Chihuahua Fur Issues

Both Short and Long Coat Chihuahuas

Chihuahua hair issues can affect both chihuahuas, long-haired and short ones. Short hair is known also as the smooth coat and long-haired chihuahua are the two types of coats in the chihuahua breed. Except for the length of the fur, there is no difference between these types of chihuahuas, they may have the same health issues, temperament, and feeding requirements. etc.

Fur problems can happen to both types of chihuahua, But it can be more noticeable with a long-haired chihuahua.

The loss of hair is one of the most common fur issues with this breed. However, we can not explain it by normal shedding, there are different reasons why this happens.

Coat loss with a chihuahua Puppy

chihuahua puppy

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All dogs go through a process of losing the puppy coat and growing the adult coat, for some breeds this process can be noticeable, while the chihuahua breed can have varying degrees of noticeable change.

You may ask when my chihuahua loses its fur. it can begin when your puppy is 5 or 6 months old. But, because each puppy is unique it can start as young as 2 months old or as late as 7 months. the process can happen over the course of several months.

It is normal that there will be thinning, but if there is severe hair loss with bald spots, you should visit the veterinarian.

As you can see the skin of your puppy will be sensitive, then in order to protect it you will want to use gentle shampoos and canine conditioners during this time. also, you must use comfortable padding for your puppy to rest upon.

When your chihuahua is 1 year old, chi will have his or her adult coat. You may also notice that there is a color change, it can be darker or lighter. Also, the sibling can increase or decrease.

what is normal hair loss and what is abnormal?

During a chihuahua’s life, there may be times when the puppy’s hair is falling out. We must know that healthy males won’t have remarkable shedding issues. While females may have heavy sheds because of hormonal changes during heat cycles.

After giving birth to puppies a female will lose her hair, and it will take up to 6 months for her coat to grow back. stress is also a cause. Finally, severe fur loss can be caused by anesthetics.

when you must bring your chihuahua to a Vet

Many medical diseases and issues may exist and cause chihuahua hair loss, this is known as Alopecia. skin problems are also involved to cause hair loss.

Some reasons for this


The obvious symptom of canine allergy is incessant scratching, regardless of the trigger. Scratching can even result in more unwanted health issues like bacterial infection. The only source that can tell you the cause of your dog’s allergy is your vet, through allergy testing. The trigger could be dust, pollen, wood, etc. Your vet may suggest a series o immunotherapy injections to help your dog’s immune system to adapt to the allergen. In addition, if a type of food is the cause of itching and hair loss, The elimination diet will take a long time to define the food type that affects your chihuahua. The good news is that once the itching stops while on a particular food, the dog will eat that particular food for the rest of his life.

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There are a lot of skin parasites that can cause hair loss. Your vet may suggest a topical or oral flea preventive if he notices that your dog has a flea allergy. Moreover, other parasites’ bites can cause hair loss like mange mites, whose crowded presence can lead to patchy or general alopecia. In this case, a topical flea preventive is available to eradicate mange mites. In addition, there is a fungus called Ringworm, which is contagious to pets and even to people. They can cause scaliness, redness, and hair loss. 

Chihuahua Bald Spots

Some chihuahuas naturally have bald spots. Normally, these areas of hair loss could be noticed after the dog’s first birthday, located in the back, thighs, chest, neck, and external parts of the ear. Unfortunately, there is no remedy for this genetic issue. However, you can take the dog to rule out other causes.

Bacterial skin infection

Your vet may recommend some antibiotics for skin infections and recommend moisturizers for dry skin.


the issue is involving abnormal hair loss in chihuahua dogs. The fur will fall out easily.

if your chihuahua experiences abnormal hair loss you should visit your VET.

unexplained fur loss treatments

There are 3 essential remedies you can use to help your chi to bring back coat. But, if and only if, all health issues are not ruled out.

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1. Melatonin:

The one which is dedicated to human consumption is often of good quality. Compared to the one dedicated to pet consumption. So, the first thing to put in mind is that it can make a dog feel sleepy. But don’t worry because it’s safe

2. Omega3.6.9:

it plays a role in maintaining and restoring healthy skin and coat.

3. restorative coat/bath products:

You must use the rescue lotion twice daily for the 1st week, and massage any thinning or balding spots for 5 minutes.

Last word

It is always advisable to ask your vet before changing your dog’s medication, diet, or physical activity routines. The information in this article is not a substitute for your vet’s suggestion.


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