Chihuahua Heat Cycle

Breeding is part and parcel of a chihuahua’s life. The Dog heat cycle is characterized by some behavioral and physical changes, just like other dogs, which you cannot miss. However, it can be challenging at times since they lick their selves clean, which means you need to observe other factors. At this stage, they need super care and supervision so as to ensure that you don’t end up with a litter of puppies. Most of the owners raise concerns about their pets during the heat cycle since they don’t know how well to handle them.

At what age does the chihuahua’s heat cycle begin?

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Since they are among the smaller dog breeds, their heat cycle tends to begin as early as when they are still puppies. This is usually between the ages of 5 to 8 months or at the latest, 12 months. This varies with the different types of chihuahuas. The heat cycle indicates that the dog has now entered the puberty stage and is ready for reproduction. During your female’s first heat cycle, it is important to keep the male dog away since pregnancy at such an early age cannot be the best option for you and your pet.

How long does the heat cycle last?

The heat cycle also known as estrous will vary in length depending on the dog breed. The chihuahua heat cycle is divided into four different definitive stages, each characterized by unique traits. On average, your little chi will be in the heat cycle for at least 21days. The dog goes into the heat cycle twice a year with five or eight months between them.

The Stages of the heat cycle and what to expect during this time.

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  • Proestrus:

    This is the first stage of the heat cycle and will occur for the first four to nine days. At this stage, you will observe that your chihuahua has swollen nipples, vulva, and bleeding, alongside grooming themselves often and mood swings. You may also observe discharge which is often the result of an infection on the uterus or vulva. Keep an eye on the discharge to ensure that your dog doesn’t develop serious complications.

  • Estrus:

    The second stage will last between four to thirteen days. The bleeding and swelling that you noted during the first stage will have decreased by now. This is the peak of the heat cycle and you may note that your chihuahua is flagging and will be flirty towards her male counterparts. If you haven’t spayed it yet, then there’s a higher chance of pregnancy.

  • Diestrus:

    The third stage referred to as Diestrus or Mestrus lasts between 60 to 90 days if and only if, the dog did not get pregnant. However, if there was mating during the heating season and got pregnant, this stage will last for 63 days. During this stage, the chihuahua female loses the interest she had in the male dog and her body parts are gradually restored to their normal size.

  • Anestrus:

    this is the final stage of the dog’s heat cycle and lasts between two to three months. It is a resting stage where the body heals and recuperates from the periods. In preparation for the heat cycle to come in a few months’ time. As the heat cycle comes to an end, she will portray motherly traits – brought about by hormonal changes – towards stuffed animals, if she didn’t have contact with a male.

At what age does the chihuahua’s heat cycle end?

It is not certain when the heat cycle will cease since there is nothing like dog menopause. Therefore, this means that your dog will have heat cycles for the rest of its life. For further knowledge on this, you can visit your veterinarian and guide you through how the heat cycle in a dog ends.

How to deal with a chihuahua during the heat cycle?

  • Keep her away from male dogs to prevent unwanted pregnancy.
  • Be careful when handling them since at this time they have aggravated mood swings which can make them easily irritable.
  • To avoid bloody messes on your floors, bedding, and couches, try disposable doggie diapers.
  • Be cautious of your chihuahua’s behavior even after the bleeding has stopped. It doesn’t necessarily mean that the heat cycle is over. If she gets involved with a male dog, she will get pregnant.
  • Some chihuahuas lost their appetite during the heat cycle, so in order to make them eat add some chicken or baby food to their meals. This way you will help the dog to eat without adding a lot of calories to her diet.
  • Our dog’s health is crucial, and for this reason, you should take your dog to your veterinarian for any specific concerns connected to your dog’s heat cycle.

How to Eliminate a Chihuahua Heat cycle?

Spaying a dog involves removing a female dog’s uterus and ovaries, thus eliminating heat cycles altogether.

There are so many reasons why some people don’t like to deal with a chihuahua that is in a heat cycle, firstly, they are not ready to deal with stress and the lifestyle changes caused by the heat cycle of the dog. Secondly, some don’t like to keep their dog in the house for an entire month twice a year and the necessary extra precautions when taking her outside.

The above reasons push some owners to search for a way to prevent a chihuahua from going into heat. If they do so your dog must be spayed.

Spaying a dog means removing her uterus and ovaries, therefore eliminating heat cycles completely.

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Experts say it is better to not spay your chihuahua female until her growth plates are closed. Because according to them this way the chihuahua female will benefit from the hormones she was born with, which also will help her to stay healthy during her life. 

You can spay your little chihuahua female if you think that you are unable to control your chihuahua through her first heat. Because the risks of unplanned pregnancy are bigger than spaying a chihuahua who is under six months old.


  • If you decided to not spay your chihuahua until her growth plates are closed, you should put in mind that you will experience at least one heat with your female chihuahua. This means that you should wait at least 3 months for your dog’s hormones to return to a normal state after a heat cycle. Therefore, we recommend waiting at least 3 months before spaying your dog.
  • Ovary Sparing Spay called OSS is a procedure that eliminates the possibility of pregnancy with one or both ovaries intact. However, it is advisable to seek your veterinarian’s advice if you are concerned about your chihuahua’s hormone loss. 

Last Word

Learning about the chihuahua heat cycle is very important so that you can take good care of your pet. If you aren’t ready to breed her. Please make sure that you don’t let her run off. As she might collide with a male counterpart and get pregnant. Help your dog get by the heat cycle smoothly. And with ease with the above tips on how to handle her during the heat cycle.


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