Hair Loss Around The Dog’s eyes, Causes And Caution


There are a lot of reasons for hair loss in dogs. However, when the only area which is affected by hair loss is around the dog’s eyes, The list of conditions can be narrowed down considerably. A lot of owners may ask if that hair around the dog’s eye is going to grow back. Fortunately, yes, it will grow back if you recognize and treat the condition.

The causes of Hair Loss Around The Dog’s eyes

A possible skin Issue

There are a lot of skin problems that can cause a dog to develop its loss around the eye. For example, a dog may have a parasite, such as Demodex Canis.

Yeast infection can be another cause of bacterial folliculitis or A SKIN ALLERGY.

Something in the environment like food and fleas could be the cause of allergies. And the dogs who suffer from allergies are typically itchy.

The vet will take a skin scrape of your dog’s skin cells if he or she suspects a skin problem. Then he or she will look at the sample under the microscope to try to identify the underlying cause.



Fleas in dogs

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They are considered the most popular causes of itching and fur loss in dogs.

Prevention is required in these cases. However, even with all the necessary prevention some of these creatures can find a way to bite a dog’s skin which can lead to days of skin irritation.

Normally we know that flea allergy dermatitis is located on the legs and near the base of the tail, However fur loss and irritation can happen anywhere even around the dog’s eyes.

Dogs who suffer from flea allergy dermatitis may show some unwanted behaviors such as biting, scratching at their skin, fur loss, change in the color of skin, dry skin, and skin infections.

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Periocular alopecia is a condition recognized when a dog develops hair loss around the eyes.

When your dogs suffer from an eye problem. As a consequence, they will always try to paw their eyes and even rub their eye around the furniture and carpet. And because of this, they may lose the hair around their eyes.

In this case, we recommended that your dog must see the vet. As the vet can do a complete eye exam to identify whether the dog is suffering from glaucoma or eye disorders.

As we know redness, discharge and pain accompanied always problems eyes. When there is no eye problem, then another likely possibility for a dog suffering from hair loss around the eyes is that the dog is having a skin issue.


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Mange is also a very popular cause of hair loss around the dog’s eyes and puppies.

There is a microscopic mite living on the dog’s skin naturally. This mite is the most common form of mange that causes fur loss around a dog’s eyes. Called also Demodex.

Although it is common for Demodex to exist on the dog’s skin, a big number of these microscopic creatures can cause serious skin reactions.

Overpopulation of Demodex can happen when the immune system of the dog is weak, caused by any sort of disease or stress.

The signs of overpopulation of Demodex mites are the fur loss around the eyes, followed by fur loss around the muzzle and then the other parts of the body.

The worst thing about these creatures is that they are the cause of skin itchiness, leading to even more fur loss over time.

Also, constant scratching and biting may result in injured skin. In this situation, bacteria can find their way into the injured skin, resulting in secondary skin infections.

Mange is common in puppies and young breed, also the ability to develop this condition vary depending on the dog’s breed.

There are some puppies who are able to grow with these creatures naturally present on their skin. However, most of them demand proper treatment.

To diagnose Demodex the vet can look at the collected sample from an affected area under the microscope. This latter can help him to see easily Demodex mites.

To treat this condition there are several ways to follow such as oral medications, medicated baths, and/or injectable treatments.

In some cases, the vet will recommend some antibiotics to deal with skin infections caused by scratching.

The Demodex treatment may vary depending on the severity of your dog’s case and the treatment of your preference.

Fungal Skin Infections


Fungal infection is also a common cause of skin irritation and fur loss, This condition can even result in loss around the dog’s eyes.

The fur loss starts from around the eyes and eventually may spread to the muzzle.

Fungal conditions can happen anywhere on the dog’s body, resulting in fur loss. This condition may have some negative impacts on your dog’s skin and coat such as skin oozing, skin irritation, crusty lesions, dry skin, and a change in the coat’s appearance.

To diagnose this condition it is better to ask your vet.

Eye Injuries

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Fur loss around the eye in some dogs can be caused by eye injuries. Canine can experience eye injuries because of some contact with other dogs or because of some foreign objects in their eyes. 

So in order to relieve the discomfort caused by eye injuries dogs paw at their eye. This way the area around the eyes can experience fur loss around the eyes.

The eye injury is accompanied by other negative impacts that may occur around the eye, such as redness of the eye, facial sensitivity, and fur loss around the eye.

Owners should never underestimate eye injuries as they can lead to some serious conditions like eye damage. So it is very important to seek vet care if you think that your dog is suffering from an eye injury.

Eye Conditions

There are eye conditions like Glaucoma, corneal ulcers, dry eye, conjunctivitis, and many other conditions that can cause discomfort and pain for our dogs. The pain and discomfort push the dog to paw at their eye, leading to fur loss around their eye.

In order to diagnose this condition, we do it via eye exams, eye pressure tests, and eye staining. In addition, this condition may have some symptoms including, eye discharge, cloudy appearance of the eye, eye redness, and so on.

There is no action you can take except to take your dog to the vet.

When Should You Worry About Fur Loss Around Your Dog’s Eye?

When your dog is losing fur around his eye, you may ask when it is time to consult a vet about this strange occurrence.

You should put in mind that fur loss of any kind is usually a symptom of an implicit cause, which means that you have to take your furry friend to the vet.

In addition, healthy dogs should never lose fur around their eyes. And if you notice any kind of irritation you should seek your vet’s care to determine the root cause.

When your dog is showing any sign of eye injury, you have to take him ASAP to the vet. Because eye injuries can result in permanent damage and vision loss in dogs.

Always keep your dog’s eye health safe.

Things to avoid

The area under the eye is delicate. Therefore, any products used here can touch the eye. So it’s very important for the dog’s parents to not try to treat the hair loss at home using some irritating products that can cause damage.


It is important to play safe. And see your vet when you think that your dog has hair loss around his eye. Because your vet will treat the underlying cause accordingly. Then, recommend you some vet-approved products that are safe to use around the dog’s eyes.


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