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Dogs are an important part of our life, we spend with them the most beautiful and special moments. We are there to offer the care and attention they deserve, we give them treats, and we spend long hours training them and playing with them. Our main goal is to make our chihuahua happy. However, chihuahuas are also creatures with feelings and emotions. There will be times when they will be unhappy or upset. Unfortunately, being sad is part of the life of all creatures with emotions. Our crying chihuahua will need our support and love.

Being the witness of a tiny crying chihuahua is unbearable. It makes you ready to do anything to eliminate the cause of your chihuahua’s suffering, pain, or discomfort. Being the parent of a chihuahua means that there are times when you can see your chihuahua crying. You might be thinking about the causes and how to deal with them. In this section, we will cover some helpful insights about crying chihuahua and tips to make your tiny dog happy.

The Reasons Why Do Chihuahuas Cry?

Chihuahuas are unique dogs, they crave attention and love. Like any other dog, chihuahuas can get emotional. The most strong tool they have to get attention is their voice. They tend to use their voice to alert you of an issue, or harm, or to alert you about the presence of something. Chihuahuas have a very special cry, they are distinguished by their whining and whimpering. Even if their crying is not very loud in volume, it is high-pitched. The factors that control your chihuahua’s crying frequency are their training, the way how you respond, and their temperament.

1. You should know the difference between Crying And  Tearing Up

All dogs including chihuahuas produce tears in order to help lubricate their eyes for protection and comfort. If you notice that your chihuahua’s eyes are water, don’t worry because it is a natural way to refresh her vision. This natural reflex helps the dogs to have healthy vision. 

2. Attention

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Crying is the only way chihuahuas have to get your attention. They try to get your attention for many reasons, for example, to alert you about a stranger(cat, bicycle, car, or people) walking around, to ask you to pet them or brush them, or to ask you to take them outside or to the bathroom. in brief, since there is no possibility to use words like humans, chihuahuas have the tendency to cry to get the owner to notify them to ask for whatever they need.

Communication is so important to make a relationship successful. Dogs always cry for a reason. They let out a soft cry to tell you that they are hungry and they need food, especially if you didn’t respect the timing of their eating schedule. Their cry is a good reminder to the owner that they need a treat. You should remember that the reasons behind your chihuahua’s crying are not something to worry about. It is a way of communicating their needs to you, this way you will avoid misunderstanding for a healthy relationship with your dog.

As mentioned before crying is a way of communication, however, sometimes crying means that there is a serious concern to worry about. These reasons could be emotional, or physical pain, or a situation where your chihuahua has some discomfort. For instance, when a chihuahua faces a larger dog, she may cry to let you know that she gets scared. Or When your dog gets an injury she may let out a whine to tell you about her pain. You should understand your chihuahua very well to know whether his needs are normal or he is in a serious situation.

3. Lacking Affection

Chihuahuas are the smallest breed of dog in the world, which means that they are weak and vulnerable. Therefore, they need extra attention and love to ease their anxiety. Chihuahuas tend to get attached to their owners very strongly. They are protective dogs. 

So when you hear your tiny chihuahua crying you can hold her to be able to calm her. However, every situation will need a special way to be fixed.

4. Lack of Entertainment

Chihuahua puppy playing

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Regardless of their size chihuahuas are very energetic. They can act out of control when they feel bored. To release their pent-up energy they may cry, bark, or whimper.

In fact, when a chihuahuas need to release her energy, she will show signs of wanting to play such as wagging their tails in a fast way, jumping around the furniture, etc. To help your dog, you should take her outside to play. Make sure to watch your chihuahua while she is playing to avoid any attack from a larger dog.

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5. Illness

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There are different health issues that may push your dog to cry. If your chihuahua gets an injury of some kind, she may cry. Also, your dog may cry when he has eaten something that doesn’t agree with him. In this situation, you have to spot the reasons why your dog is crying.

Eye allergies could be the main reason why your dog is crying. In this case, it is not necessarily that your dog is in pain, either physical or mental. If you are living in an area with high levels of pollen, consider keeping your windows closed or you can install an air purifier.

Furthermore, your chihuahua may show signs of allergy to some dog food. Or the dog may have fleas. In this case, you will notice frequent and unusual licking and biting behavior. Remember that the dogs often lick and bite the affected areas of the body.

6. Fear and Anxiety

To understand the fear of your chihuahua puppy, you should see things from the dog’s perspective. Everything in the puppy’s environment is new. This is why some puppies will display unexpected behaviors. Some of them will keep those primal behaviors even after they grow older.

