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ill dogChihuahuas are one of the beautiful creatures in the world. they are tender loving animal and it is regarded as the best and most adorable pet. It needs and requires a lot of care from its owners. This will include taking good care of their health conditions. Like humans, dog allergies are bad and react abnormally to changes in the body or environment. These allergies might lead to sickness if not treated properly on time.

Causes of Allergies in chihuahuas

There are different ways in which the chihuahua can have allergic reactions. All these, affect the dog in different ways. However, there are two main causes of Allergies in chihuahua:

Internal Allergies

The internal allergies are the results of the kind of food the chihuahua takes or by some foreign object ingested. The chihuahua may be allergic to the kind of preservatives or chemicals present in the feeds and react to them negatively. This is the case when you feed your chihuahua with low-grade dog feeds.

The chihuahua might also be allergic to medications. This will make the dog behaves abnormally. You should also mind the kind of substance your dog ingests as they have a very delicate digestive system. This makes them react or get allergic symptoms when they take in anything that is unfavorable.

External Allergies

These are allergies that are due to external factors, such as reactions to things or substances in the environment. These factors may include chemicals. Such as shampoo, a chemical used in cleaning the rugs, pollen grains, dust, and flea bites, insect bites. These external allergies usually affect the skin causing irritation that may lead to injuries.

Types of Allergies

There are two main types of allergies that affect a chihuahua. We are going to highlight those allergies in this article:

Food Allergies

Food allergies are allergies that are usually due to the kind of dog feed being given to a chihuahua. They are commonly caused by low-grade dog feeds that contain preservation, chemicals, or animal by-products. The dog might be allergic to these substances present in these sub-standard feeds and it starts to develop gastrointestinal problems, red and inflamed skin, experience hair loss, ears, and legs might turn red, and the legs might become flaky. Food allergies will most likely lead to diarrhea, ear infection, and vomiting, which will result in weight loss in the chihuahua.

Skin Allergies

This kind of allergy is caused mostly by an external reaction, cracks, injuries, swelling, inflammation in the skin. Skin allergies can also be due to the food intake of the dog which may cause skin irritation.

The main causes of skin allergies are chemicals, shampoo wash, pollen dust, insect bite, and chemical due to the environment. These kinds of allergies are very difficult to control because they are external as the chihuahuas might react to a chemical used in cleaning the rugs or detergent. Also, a chemical that is in the environment such as gas fumes, exhaust gas, flares from industries, etc.

Symptoms of Allergies in chihuahua

When your chihuahua is allergic to substances, you will easily notice as the chihuahua starts behaving abnormally. The dog will start scratching excessively creating cracks in the skin. Also, the symptoms are sometimes vomiting, diarrhea, biting, watery eyes, redness in the skin, hair loss, loss in weight, biting, restlessness, etc.

Diagnosing Allergies

When you notice symptoms. It is advisable to take your chihuahua to the veterinarian for a proper diagnosis and check-up. In order to determine the cause of the allergies. A series of tests will be carried out by the veterinary doctor to trace the problem and determine the main cause of the allergies and proper treatment administered.

Treatment of Allergies

The treatment of allergies after proper diagnosis will include administering medication. Especially in the case of internal allergies which involve the ingestion of food or harmful substances.

In the case of skin allergies. The veterinary doctor might consider the use of cm that the owner can apply to the skin to heal places of cracks.

In treating allergies in the chihuahua, one has to be aware of the cause of the allergies. Then one should set preventive measures to avoid such circumstance that leads to allergic conditions in the first place.


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