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Hair Loss Around The Dog’s eyes, Causes And Caution

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There are a lot of reasons for a dog’s eyes hair loss. However, when the only area which is affected by hair loss is around the dog’s eyes. The list of conditions can be narrowed down considerably. A lot of owners may ask if that hair around the dog’s eye is going to grow back. Fortunately, yes, it will grow back if you recognize and treat the condition.

A possible skin Issue

There are a lot of skin problems that can cause a dog to develop its loss around the eye. For example, a dog may have a parasite, such as Demodex Canis.

Yeast infection can be another cause of bacterial folliculitis or A SKIN ALLERGY.

Something in the environment like food and fleas could be the cause of allergies. And the dogs who suffer from allergies are typically itchy.

The vet will take a skin scrape of your dog’s skin cells if he or she suspects a skin problem. Then he or she will look at the sample under the microscope to try to identify the underlying cause.


Eye Problem May Be the Cause

Periocular alopecia is a condition recognized when a dog develops hair loss around the eyes.

When your dogs suffer from and an eye problem. As a consequence, they will always try to paw their eyes and even rub their eye around the furniture and carpet. And because of this, they may lose the hair around their eyes.

In this case, we recommended that your dog must see the vet. As the vet can do a complete eye exam to identify whether the dog is suffering from glaucoma or eye disorders.

As we know redness, discharge and pain accompanied always problems eyes. When there is no eye problem, then another likely possibility for a dog suffering from hair loss around the eyes is that the dog is having a skin issue.

Things to avoid

The area under the eye is delicate. Therefore, any products used here can touch the eye. So it’s very important for the dog’s parents to not try to treat the hair loss at home using some irritating products that can cause damage.


It is important to play safe. And see your vet when you think that your dog has hair loss around his eye. Because your vet will treat the underlying cause accordingly. Then, recommend you some vet-approved products that are safe to use around the dog’s eyes.




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