Dangers of Autumn That May Affect Your Chihuahua

The autumn season is wonderful for both people and dogs. Although it has cooled down, the temperature is usually not too low to enjoy being outside. The anticipation of the numerous impending holidays is another factor, but your dog is also at risk this fall. keep reading to know the Dangers of Autumn on your chihuahua.

Autumn Risks to Watch Out For

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  • Beware of Mushrooms: Fall is a good time of year for mushrooms to grow. The issue is that those delicious-looking mushrooms are actually toadstools, which are likely poisonous. Chihuahuas that are curious may try to eat them or simply play with them. In either case, eliminate them right away if you spot them in your yard, and keep an eye out for them when taking your dog on a walk.
  • Allergies: Your chihuahua experiences allergies in the same way that you do when the environment changes. Consider taking your tiny chi to the vet to rule out any potential causes if you notice them scratching more frequently than normal. Moreover, make sure to maintain the grass short and the leaves raked to get rid of anything that could irritate your dog’s skin.
  • Keep Antifreeze Away: People clean their automobile radiators throughout the fall and add more antifreeze to them. Older antifreeze variants have a sweet taste that attracts dogs including chihuahuas, but it is harmful to them. A tablespoon or less can be lethal. Instead of the very hazardous ethylene glycol, look for antifreeze products that contain the safer propylene glycol. Never allow your chihuahua to drink from puddles on the side of the road. You never know; there might have been an antifreeze spill from a nearby car.
  • Keep Pests and Hazardous Animals Away: Skunks, raccoons, fleas, ticks, flea bites, snakes, and flea bites are all common in the fall as animals prepare for hibernation. When your chihuahua is playing, especially when running through tall grass, exercise caution. You may be tempted to let your dog run free if you are out for a stroll in the woods or fields. It is preferable to keep them on a long leash so you can watch where they go.
    Be sure they aren’t consuming ground-level animal waste as well. Diseases and parasites may be carried by it. Check them for ticks and fleas when you arrive home. They can still pick them up even if they are taking a flea and tick preventative.
  • Rodents are attempting to nest indoors during the winter months at this time of year, which is poisonous. Avoid using poison and bait traps to get rid of them. Your chihuahua might eat them if they are left out in the open to die and become ill as a result. Keep an eye on your dog even while they are in your backyard since even if you are not poisoning rodents, your neighbors might be. The bait may be dropped into your yard by rats, mice, or squirrels, or they may choose to die there.
  • Wrap-Up: Chihuahuas dislike being cold, as is common knowledge. Therefore be careful to put a sweater on your chihuahua on cool days, especially when they are outside. Furthermore, keep some extra blankets on hand for them to hide in.
  • Back-To-School-Precaution: Children return to school in the fall. This implies that if you have children at home, it’s possible that pencils, crayons, markers, and other school materials will end up scattered all over the place. Because some types of glue, markers, and crayons can be poisonous to chihuahuas and because small things might result in choking, be sure that these supplies are out of your dog’s reach.

What About Holidays?

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  • Halloween: Make sure your dog has something reflective on them if you take them trick-or-treating. If your dog chews things up, take extra caution when dressing them up for Halloween so they can’t get to the costume and chew off pieces of it. Of course, please prevent them from consuming Halloween sweets, especially chocolate, which can be fatal to dogs.
  • Thanksgiving: It could be tempting to share your feast with your chihuahua because there is so much food available, but only give them a small amount. Too much will cause them to bloat or, worse, have diarrhea.
  • Christmas: Be careful not to let your dog unattended near a live tree if you have one. Water used to water the tree may get contaminated with hazardous sap. Moreover, ornaments and their hooks can pose a threat. Keep your furry child away from the additional food and sweets that are available.

I sincerely hope that reading about all of this hasn’t turned you off to the wonder and beauty of autumn.

With a little extra caution and awareness, you and your dog may enjoy this wonderful time of year.

Does your dog enjoy autumn? Do you?


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