How to Prevent a Chihuahua Puppy From Being Bored

Chihuahua puppies need lots of attention or activities to prevent boredom. a bored puppy will display destructive behaviors. Following simple tips can create a happier relationship.

Chihuahua Puppies are instinctively concerned about the new environment around them. the first experience of touching, smelling, and tasting an object is highly stimulating to a puppy. However, chihuahua puppies can easily become bored when there is a lack of stimulation or attention. A bored puppy will often show her/his destructive side if left ignored for a long period of time.

Why a chihuahua Puppy Becomes Bored

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A puppy may become bored because of a lot of reasons including:

  • A chihuahua puppy is a naturally social creature who needs the company of another puppy, pet, or person. A puppy may become bored when left alone for a long period of time.
  • A puppy will need plenty of exercise. Staying inside the house all day is not a good idea for both, the puppy and her owner.
  • Naturally, a puppy enjoys meeting new people and new pets. A puppy who is prevented from socializing with other people or dogs will certainly become bored.
  • A chihuahua puppy loves playing with toys. A puppy without toys is a bored puppy.

Behaviors of a Bored chihuahua Puppy

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A bored puppy will display various behavior patterns:

  • A chihuahua puppy who feels bored may destroy furniture or anything else which is reachable.
  • A bored puppy will mark his territory in the house, even if the puppy has received potty training.
  • A puppy may display other ‘bad’ behavior simply to get attention including whining and barking when he feels bored.
  • A bored chihuahua puppy may even become depressed. The puppy may lose appetite, become aggressive, lethargic, or withdrawn.

Tips to Stop chihuahua Puppy Boredom

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Preventing a puppy from becoming bored and displaying destructive behaviors is easy if you follow these simple tips. Puppies are just like humans they can become bored much in the same way.

To stop boredom in a chihuahua puppy:

  • Make sure the chihuahua puppy has plenty of toys to stimulate her senses. Dogs have a good sense of hearing and love squeaky toys. Also, for your puppy’s safety be sure the toy doesn’t have things that can be chewed off and swallowed by the puppy.
  • There are some puppy toys such as Kong toys that are good stimulators for puppies. Because these toys allow treats to be stored inside them. Also, these toys encourage a puppy to work at obtaining treats.
  • If the chihuahua puppy has to stay alone at home, make sure to exercise him/her before leaving the house. Because a tired puppy is more likely to sleep and ignore the presence of others. In addition, snuggle puppies will help young puppies feel secure if left alone.
  • Socializing the chihuahua puppy on walks where a lot of other dogs frequent, such as dog parks, and community areas will help the puppy learn how to behave in addition to preventing boredom.
  • Let your puppy play with people or kids who knows how to handle a chihuahua puppy.
  • Spend some quality time with the chihuahua puppy. 15 minutes or more on a daily basis is enough. You should involve activities solely with the puppy.
  • Chihuahua puppies crave attention and love to be part of the pack. This is why all family members should spend time with the puppy and show attention.
  •  Puppies in general love to chew things. This is why chewies and bully sticks are must-haves as they keep them entertained for a long time.

How to Enjoy the companionship of a Happy Puppy

If a chihuahua puppy is loved, socialized at a young age, and given the attention she needs, it is certain that the puppy will not become bored and destructive. Also, a chihuahua puppy must learn that there are times that he/she will stay alone at home. However, by following a few simple tips we mentioned earlier, a happier and healthier relationship should take place between a chihuahua puppy and the owner.

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