It is pretty clear that all dogs will do whatever it takes to protect their territory. For this reason, they bark at just anything that moves around the territory. A little bird or a child may trigger a chihuahua barking.

Fear of kids running outside, of shadows, of weather phenomena, or even fear of being alone can all cause your tiny chihuahua to cry.

When you notice that your chihuahua is getting scared of a special thing such as dark, rain outside that triggers an unbearable instinctive fear in your dog’s mind. You have to show your dog that everything is ok and there is nothing t worry about. 

7. Your Chihuahua dog Is Hungry

When you notice that your chihuahua is crying just before feeding time. This could be a sign that your dog is hungry and you need to adjust your dog‘s feeding schedule.

If your dog is still a puppy you should remember that he will need more food. During, this period they will need an important amount of food as they are still drawing and developing very fast. Also, you have to increase their food intake because their requirements will increase too.

When your work doesn’t allow you to be present all day at home. There are some automated dog feeders that can help feed your dog at a timed interval. This way you will be sure that your dog is not starving when you are not at home.

Avoid overfeeding your chihuahua dog, because it will lead to gaining weight. In other words, your chihuahua will be obese which means that he may suffer from some health issues such as hypoglycemia and back issues.

When your dog cries during feeding, it is advisable to take her to your veterinarian to identify the issue.

SIDE NOTE: Here is a list of food that you should never give to your chihuahua: Foods a chihuahua Can’t Eat

8. Your Dog Needs To Go To The Bathroom

Sometimes chihuahua crying is meant to tell you that she needs to go outside to do her business. In this case, you should understand her need, if not be ready for a potential cleanup.

As mentioned before if your schedule doesn’t let you be at home for a long period of time, you can buy some absorbents, to help you with fast cleaning and that kills the odor. There are a lot of brands out there you can test.

9. Blocked Tear Ducts

When This condition is at play, your dog may actually tear up more than habitual. In this case, the increased watering of the eyes will stain the fur. Therefore, you will see brownish-colored around the eyes of your chihuahua.

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How to Stop Your Chihuahua Dog From Crying

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Before we start there is a fact you should take into consideration. If your dog is still a puppy it is normal for puppies to cry when introduced to a new environment. Try to calm them, and be patient. It will take just some days for them to bypass their anxiety.

1. recognize the Reason

It is very important to identify the cause of why your dog cries. Knowing the root cause will help you to choose the right approach to follow, Whether it’s bad behavior or a health issue. If your chihuahua used to cry as a behavioral reaction to tell you about a need or something else. You can teach your dog how to communicate without crying. However, if your dog cries because of physical pain or hidden diseases. There is almost nothing you can do to stop their crying and whining. The best thing you can do in this case is to take your dog to your vet to recognize the cause of the pain.

2. Don’t Recompense Bad Behavior

You should remember that you are the leader of the household and your dog must know this fact. If your chihuahua is crying to get your attention to be petted or to be touched, it is crucial to train them not to cry for those things. You should not respond even if their crying is unbearable. Instead, reward them by giving them a treat after they stop crying. This way you will inform your dog that crying is not necessary in order to get your affection and love.

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3. Keep Your Chihuahua Busy

Lack of regular activities can cause your dog to be bored and stressed. Therefore, they will cry and even jump over your furniture. Your chihuahua must have access to regular activities on a daily basis. You should take them outside for running or playing for at least 30 minutes per day. Mouvements help dogs realize their pent-up energy and decrease stress.

4. Your Chihuahua Must feel Safe 

Your chihuahua’s environment must be controlled, they can get easily stressed and scared by kids and strangers. So, you have to choose wisely the place where they can sleep and feel safe. Also, you have to inform your family members to respect the dog’s special area, this way your dog will feel secure and stop crying.

Thing You Should Never Do When Your Chihuahua Is Crying

It is pretty clear that hearing your chihuahua crying is annoying and sometimes extremely frustrating, it is all-natural. Avoid at any cost yelling or shouting at your dog. This approach may lead to unwanted results such as being aggressive. Instead, you have to calm your dog and reduce his anxiety.

Whenever you feel frustrated about your dog’s crying, be patient and try to figure out the source of this issue.

Last word

It is crystal clear that chihuahuas are easily prone to anxiety and have the tendency to cry more often than any other dog breed. I hope the tips above can help you figure out the reason why your chihuahua is crying and how to deal with it. Your chihuahua deserves the best.


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