Foods a chihuahua Can’t Eat

It is not necessary that all the foods we eat, our chihuahua can also eat because there is some foods dog can’t eat. There are also some types of food that we find very healthy and good to eat. But it’s not the same for our dogs. The digestive system of a human and chihuahuas is quite different causing the difference in the type of food to be eaten. It is important to have an idea about the foods that shouldn’t be given to chihuahuas if you are thinking of keeping a pet. Below is the list

1. Alcohol:

dog and alcohol

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We humans think that drinking could make you forget everything around you, but the same doesn’t apply to chihuahuas. Alcohol is highly toxic as it suppresses all the functions of the central nervous system and causes damage to parts of the body.

A dog may show different symptoms of alcohol poisoning such as weakness, loss of motor skills, panting, hypothermia, difficulty breathing, involuntary urination, and hypoglycemia. In addition in some severe cases, the situation will be even worst, because there is the possibility of coma, seizure, and even death. 

A baby chihuahua could even die if a sip of high-proof liquor is provided to her. So, it will be better to keep your alcohol to yourself.

There are also some foods that contain alcohol including Energy drinks, Non-stick cooking spray, Fondues, Mouthwash, Anti-bacterial soap, vitamins, and Sugarless gum. 

2. Chocolate

chihuahua should not eat chocolate

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Unlike humans, chocolate can be harmful to dogs immediately. As it contains two methylxanthine substances which are caffeine and theobromine. These substances are toxic to dogs, especially theobromine.

Theobromine called also xantheose, is the primary alkaloid that cacao and chocolate may contain. When a dog especially small breeds like chihuahuas eat chocolate, the theobromine excites the release of norepinephrine and epinephrine. As a consequence, a chihuahua may suffer from cardiovascular issues such as increased heart rate and arrhythmias. Dogs take a long period of time to metabolize theobromine. In other words, while a piece of chocolate may be safe for humans, it can be lethal to our chihuahua.

Your chihuahua may display different symptoms of chocolate poisoning such as hyperactivity, rapid breathing, diarrhea, vomiting, excessive urination, tremors, and low blood pressure.

Also, we can find theobromine in some foods including Dry, unsweetened cocoa powder, White chocolate, Milk chocolate, Cocoa beans, and Dark chocolate.

3. Caffeine


dog and coffee

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The world’s most popular drink which is used in many food items also to give them flavor is highly poisonous for the chihuahuas. It will be better to keep all your caffeine to yourself just like alcohol. Because the metabolism of our chihuahuas can’t bear caffeine. Also, the Consumption of caffeine may lead to dehydration, panting, shaking, and in the worst cases death.

Also, Hyperactivity, dehydration, panting, hyperthermia, vomiting, excitement, and shaking are the symptoms of caffeine poisoning that a chihuahua may display. In severe cases, seizures and death may happen. 

In addition, there are some elements that may contain caffeine including Teabags, Chocolate, Green tea, Caffeinated soda, Protein bars, and Ice cream.

4. Uncooked food:


dog eating Uncooked food:

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A dough of bread has yeast in it which is uncooked and could be toxic to a chihuahua. The fermentation of yeast in the stomach of a chihuahua can cause symptoms like distention in the abdomen, confusion, diarrhea, and lack of coordination in movement. If all these signs remain persistent for a long time then the dog may go into a coma. So, giving your chihuahua the food he can digest would be the best thing to do.

5. Fruits and fruit seeds

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Some of the foods containing cyanide could be harmful to a chihuahua as it acts as a strong poison for them. These foods include Peaches, Apricots, Nectarines, Plum, and cherries. Some researchers state that cherries could be harmful to the canines of the dog. The reason this doesn’t happen to humans is that humans tend to swallow the whole of the cherry leaving no scope for breaking the seed. Whereas the chihuahua has sharper canines through which it breaks the seed releasing the toxicity and causing harm to canines.

6. Garlic


dog eats Garlic

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For humans, garlic could be the solution for treating stomach-related problems. But for a chihuahua, it could be extremely toxic. The thiosulphate present in garlic could be another thing that causes problems like gastroenteritis and its long-term ingestion can lead to problems like hemolytic anemia. Garlic in all its forms(cooked, powdered, even food that has garlic) should be kept out of your dog’s reach.

Your chihuahua may show some symptoms of garlic poisoning such as lethargy, weakness, excessive salivation, diarrhea, vomiting, and excessive urination. Death can be a result too in some severe cases. Your dog may display these symptoms within 24 to 72 hours after ingesting garlic.

7. Nuts

macadamia nuts a chihuahua should not eat

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Not all nuts are harmful to the dog. There are certain specific nuts that cause upset in the stomach like pistachios, pecans, hickory nuts, and almonds. Walnut consumption could lead to neurological problems or seizures. There is also a specific type of nut named Macadamia which is considered toxic for a chihuahua. Though the nut is toxic it is not often deadly. The studies have done so far only demonstrate the effect of the Macadamia nut could only be seen in the canines. If the nuts are ingested by a dog then there are chances that it may cause loss of muscle coordination or depression, hyperglycemia, tremors, increased heart rate, and vomiting. The dog may display these symptoms within 2 to 12 hours of exposure.

8. Xylitol sweetener


Xylitol sweetener:

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This is a substitute for sugar used widely by human beings. This is generally harmful to the canines of chihuahuas. So, it is very much necessary to go through labels before giving anything to chihuahuas. If ingested in large amounts then this may cause hypoglycemia, which if left untreated could put the chihuahua in a coma. The sweetener is more toxic to the dog than any chocolate. The product containing these should be avoided at any cost.

The symptoms are lethargy, hypoglycemia, weakness, and jaundice. Collapse, liver failure, and death are also possible results after digesting xylitol. The dog may display these symptoms after 10 to 30 minutes.

9. Onion



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It gives flavor to all the dishes made. Without adding onion the food looks like there is something missing. But this flavor enhancer onion could be harmful to chihuahuas. If the dog ingests the piece of onion even by mistake then he could suffer from Heinz body anemia. In this anemia, all the red blood cells of the body are destroyed. The most common signs include discolored urine, pale gums, increased heartbeat and breathing, lethargies, depression, vomiting, pale gums, lethargy, excessive and/or involuntary urination, and weakness. Also, death is a possible result in some severe cases.

Last word

So, all the above-given food could be the best way to keep a chihuahua happy and healthy. Though it is difficult to maintain that life for them a good owner will further help in keeping the level of energy constant. Not all foods are bad, but there is a large need for reducing the content which may lead to severe diabetes.

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