When Your Chihuahua Keeps Getting Fleas

Is your small furry friend always itching? Having fleas is not only uncomfortable for your Chihuahua, but it can also cause other health problems.
Read on to find out why your Chihuahua may have fleas and what you can do to help get rid of them.

This Is The Flea


Fleas are very annoying because they make their hosts itch and feel bad.

The flea is a small bug with no wings that feeds on the blood of birds and mammals. The flea is an outside parasite that feeds on the blood of its target. Every day, a single flea can eat up to 15 times its own weight in blood.

The flea’s body is squeezed from side to side, which makes it flat.

This makes it easier for the flea to move through the hair of its host. The flea has long legs that help it jump well. A bug can jump 200 times as high as it is long.
The mouth parts of a flea are made to pierce the skin and drink blood. The flea’s teeth are like saw blades and can cut through the skin. After biting through the skin, the flea injects its saliva into the hole. The anticoagulants in the saliva keep the blood from clotting.
Pet owners often have trouble with fleas. Fleas can be picked up from the surroundings or from other animals by dogs and cats.

Flea infestations are hard to get rid of and often need to be treated by a professional.

How to Tell if Your Chihuahua Has Fleas

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If you have a Chihuahua, you should know how to tell if he or she has fleas. These bugs can make your dog very sick and may even cause anemia if you don’t treat them.

You can tell if your Chihuahua has fleas because there are some clear signs.

Some dogs will scratch a lot when fleas bite them, while others won’t react at all. If your Chihuahua scratches or bites itself more than normal, you should look closely at its skin.

You might be able to see small black dots, which are fleas. You may also see flea dirt, which is the dried blood that fleas have taken from your chihuahua dog.
If you think your Chihuahua has fleas, you should take it to the vet so they can treat it. There are a number of effective items on the market that will get rid of fleas and make your dog feel better.

Don’t Worry Dogs often have fleas

There are various types of fleas. However, the cat flea called Ctenocephalides felis is the most common flea owners spot on pets like cats and dogs in the United States.

Fleas are small, dark brown bugs that feed on animal blood. They are very fast and can jump up to 200 times the length of their bodies.

Their bites can be very painful, and young animals or animals with weak immune systems can get anemia from them. Fleas can also carry other parasites, like tapeworms, on their bodies.

Fleas And Chihuahuas

Small dogs like Chihuahuas are especially prone to irritations from fleas because they are so small. A single flea can give your Chihuahua a lot of trouble and make her unhappy. There are some things you can do if you think your Chihuahua has fleas to help get rid of them.

Give your Chihuahua a bath with a flea shampoo that isn’t too harsh. This will help kill any fleas that might be on your dog. You could also use a flea comb to get rid of any fleas or flea eggs on your Chihuahua’s fur.

There are also many flea treatments for Chihuahuas that can be bought over the counter and work well.

Your Chihuahua Keep Getting Fleas?

Even if you do everything you can to keep fleas away from your Chihuahua, it may still keep getting them.

It’s possible that the flea medicine you’re using doesn’t work on the kind of fleas that live in your area. If you don’t know why your dog keeps getting fleas, you should talk to a vet for advice.

One of the most common reasons for this is that your chihuahua is getting sick again because there are fleas or ticks living in or around your house.

How To Deal With Flea Problems At Home

Fleas can hide in many places in your house. They are often found in carpets, on furniture, and in cracks and gaps where they can get to pets and people, which are their favorite blood sources.

To avoid getting fleas, you should clean often and look for flea dirt or flea bites on your skin. There are a few things you can do to get rid of fleas in your home.

Here Are Some Ideas For Getting Rid Of Fleas In Your Home:

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  • Start by cleaning all of your home’s carpeted areas. This will help get rid of any fleas that are in your rugs right now. Remember to throw away the vacuum bag when you’re done so the fleas don’t come back into your home.
  • Wash all of your bedding in hot water, including your sheets, blankets, and pillows. This will kill any fleas that might be hiding in your bedding.
  • Use a flea spray on couches, chairs, and other soft furnishings in your home. This will help kill any fleas that might be living in these pieces of furniture.
  • Use flea shampoo to bathe your pet. This will help kill any fleas that might be living on your dogs.
  • Use a flea bomb to treat your house. This will help kill any fleas in your home, as well as their eggs and young.

If you have a major disease, you may need to call an expert pest management provider to assist you get rid of the problem because they will have the right tools and products to do so.

Last Word

Fleas have proven to be a problem for people since the beginning of time. In the Middle Ages, the bubonic plague, which killed millions of people, was spread by fleas.

Fleas are still a big problem, but they are no longer dangerous enough to kill people.

They could also spread other illnesses. They’re a pain for you, your family, and your pets. They can get into your home on your clothes, pets, or other animals, or wild animals like mice can bring them in.

To safeguard yourself, your loved ones, and animals from fleas, you should treat your house for them.

Have fleas ever caused you trouble? If so, what did you do about it?


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