.
  • To reduce the possibility of a mess on your furniture and flooring during your Chihuahua’s heat cycle, think about using doggie diapers. As an insert, we recommend panty liners to boost absorbency and minimize cleanup. It could be challenging to locate diapers that fit well and remain on, and your Chihuahua won’t be able to relieve herself or use the restroom while wearing them. If changing diapers isn’t an option, using old blankets to cover your furniture is a suitable substitute.
  • Add some chicken or baby food to your Chihuahua’s meals to increase her appetite. This tactic will make her need food without affecting how many calories she consumes.

At what age does the chihuahua’s heat cycle end?

It is not certain when the heat cycle will cease since there is nothing like dog menopause. Therefore, this means that your dog will have heat cycles for the rest of its life. For further knowledge on this, you can visit your veterinarian and guide you through how the heat cycle in a dog ends.

How to Eliminate a Chihuahua Heat Cycle?

Spaying a dog involves removing a female dog’s uterus and ovaries, thus eliminating heat cycles altogether.

There are so many reasons why some people don’t like to deal with a chihuahua that is in a heat cycle, firstly, they are not ready to deal with stress and the lifestyle changes caused by the heat cycle of the dog. Secondly, some don’t like to keep their dog in the house for an entire month twice a year and the necessary extra precautions when taking her outside.

The above reasons push some owners to search for a way to prevent a chihuahua from going into heat. If they do so your dog must be spayed.

Spaying a dog means removing her uterus and ovaries, therefore eliminating heat cycles completely.

canine female reproductive system

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Experts say it is better to not spay your chihuahua female until her growth plates are closed. According to them this way the chihuahua female will benefit from the hormones she was born with, which also will help her to stay healthy during her life. 

You can spay your little chihuahua female if you think that you are unable to control your chihuahua through her first heat, and Because the risks of unplanned pregnancy are bigger than spaying a chihuahua who is under six months old.


  • If you decide to not spay your chihuahua until her growth plates are closed, you should keep in mind that you will experience at least one heat with your female chihuahua. This means that you should wait at least 3 months for your dog’s hormones to return to a normal state after a heat cycle. Therefore, we recommend waiting at least 3 months before spaying your dog.
  • Ovary Sparing Spay called OSS is a procedure that eliminates the possibility of pregnancy with one or both ovaries intact. However, it is advisable to seek your veterinarian’s advice if you are concerned about your chihuahua’s hormone loss. 

Last Word

Learning about the chihuahua heat cycle is very important so that you can take good care of your pet. If you aren’t ready to breed her. Please make sure that you don’t let her run off. As she might collide with a male counterpart and get pregnant. Help your dog get by the heat cycle smoothly. And with ease with the above tips on how to handle her during the heat cycle.


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