25 Interesting Facts About Deer Head Chihuahuas

Wouldn’t it be amazing to have a pet that you can take anywhere? If you are like a celebrity, a person who can want to take his dog wherever you go, a chihuahua is a great option available for you. It is pretty clear that you know already this breed of toy dog, But not every chihuahua is similar. In this section, you will know more facts about Deer Head chihuahuas. Their characteristics, pros and cons, is this dog a good choice for your family, etc.

What do we mean by a Deer Head Chihuahua?

deer head chihuahua

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What separates this type from other types of chihuahua is that the Deer head chihuahua has a face and head shape that looks like a young deer, has larger ears, a longer muzzle, and an inclined forehead.

Deer head chihuahuas have the reputation to be confident, sassy, feisty, and energetic. Due to their big personalities, a deer head chihuahua is always referred to as a large dog in a small dog’s body.

In addition, this type is classified as a toy breed. There are different debates about the deer head chihuahua’s origin and history. Some claimed that the Aztecs used to own this dog breed back in the 1500s. But, to be honest, the exact information about their history is widely unavailable.

In the 1900s, The AKC recognizes chihuahuas and divides them into two categories: The deer Head chihuahua and the Apple Head chihuahua. 

Here are some interesting facts you should know about this dog breed if you are planning to bring a small deer head chihuahua to your home.

Initial facts about Deer head chihuahuas

Deer head chihuahua starring at his owner

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1. The parents of a deer head chihuahua are not necessarily of the same type, they can be Apple Head Chihuahuas. An apple head and a Deer head can produce a Deer head. Even if they both are Apple heads they can give birth to Deer head puppies. In order to know if the puppy is a dear or apple head, you need to wait at least three or four weeks to recognize the type.

2. Deer head chihuahuas are known to have fewer health issues compared to their counterparts. Due to the difference in size, they are a bit larger than apple heads, this type is not prone to various health issues. In fact, small dogs regardless of their breed always suffer from a lot of health issues such as hypoglycemia

3. AKC doesn’t recognize deer head chihuahua as the breed standard. They are popular and also purebred chihuahuas. However, the apple head chihuahua is the standard breed recognized by the AKC. This means that a deer head chihuahua can’t compete in dog shows.

4. Deer head chihuahuas could be different patterns. They can come in as tri-colored, spotted, marked, piebald or splashed, brindle, and even merle.

5. Deer head chihuahuas are always seen in fawn color. The fawn color is the most popular, but a deer head chihuahua can come in black, red, cream, white, silver, chocolate, and even blue.

6. Deer head chihuahuas can have long or short coats. These little dogs can be long-haired or short-haired. Due to their long hair, long-haired deer head chihuahuas need more maintenance for their hair.

7. Deer head chihuahuas are less nervous compared to their counterparts. But this is not a constant rule, as there will be some exceptions. 

The shape of a Deer Head Chihuahua

8. The weight of a deer head chihuahua can reach 12 pounds. Normally, according to the AKC standard, the weight of a purebred chihuahua should never bypass 6 pounds.

9. A deer head chihuahua can have a round head. But it will never look like an Apple head.

10. Deer head chihuahuas tend to have a longer muzzle. Their muzzles are inclined and longer than apple heads.

11. Their eyes are not often bulbous, large, and round like their counterparts. However, if compared to other dog breeds, their eyes will look more round.

12. Deer Head chihuahuas have longer legs. Their Longer legs and the shape of their head make them look like tiny deer.

Advantages and disadvantages of owning a Deer Head Chihuahua

old deer head chihuahua

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Advantages :

13. They are suitable for Appartements and large houses as well.

14. Any movement outside their territory can trigger their barking such as the sound of a bird, cat, bicycle, or strangers. This is why they can make good watchdogs.

15. Their lifespan is one of the largest. they can reach 20 years.

16. Deer head chihuahuas are considered low-maintenance dogs. they don’t require a lot of brushing, bathing, etc.

17. They are potable. For this reason, parents can travel with them easily.


18. They can get along with children. Because they hurt them.

19. They used to build a strong bond with just one person in the household.

20. Their bones are very fragile. They can get injured easily.

21. They bark a lot. Even at night, following a strict training routine will teach them when they should not bark

22. They are stubborn, and sometimes it is hard to train them.

Additional Fun Facts About deer head Chihuahuas, and myths

23. In the past people believed that chihuahuas can heal some human diseases. like asthma.

24. There was a trend, where some people claim that chihuahuas are not dogs they are rats.

25. Chihuahua was Swept up by a Hawk. it was an accident that some witnesses claimed to happen in Bryant Park in Manhattan.

Caring For Your Deer Head Chihuahua

fawn deer head chihuahua looking at her owner

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Taking care of your Deer head chihuahua depends on the length of the dog’s coat. Long-haired chihuahuas will require brushing every week to keep their hair healthy and shiny. On the other hand, short hair won’t need a lot of brushing.

In addition, you will have to brush their teeth on a daily basis. Because dogs in general can get dental issues easily. Also, bathing your chihuahua every three weeks can help significantly your dog to be healthy and happy.

More FAQs About Deer Head Chihuahuas

Here are some questions we receive via our Facebook page about Deer head chihuahua

How do they reproduce? And what is their litter size?

Deer hear chihuahua mating process is similar to other dogs. The range of gestation period can vary between 58-66 days. There are a few exceptions, in some cases this period can reach 68 days. However, if your dog Reaches 68 days without showing any sign of giving birth you have to take your dog immediately to your vet. 

The litter size of a deer head chihuahua is related to her age. In fact, older chihuahuas can give birth to 6 puppies. And the younger one can have a litter size of four Deer Head chihuahua puppies.

What is the max speed of a  Deer Head Chihuahua?

The average speed of chihuahuas in general can vary between 8-21 mph (12.9-33.8 kph). Due to their fragile bones and small size, it is not advisable to train these dogs to run or to get involved in sports that require intense running. Instead, The aim of training must be being healthy and strong.

What is the amount of calorie intake that a Deer head chihuahua needs?

Their metabolism is quite high, this is because of their small size. Therefore Deer head chihuahuas will need a high amount of calories. The amount of calories has a direct relationship with the dog’s weight. In general, a deer head chihuahua will require 300-400 cal of food

Additional questions

What is the price of a Deer head chihuahua puppy?

The range you should expect is between  $300 and $1200. These prices are considered cheap because of the fact that deer head chihuahuas are not an AKC standard, and they can not participate in dog shows.

Is a deer head chihuahua a purebred?

Sure, if both parents are purebreds.

Is Deer head chihuahuas loyal?

Of course, all chihuahuas and regardless of their types have the tendency to be loyal.

How do deer head chihuahuas communicate?

In general, chihuahuas communicate very well. They tend to bark softly when they want something or to go somewhere such as the bathroom. Also, they bark when they feel that you are in danger. When someone is close to the house they alert you using their voice and head movements. 

When they suffer from a health issue they know what to do to let you know about it.

Does a deer head chihuahua shed so much?

No, They are considered medium shedders. They shed but not a lot like some dog breeds.

Final thought

Deer head chihuahua is very brave and they don’t have any problem attacking larger dogs when they feel danger. Their personality is big even with their small size.

Following the right training routine, providing care and love. A deer head chihuahua could be your perfect companion.

These dogs are very observant, playful, and loving.


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