Do Chihuahua Puppies Outgrow Separation Anxiety?

Dogs with separation anxiety have a hard time being away from their owners. It happens to a lot of puppies including chihuahua puppies and is very common, but it will not disappear on its own. There are several things you can do to stop separation anxiety in its trail, but first, you have to figure out what it is.

Reasons Why Do Chihuahua Puppies Get Separation Anxiety?

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Chihuahua Puppies often have separation anxiety because they don’t know how to do things on their own. You, as their owner, are the only stable thing for them, so they cling to you for safety.

Most young chihuahua puppies have also never really been alone. They probably spent the first 8 weeks of their lives with their mothers and siblings before coming to live with you, so being alone is a whole new experience for them.

Separation anxiety can also be caused by not getting enough stimulation. When dogs are bored or don’t get enough to do, they can get angry or worried about being alone. Even worse is that young puppies have so much energy that it’s hard to get rid of all of it without tiring them.

Is it normal for chihuahua puppies to get separation anxiety?

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At first, most chihuahua puppies will be sad when they are alone, but this is normal and should go away over time. However, a little anxiety is not the same as complete separation anxiety, which is not healthy and needs to be dealt with. To this day, it happens to an important percentage of dogs in the US, so it’s not that rare.

Which puppies get anxious when left alone?

Any puppy can get separation anxiety, but breeds with high energy, high intelligence, strong personalities, and high social needs are more likely to have it because they need a little more stimulation than other dogs.

People say that Chihuahuas, Border Collies, and Labradors are the worst dogs. Some dog breeds, like Vizlas, are also more clingy by nature.

Do chihuahua puppies get over separation anxiety?

Sad to say, chihuahua puppies don’t just outgrow their separation anxiety as they get older. If you don’t do anything about it, it will probably get worse, but it won’t get better. But luckily, it’s not too hard to treat; all it takes is a little bit of care and training.

When do chihuahua puppies start to get separation anxiety?

Chihuahua Puppies can get separation anxiety at any age. It all depends on what is making them anxious. But they are less likely to get it if you teach them how to be alone when they are young. The sooner, the better!

How do Chihuahua puppies act when they suffer from separation anxiety?

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Chihuahuas can act badly when they are afraid of being alone. Most of the time, when you leave the house, they destroy their toys, beds, household equipment, and other things around the house. They may also bark and whine a lot, try to get out of the house or use the bathroom inside.

In the worst cases, they could hurt themselves by scratching, licking, and biting too much. A worried chihuahua puppy might also pace, pant, drool, shake, have stomach problems, or do the same things over and over again.

Because these behaviors and normal puppy behaviors can look similar, it’s important to know the difference between them. For example, all puppies that are teething destroy their things and try to chew on furniture, but unless there are other signs and symptoms, this is probably just normal behavior.

How to handle a chihuahua’s destructive anxiety

Don’t get mad if your chihuahua puppy gets into trouble when you leave the house. You should never hurt a dog because it is nervous. Even though it’s annoying, they are not to blame. Chihuahua  Puppies with separation anxiety also need a significant amount of attention, so your reaction may make their behavior worse.

In addition to that, they are too young to understand why you’re upset, so it would just scare them and hurt your relationship. It could even make them feel like they are in danger, which could make them act aggressively. It works much better to show them that you don’t care about this kind of behavior. And don’t forget to compliment them when they do well.

How to do separation training the right way with your chihuahua puppy

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To stop chihuahua puppies from having separation anxiety, you need to help them become more independent over time and teach them to associate good things with being alone.

You can accomplish this by giving them time alone slowly at first. First, go outside for a short time, like 5 to 10 minutes. Don’t make a big deal about leaving, because that can make your chihuahua feel anxious. Conversely, give them a lot of attention when you get back. This will give your dog something to look forward to the next time you leave.

The next day, leave for a little longer and keep adding to the time you spend apart. This shows your chihuahua dog that you are always going to return.

Encourage solo play with treat dispenser balls so that spending time alone will become a good thing. Then, try leaving your chihuahua with the toy when you leave the house, as long as it’s safe to do so. This will not only be fun, pass the time, and keep their minds busy, but chewing and playing with toys is also a great way for chihuahuas to cope with stress.

It’s also good to get your chihuahua puppy familiar with certain signs that you’re leaving. If they are old enough to notice patterns and guess what you will do next, do things like that you would normally do before leaving the house. Then stay and watch TV or play with your dog instead of leaving. This will show them that your actions aren’t anything to worry about, which will make them feel better about what’s to come.

If your chihuahua puppy has a lot of anxiety, you could try a pet product that helps calm them down. Many people who have young dogs find it helpful to give their dog a toy with a heartbeat. They make your dog feel like he has siblings and make him less lonely. You can also buy supplements and plug-in diffusers with natural ingredients like CBD and lavender that help calm your chihuahua puppy down.

