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Why Are chihuahuas So Aggressive?

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For some chihuahuas, There is a saying that goes like this. If the size of them would have been a little larger, then they might have been the deadliest dogs on the planet”. People say so because of the fact that some chihuahuas are, despite their small size, quite aggressive. aggressive chihuahuas are not as aggressive as compared to dogs like Rottweilers and Pit Bull. But considering the small size of the breed, they are considered to be the most aggressive. Also according to an AABS survey, some small breeds are more likely to bite humans.

Why Are some chihuahuas So Aggressive?

 This question will always face us when we ask where this aggressive nature of the chihuahua has come from? It is possibly due to their small size they are trying to be more protective of themselves. It is not only that they show aggression only towards Humans but also towards other dogs as well. This shows that they are quite insecure about the world. They have a very small scope and want to include very fewer people in it. It is not something that is in the genes of chihuahuas and is inherent. It is mostly because of the environment in which they live and endure.

Few tips to ensure that your chihuahua is calm and not aggressive.

 There are a lot of methods to calm your insecure chihuahua and not let his aggression take over him completely. They are below

  • Take your chihuahua to new places and introduce them to new people in a very measured manner.
  • Never try to hit your chihuahua as it might trigger aggression in his behavior.
  • Do not let any other person touch him in an undesired manner that might irritate your chihuahua.


Train them to stop the barking.

train dog to stop barking

 If you pet one chihuahua then one of the most irritating things is when your small-sized dog barks. The high-pitched voice of the dog will pierce your ears and may irritate you completely. Because once the chihuahua starts to bark it’ll go into your ears and echo there for a very long time. It should always be you who will take the orders and not your chihuahua. However, scolding is not the Option to calm down your chihuahua but you should also not listen to the chihuahua. The command should always be in your hands, do not let them bark much, and always say no verbally, click here to know-how.

Realizing when your chihuahua is getting dominant.

dominated dog

The very first step to take is to realize that chihuahua is also a pet and do not their size bias your decision. It is something normal that when large dog bark at you respond by showing some aggression. Behave with your chihuahua in the same manner. Do not let the size of your chihuahua change your decision to something easy. Some of the signs which will help you to recognize the dominant behavior nature of your chihuahua is:

  • Their pushy behavior
  • They might be trying to get your attention towards themselves.
  • They’ll hold their heads high in a very lofty manner.
  • They also try to ignore your commands. Do not let that happen.


What makes them bark so much?

Well, we really cannot explain why some dogs bark so much. It might be possible that they love to do so. Because it is every dog’s behavior to bark. It can many times become frustrating as an owner when the barking is increased too much. It is also possible that they are feeling ignored which is why they are trying to pull your attention through barking. When they want to roam outside they can also bark at that time.

How to Stop Barking and Make your chihuahua Calm?

We suggest that you should never hit your chihuahua. Praise them instead for at least 3-4 times a day and you’ll see the result in barking faster. Take them on a walk as it may reduce the stress in the chihuahua’s mind and will also help them to exercise. If they are barking on the ringing bells of your door and cell phone. Then place those things around your chihuahua and make them familiar with all kinds of sounds.

It is well understood that the Aggressive nature of the chihuahua is not something that is inherent. It is ultimately related to the Surroundings in which the chihuahua is inhabited. Make the surroundings better and with proper training, your own chihuahua will bark less and will be calmer.



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