Understanding Your chihuahua’s Body Language-Sounds And Movement


All dogs including chihuahuas tend to bark and signal to their parents about what is happening around them and in their environment. Also, their body including eyes, ears, hair, etc is used to express themselves in various ways. But, is understanding your chihuahua’s Body Language complicated?

People believe that dogs communicate using barking, or tail wagging. In fact, chihuahuas have various body language signals they combine to send signals to their parents and other dogs. In this section, we will cover the body parts that a chihuahua uses to communicate with us.

The meaning of sounds?

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Dogs, unlike humans, cannot speak in words. They use barking, panting, whining, and other sounds to express their needs and desires.

In order to express their needs unlike us, dogs use their barking, panting, whining, and other sounds.

1. Barking

In fact, chihuahuas tend to bark a lot. Being the owner of a chihuahua means you know what we are talking about. Barking can mean various things. It is the way your chihuahua uses to yell.

Chihuahuas use different barks tone to mean different things. This is why you need always to pay attention to a dog’s barking.

  • Rapid persistent barking is often an alert. It means that there is a stranger in their territory, and they want you to be aware and ready. 
  • Loud, deep barks are used to warn strangers to not come closer. In this situation, the owner needs to listen and proceed cautiously. 
  • Yelping barks indicate the chihuahua is in pain and needs your help immediately. Put in mind that Remember that injured chihuahuas can be overly protective and might see you as a threat, not a parent so be careful.

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2. Hair

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Dogs are just like cats when it comes to the shape of being aggressive. When the hair on the back of their neck rises and is stiff, it lets the others know that they need to keep their distance because they are nervous or angry. 

In addition, doing so may signal that there is a close danger nearby as the hearing and smell are more sensitive in dogs compared to humans.

3. Body language

Chihuahuas are known to use body language to conduct messages to their parents and other pets. They use their stance. So whether they are trying to appear larger or smaller, all these are signals that reflect their emotional state. Put in mind that your chihuahua may suffer from small dog syndrome. In this case, they may believe that they are larger.

4. Tail

chihuahua staring at something

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We all know that a chihuahua dog with a wagging tail means that she/he is happy or excited. However, your chihuahua may signal other emotional states with his or her tail too. If the tail is tucked between their legs, that’s a sign of fear and anxiety or even depression.

If their tail is high and erects this is a signal that they are focusing on something and ready to behave depending on the situation. It can also be a way of showing their dominance by trying to appear larger.

5. Mouth position

chihuahua opens his mouth

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Naturally calm and happy chihuahuas may appear with slightly open, relaxed snouts. They might even lick their parents.

A closed mouth or clenched jaw means that the dog is nervous. However, when you are the one who is in control your dog will be submissive. Therefore they will lick their lips and yawn. As it’s a physiological way to calm themselves down. In this case, you should know that the dog is under duress.

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6. Eyes and ears

white and tan chihuahua staring at something

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Chihuahuas also use their eyes and ears to communicate with their parents. 

  • When a chihuahua’s ears are floppy and lying flat, this conveys that your dog is ready for petting, or submissive.
  • When a threat is nearby, the chihuahua’s ears are back with bared teeth.
  • If their ears are pricked up straight, it means that the chihuahua is focusing on something.
  • Calm a chihuahua’s eyes are normal, however when she/he anxious eyes will appear larger.

Eyes are a crucial part of the non-verbal communication of any dog including chihuahuas. Experienced dog owners know very well when the emotional state of their dogs throughout their eyes.

7. Chihuahua Overall attitude


The way your chihuahua carries herself is crucial. 

  • when your chihuahua is running away from you and keeping low to the floor. Then this means that the dog is submissive to you or afraid.
  • If the chihuahua is tightening the muscles, to appear larger, then the dog is an alpha. In this case, it is advisable to let your dog alone
  •  If your chihuahua is calm, her body will appear relaxed. 
  • To express the need for attention, a chihuahua may put herself close to you and nuzzle you. 

Last word

Barking is not the only way a dog uses to communicate with us. They use a lot of body language cues to express their needs or position. Withing the years it will be easy for you to understand your dog.


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