How Long Does The Training Take?

How long it takes to train your chihuahua puppy to be alone depends on how anxious he is. But if you work on it daily, you should start to see a difference in your pup’s separation anxiety within a few weeks.

Being Hyperactive & Separation Anxiety in Chihuahua Puppies

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As we’ve already talked about, lack of stimulation can lead to separation anxiety, but it’s important not to overwork your chihuahua puppy because it can slow down their physical growth. So, how can you get your chihuahua dog to work out without making them too tired?

Chihuahua puppies need about 5 minutes of exercise for every month they are old, twice a day until they are adults. But some puppies are so active that this may not seem like enough.

To make walks as interesting and tiring as possible, try to walk in different places and do fun things like run, paddle, swim, or play fetch. Also, you should talk to as many friendly people and dogs as you can.

Mind exercise is just as important as going for walks and often makes you even more tired. Not only does it improve your dog’s overall health, but it also makes him less likely to be anxious. Toys, games, and teaching your chihuahua puppy new things are all great ways to keep his mind active.

The owner and dog played outside.


You can play games like “treasure hunt” and “hide and seek” with older chihuahua puppies that have learned the basics of training. To play hide-and-seek with your dog, just tell him to sit and stay while you hide somewhere inside. Then call them and ask them to come find you. The rules are the same, but you hide toys and treats instead of money.

Young dogs love to play fetch, chase, and tug, but you can make almost anything into a game with them. They can play for hours in the garden with a tub of water, bubbles, or anything that lights up or makes a fun sound.

Puzzle toys are great for older chihuahuas, but some puppies might not be ready for them yet. But you can try treat-dispensing balls, slow feeders, snuffle mats, and toys that make the dog’s senses more active.

If you’ve already taught your dog the basics, try teaching it some fun tricks, like how to roll over, dance, do acrobatics, or weave through your legs. You could also try to teach them what some of their toys are called. Visit our page for more chihuahua training tricks.

How To Be Certain That Your Chihuahua Puppy Is Safe When He or She Is Home Alone

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Young puppies should always be left in a small, safe area of the house, like a crate or dog gate, with enough room to stand up, lie down, and move around. This keeps them from getting hurt or hurting themselves at home.
Once they know the rules, you can let them roam around the house more freely. This is different for every dog because their personality and training make a big difference. Some dogs need 6–8 months, while others need 12.

If you’re going to be absent for a long time, make sure your chihuahua has access to his bed, some water, and, if possible, some toys.

How Long Can I Leave My Chihuahua At Home Alone?

How long you can leave your chihuahua puppy home alone depends on how old he or she is. Up until they are 6 months old, puppies can hold their urine for about one hour per month of age. So this rule is the best way to decide how long to leave your dog alone.

According to experts, you shouldn’t leave a puppy older than 6 months alone for more than 4 hours at a time.

What if I Have To Be Away From My Chihuahua Puppy For A Long Time?

If you have to leave your chihuahua puppy alone for longer than you’d like, ask someone you trust ( a family member) to come over and take care of him. Or, if you can, bring your dog to their house.

If you are often busy all day, you will have to make sure that your chihuahua puppy is the right choice for you and that you can have fun together when you are home. See if you can make special plans to bring your chihuahua with you. If you can’t, you could hire a dog sitter or ask around about a local doggy daycare.

Can A Traumatic Event Give A Chihuahua Puppy Separation Anxiety?

Puppies can get separation anxiety all of a sudden after experiencing something traumatic, like a scary noise. If this is the case, make sure to give your puppy a lot of love and attention, keep them busy with games and long walks, and try to give them a consistent routine for their day and bedtime.

Also, it’s a good idea to try to link triggers to something good when you can or to avoid them altogether. Invest in products that help with anxiety if you need to, and talk to a mental health professional if you think you need more help.

Can separation anxiety cause sickness in chihuahua puppies?

As was already said, separation anxiety can make dogs sick to their stomachs. But it shouldn’t make the dog sick unless the anxiety is very bad. Maybe because of a trauma, and the dog is old or already sick. Then, the worry might make things worse.

Illness can also make people anxious, but this is not likely to happen to chihuahua puppies. But if your dog is sick and that could be the cause of his or her anxiety, it should stop when the dog gets better.

Can separation anxiety make a chihuahua puppy act aggressively?

If a dog’s anxiety isn’t treated, it can get worse and cause them to act aggressively. Usually toward other pets but sometimes toward people as well.

But this doesn’t happen very often, and if you work on your pup’s separation anxiety. Then there’s no reason to think he or she will grow up to be an aggressive chihuahua dog.

Last Word

Separation anxiety in puppies can be seriously frustrating and upsetting, but hang in there! With a little bit of time and training, it will get better. If you need some extra help, don’t be afraid to reach out to a professional or visit our page on separation anxiety.


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