Chihuahua Vomiting Issue

Chihuahua is a delicate breed of dog. With its small nature, it gets very weak easily when it is sick. It has little mass strength unlike other breeds of dogs. So, when you are a witness of a Chihuahua vomiting issue, you have reason to be of concern. They can really lose a lot of strength when they are vomiting especially when it is continuous or chronic. When it is chronic, you should take the Chihuahua to the veterinarian immediately for treatment.

In this section we will discuss:

  • Types of Vomiting issues
  • Food Intolerance Treatment
  • Treatment of Vomiting in Chihuahua

Types of chihuahua vomiting issues

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Acute Vomiting

Acute vomiting in Chihuahua is a one-time vomiting episode that seizes after the first vomit. In most cases, it is not a serious episode or something that you should get worried about. But you have to pay close attention to the Chihuahua as you observe the dog and its aftermath reaction. Sometimes, acute vomiting might be caused by indigestion, overfeeding, eating too fast, or swallowing a foreign object. But this stops usually after the first episode of vomiting.

It is advisable to observe the Chihuahua in this state. Then you have to observe if it shows any stress in breathing, showing a sign of weakness, or trying too hard to vomit again.

The Chihuahua gets dehydrated easily. So, for this reason, you should provide the Chihuahua with a soft meal immediately after the acute vomiting to regain energy.

The Experience of Chronic Vomiting

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Chronic vomiting is a more severe case of vomiting. Where the Chihuahua continues to vomit in more than one episode and in some cases violently. This is very dangerous as the Chihuahua will lose vital fluid and therefore loss energy which will make the Chihuahua weak. It might lead to serious complications and sickness if not paid immediate attention to. There are various causes of chronic vomiting and food intolerance only makes up 10% of the reason for chronic vomiting in Chihuahua.

Chronic vomiting through food intolerance is mostly due to a change in the kind of feed and it can easily be detected and reversed.

Cause of Chronic Vomiting

Chronic vomiting may be fatal. It is advised to visit the veterinarian and avoid treatment at home when you notice these conditions. The causes of chronic vomiting include:

You can see that most cases of chronic vomiting are serious cases that will require the attention of a professional.

Vomiting Food After Eating

When your chihuahua throws up food right after eating at the same place where she started to eat. And the food has not been digested. Then, the technical name of this condition is regurgitation. You may also notice that the chunks of food are identical to what was in the bowl.

The common cause of this situation is that your chihuahua ate her food too quickly. To eradicate this issue you should buy a slow-feeding bowl. Don’t worry these bowls are safe for your dog, however, you should be sure to avoid bowels made of plastic, as they may be the cause of terrible allergic reactions. Instead, be sure to buy small Stainless Steel Dog bowels for your chihuahua.

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Vomiting Right After Exercise

 In some cases, chihuahuas may throw up after exercise or even during the exercise. The main reason for this is that the period of time between eating and activity was too short. You should remember that even with their small size chihuahuas are a super active breed.

To avoid this type of Vomiting you should wait at least 20 minutes before starting an activity with your dog such as playing and walking.

Throwing Up After Eating Grass

You may ask why some dogs eat grass. Unfortunately, there is no response to this question. While some people think that dogs ingest grasses in order to encourage vomiting. Others think that dogs ingest grass to benefit from the nutrients they need. And vomiting is just a bad result.

As you know chihuahua is a breed that needs supervision when they are outside. Because of their small size, they are easily prone to a lot of dangers. For this reason, you have to prevent your chihuahua from eating grass. The grass may contain lawn care chemicals and insects.

There are a lot of dangers of eating grass, Firstly, it may contain some poisonous weeds. Secondly, your dog may ingest small pebbles that can result in blockage. Thirdly, grass may contain feces and urine of other pets, so eating it may result in some unwanted conditions like worms and Leptospirosis.

If you notice that your little dog shows an urge to ingest grass. You should change the dog’s diet and bring high-quality food. Also, the dog must receive his daily vitamins and mineral supplement.

Vomiting and Diarrhea

In many cases, your chihuahua will experience Diarrhea and vomiting simultaneously, and it could be a source of worry for you. With their small size and limited bodily fluids, it could take only a few hours for a chihuahua to become dehydrated. 

The causes of this are the same causes of vomiting alone. They may include conditions like parvo and distemper

In this situation, you should never give your dog any solid food at all. Instead, give him a liquid diet of water mixed with Pedialyte. Also, during this situation, your must not let your dog alone at home. Keep a close eye on your little dog for any new symptoms.

You can give the dog a little amount of bland food after 24 hours to see his reaction. So, if there is any red flag such as bloody diarrhea, diarrhea and vomiting never stop. You have to take your dog immediately to your vet.

Food Intolerance Treatment

Food intolerance can be the cause of chronic vomiting; however, you have to be 100% sure that it is food intolerance before you proceed to treatment.

Food intolerance might be due to a change in the kind of feed. In such cases, you just have to change the kind of feed or return to the previous one. While in some cases the Chihuahua might just be in a state of rejecting strong feed, which may be due to a problem in the stomach lining. When it is diagnosed that it had to do with a problem in the stomach lining and the Chihuahua is put on medication. Therefore, you should prepare a soft feed that will go easy on the stomach lining of the Chihuahua.

A Bland diet that will not put much pressure on the stomach is good and most experts recommend it, while the feed should be mixed with much water to make it easily digestible and easy on the stomach.

Treatment of Vomiting in Chihuahua

In an acute case of vomiting. You will have to feed the dog with a light feed. In order, to regain energy loss through dehydration when vomiting. Acute cases are not necessarily of major concern as homemade remedies might suffice.

However, in cases of chronic vomiting. The vet should diagnose the Chihuahua properly to determine the cause of the vomiting. Then, put it under proper treatment and diet.  A special home meal should be provided for the dog during the period that the Chihuahua is on medication. This special meal will enable the stomach lining to relieve stress so the food can be digested easily.

Last word

In summary, the Chihuahua needs proper care during the period of experiencing vomiting, as the Chihuahua will be weak. This weakness is due to the Chihuahua’s small mass and would have lost energy and body fluid during the period of vomiting.

You should encourage the Chihuahua to drink enough water especially after vomiting to help restore fluid in the body.


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